Data Management – From the Basements to the Boardroom

Data is a strategic asset and GDPR has raised the profile of data management from the basements to the boardroom and assigned a strategic value to understanding our data, how we use it, where we store it, how it flows between systems and processes and ultimately how long it should be retained and protected. In this short video, information governance expert Nina Bryant talks about how GDPR has been driver for organisations to assess both the risk and the value of the data they hold.

As technologies continue to develop, it’s increasingly difficult to balance the rights of individuals with the need for innovation, cost reduction and sophisticated marketing and consumer profiling. This also increases the risk of malicious exploitation, from increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks to financial and identify theft. It’s essential that organisations, developers and product designers take an approach of embedding privacy and consent into their product development from inception, rather than trying reverse engineer this into the end results. How organisations balance this will undoubtedly also develop, from incentives for data openness and more granular choices around reuse or sale of data, to assurance of better data security and protection and more ethical approaches to data sharing.