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Can Predictive Coding Add Value to Your Case?


Landmark cases including Da Silva Moore have resulted in rulings favorable to predictive coding. But is this proven process right for your case, or will it add more problems than it solves?

Download this white paper and use the following 10 guidelines as a quick self-assessment checklist for your own decision-making.

  1. Is your matter appropriately sized?
  2. Are you comfortable with your knowledge of the recall and precision rates?
  3. How subtle are the distinctions between responsive and non-responsive documents?
  4. Is the data feature-rich?
  5. Could predictive coding be used for issue coding?
  6. Should predictive coding be used to identify documents that are sensitive in nature?
  7. Do you need a plan for materials arriving on a rolling basis?
  8. Will there be collaboration with opposing counsel?
  9. Will high-quality reviewers be used to train the predictive coding software?
  10. Do you have access to experienced predictive coding professionals?

Developed by Sophie Ross, Senior Managing Director; John Murdock, Senior Director, Technology-Assisted Review

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