Privacy by Deletion: 5 Steps to Reducing Data Risk

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Organizational data is dramatically increasing in size – by some estimates as much as 40-60% growth per year – at the same time that data breaches grow in number.

How can IT and legal teams work together to better protect sensitive corporate data and stave off data breaches?

Organizations are seeing 40-60% annual growth in data capacity*. As data grows, so does the significant data center cost and liability for your organization. Join FTI Consulting’s Jake Frazier, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting and Jim McGann, Vice President, Index Engines to mitigate these risks and reduce costs.

Educational Objectives:

  • Data Pitfalls that are putting your organization at risk
  • Must Ask Questions for your legal and IT teams
  • Best Practices and Policies to instill in your own organization
  • 5 Steps to Reducing Data Risk:

    1. Understanding what exists
    2. Profiling and classifying content
    3. Leveraging lower cost storage tiers that support a range of business users
    4. Developing and executing a defensible disposition strategy
    5. Measuring ROI


Jake Frazier
Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting

Anthony J. Diana
Partner, Reed Smith

Jim McGann
Vice President, Marketing and Business Development