The Privacy Playbook: Protecting Deal Value Through Targeted Privacy Due Diligence

While cyberattacks and breaches grab headlines, privacy compliance issues can be equally damaging to a deal and often reveal themselves only after the close. The growing web of privacy regulations increase the specter of integration challenges in the near term and enforcement actions or litigation in the mid-to-long term.

The regulatory challenges have a knack of eroding deal value through increased integration costs, diminution in data value, and – of course - large fines. PE firms have an opportunity to incorporate meaningful privacy due diligence into the deal playbook. However, the first step is to rethink the notion that a “cyber” or “information security” due diligence effort fully covers this critical regulatory area.

Join FTI Consulting’s experts as they discuss ways to protect deal value through privacy due diligence. Learn the difference between cyber and privacy threats, targets and penalties.

By the end of this webinar, attendees will be able to:

  • Learn tactical updates you can make to your deal playbook to address privacy risk
  • Discover top data privacy land mines within the enterprise data environment
  • Understand best practices for proactively mitigating data privacy risk during due diligence


Andrew Shaxted
Senior Director, FTI Consulting

John C. Stiffler
Senior Managing Director Corporate Finance, FTI Consulting

Olivia Greer
Associate , Weil

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