IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress

Local Law Says No: Practical Lessons for Implementing a Global Privacy Programme

Featuring Nina Bryant, Managing Director, FTI Consulting

How do organisations implement and update a global privacy programme across multiple jurisdictions, especially when the ever-increasing patchwork of global privacy regulations only grows and the challenges intensify?

For most global organisations, this can be a daunting process, especially when having to drive change and deal with language, legal, cultural and technology differences across multiple countries and teams. In this session, we will discuss not only the potential challenges companies are faced with when tackling international privacy obligations, but also the potential opportunities and practical lessons to help mitigate the pain and risks involved in rolling out a successful and compliant programme for all countries involved.

Expert speakers will draw upon their experiences in implementing global privacy programmes and will provide guidance on issues such as how to effectively utilise leading technology across jurisdictions; considerations surrounding specially protected data and cross-border transfers; and how to manage local expectations and stakeholder relationships when change is driven from above.

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