Efficient analysis of contracts is critical to meeting regulatory requirements, recognizing business value, and reducing legal risk, yet many corporations lack an organized method to act upon their diverse contract universe.

FTI Technology’s Contract Intelligence ("CI") service helps organizations solve this problem by quickly identifying relevant insights from within large contract datasets, allowing them to understand important rights and obligations across industries and business units. The FTI team does this by combining leading-edge artificial intelligence and analytics technology, advanced workflows, and attorney review teams experienced in contract analyses.

Contract Intelligence: Integrated End-to-End Technology Solution


Contracts are identified and collected to create a secure, centralized document repository.


Contracts are ingested and processed in AI platform to automatically identify and extract material clauses.


Extracted info is refined and structured in integrated analytics platform to allow for a quick, focused review.


Analysis output is utilized for import to client systems and to enable analytics reporting in interactive dashboards.

Specific Uses for Contract Intelligence

Contract intelligence for mergers and acuisitions

For M&A

Use contract data to look across the deal landscape and determine the best business decisions for the deal lifecycle.

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Analyze LIBOR compliance

For LIBOR Compliance

Identify and analyze LIBOR exposure within a company’s contract universe.

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Analyzing large corporate datasets

For Corporate Restructuring

Quickly find relevant data from within large contract datasets to understand and liquidity and restructuring options.

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Data privacy regulations

For Data Privacy

Analyze and evaluate contracts for risk and compliance with data privacy regulations.

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COVID-19 liability

For COVID-19

Understand shifting obligations and liability in response to COVID-19.

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Why Choose FTI Contract Intelligence Services?

Legal and Regulatory Expertise Ensures a Defensible Process

The CI team leverages deep legal and regulatory expertise to ensure a thorough and defensible process. Our global team includes contract process experts, forensic experts, corporate investigation specialists and technology professionals that have led some of the largest and most complex regulatory response, information governance, M&A, litigation and investigative engagements. In addition, the Contract Intelligence service utilizes industry expertise across a number of vertical industries, including healthcare, financial services, retail, construction, energy and real estate.

Advanced analytics technology streamlines contract collection and review

The Contract Intelligence technology suite brings together advanced analytics tools and artificial intelligence, to expedite contract processes and further reduce cost. We are able to reduce legal risk and enhance the commercial value within contracts. This enables the team to quickly define critical contractual language and structure customized data outputs, all resulting in enhanced review productivity and quality deliverables.

Workflows ensure quality while reducing costs

Custom solutions and workflows, designed by operational and subject matter experts, are executed by legal review teams that are specifically trained per engagement. Clients receive regular updates on review findings such as legal obligations, cost opportunities, risk exposure and any additional requirements.