Case Study

FTI Technology Leads Selection, Evaluation and Implementation for Contract Management System at Global Manufacturing Corporation

A global manufacturing company engaged FTI Technology’s Corporate Legal Operations experts to improve commercial efficiency through optimization and automation of contract processes. Working from the client’s long list of potential software vendors, FTI Technology led efforts to arrive at a shortlist of preferred solutions, evaluate leading options, make a selection, provide change management advice and lead the implementation efforts of the selected solution across four continents.

Our Role

FTI Technology’s legal operations and CLM experts bring an extensive understanding of the legal and contracts technology market. Their knowledge comes from years of consulting experience in both evaluating and implementing key solutions. The team brings unique visibility into many of the leading technology providers’ products and roadmaps. This background enhanced the client’s ability to select a solution that would meet immediate requirements for real-world scenarios and specific use cases, as well for future growth and maturity.

In this selection and implementation engagement, FTI Technology provided:

  • Detailed areas of evaluation, questions and demonstration scripts to support the client in assessing whether each vendor could deliver upon the features and functionality promised. The team also helped facilitate demonstrations, serving as an intermediary between vendors and the client to reveal gaps and areas of alignment.
  • Advised the internal client team on the options and benefits of optimized and automated processes, including use of selfservice functionality within the shortlisted systems.
  • Selection of a trusted technology platform that would meet all the client’s key CLM objectives, while using FTI Technology’s proprietary scoring mechanism with client-directed priority and weighting for evaluating technology providers across numerous dimensions and grading components.
  • Due diligence with the vendor and advising through the assignment of vendor of choice. The team helped the client frame requirements so they were accurately reflected in the agreement.
  • Scoping for the implementation, including the development of a phased implementation plan that demonstrated quick wins to earn credibility and generate internal demand for the system. This also included a process blueprint for high volume contract templates, how contracts would flow between stakeholders, notifications, and which workflows would be automated in the new system.
  • Functionality and integrations to ensure vendor and customer master data was migrated into the new tool, and to support multiple touchpoints and steps — such as contract request, electronic signatures and redlining — across the contracting process.
  • Leadership across all phases of the implementation after the CLM tool was selected. Central to the implementation was enabling support and rules for different types of contracts across business functions and regions.
  • Change management guidance and stakeholder analysis to identify project champions and detractors to manage adoption and optimize engagement with the new tool.