Changing Trends in Forensic Data Collections

Software and technology providers such as Google and Microsoft now have discovery interfaces available to their clients, who have skilled staff who are able to operate these, and therefore able to make more use of these internal resources for forensic data collections.

However, it is not always appropriate for an organisation to collect its own data. Technology has capabilities, but some due diligence may be required, and some more information about custodians, before simply turning to technology to solve problems.

Views have changed over the years as to the wisdom of self-collection. It was once a straight choice – does an organisation simply get on with it or do they need a full collection service? Our experts are now working with organisations who appreciate professional advice about certain matters but otherwise rely on internal resources. New devices – smartphones and tablets, for example – brought to an end the first phase of straightforward self-collection, making it more necessary to seek external advice.