As part of a global bank’s enterprisewide transformation initiative, its legal department planned an ambitious programme to simultaneously reduce data privacy and security risks, enhance its responsivity to legal and regulatory bodies, in addition to streamlining its operations through modernisation and the use of advanced technologies. To achieve these objectives, the organisation selected FTI Technology to deliver a unifying global platform and on-the-ground support in key geographies, along with business transformation experience to drive the initiative and deliver meaningful results.

Our Role

The client selected FTI Technology’s team for its deep technology expertise and holistic approach to legal operations and law department transformation, combined with its global reach. By overhauling the legal department’s operating model and driving a shift from being reliant on service providers to becoming more selfsufficient, FTI Technology is helping the client establish more control, whilst significantly reducing cost and risk.

The ongoing initiative includes six pillars to orchestrate significant operational change within the client’s legal department and with numerous stakeholders in other functions. Key solutions include:

  • Globally deployed self-service e-discovery platform containing a suite of e-discovery tools accessed via a single secure portal.
  • Consistent methodologies across the legal operations footprint in all geographies driven by a global playbook, standardised templates and comprehensive training programmes.
  • Support with boots on-the-ground in all key geographies for data collections, e-discovery operations, expert and advisory support that is accessible with minimal touch via client-facing portals.
  • Holistic view across all matters, globally driven by a real-time, on-demand reporting application.
  • Integrated and connected platforms to streamline the extraction, processing, review and disclosure of data underpinning legal matters.
  • Future-proofed processes for emerging data sources, with an intuitive display and review functionality for formats such as chat, audio and video.

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