Data from mobile devices is either your current - or will be your next - biggest challenge

FTI mobile ediscovery consulting video
Watch a video about FTI's mobile e-discovery consulting services

Whether you are collecting and reviewing for e-discovery or investigating for internal purposes, mobile device data remains tricky, hard to get and vastly important.

Despite the complications, case law and regulatory drivers make it so the legal department, IT, and Governance, Risk & Compliance teams must be able to make mobile devices a routine part of e-discovery and investigative processes.

Mobile Device E-Discovery & Investigative Services:

  • Extraction of all data types, including deleted files, from thousands of phones, tablets and other mobile devices
  • Uniform collections with minimal disturbance of business continuity across multiple custodians
  • Experienced handling of BYOD scenarios and corresponding privacy issues
  • Fully documented, defensible process with chain of custody records
  • Conversion of collected mobile data for review on industry standard legal review platforms
  • Global service and experience with international regulations and customs
  • Expert testimony on all mobile device methods and procedures
Mobile e-discovery infographic
An infographic on the risks and problems associated with mobile e-discovery. View the full-size image