Given the increasing global nature of e-discovery, the need to review documents in multiple languages is a challenge facing an increasing number of corporate legal teams. Even the most sophisticated legal departments, with fine-tuned e-discovery processes, can struggle in the review phase when foreign language documents are involved. Despite vast technology advancements, the majority of e-discovery tools and workflows are simply not able to handle the complexity of reviewing in multiple languages.

Multi-lingual Review Teams

Multi-lingual review

Efficient foreign language review requires more than just language fluency and the ability to translate a document. Sourcing qualified review attorneys, in the region where data resides, that are not only fluent in language but can apply legal principles relative to the jurisdiction can present significant challenges. Our direct sourcing model eliminates the need to use third party providers to source qualified review attorneys and teams work in highly controlled environments which ensures security and confidentiality of the documents being reviewed. From Arabic to Vietnamese we have reviewed in over 30 languages, including multiple dialects eliminating the potential risk and additional cost of third party translation services.


Technology icon

Applying advanced analytics and predictive coding to foreign language reviews can be tricky and many providers default to linear review which can be more time consuming. Ringtail e-discovery software delivers a unique visual approach to document review that helps legal teams quickly and defensibly master projects of any size and complexity. Visual analytics and concept clustering unique to Ringtail allow reviewers to increase document review speed and move through large data sets hours, days and weeks faster than linear review tools, even when handling foreign language documents.


Efficient workflows

Efficient workflows are essential to controlling the volume of data that will need review and translation to ensure the same documents are not handled multiple times in different geographies. Once reviewers have established contents of the document set counsel can make more informed decisions on which documents to translate. Our foreign language workflows utilize the advanced analytics in Ringtail to reveal key facts fast and with more depth than standard review methodologies. Informed and responsive review strategies can begin within days of implementing a project and can be updated daily as new insights are derived from the data.

Global Reach

Global reach

With offices in every major business center we can deploy teams anywhere in the world in adherence with data privacy requirements. On demand delivery is available in North America, Europe and Asia. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) capability ensures compliance with operations by US Citizens for sensitive materials.