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Legal Dive 6/14/2024

As GCs Focus on Risk, Legal Operations Grow in Importance

A dedicated legal ops role is seen as integral to freeing up the energy of in-house legal leaders, a report indicates. 6/14/2024

2024 Best Of National Law Journal

Developed to help lawyers identify the finest legal products and service providers, the annual Best Of supplements recognize the vendors that lawyers and firm administrators turn to first to keep their lives on track, inside and outside of the office.

Law360 6/12/2024

Unlocking Blockchain Opportunities Amid Legal Uncertainty

In the wake of a highly publicized, rapid rise and fall in expectations, many viable Web3 environments and projects have continued forward, providing real-world solutions and value across numerous industries and use cases.

El Confidencial 6/11/2024

Los directores jurídicos apuestan por la IA (aunque no saben cómo y ven riesgos)

El 28% de los directores de asesorías jurídicas señala que usa la IA para funciones jurídicas. La mayoría prevé un aumento de su implantación, pero todavía hay dudas sobre su uso

Raconteur 6/5/2024

Tips for Safeguarding SaaS Data in Highly Regulated Industries

Data has become a hugely valuable commodity to businesses, but as breaches become more common and privacy concerns more urgent, the regulatory risks have grown. 6/4/2024

In Contract Management, Standards Lag Behind Investment

Current research from Gartner and the Blickstein Group report both an increase in overall spend to improve core legal department processes and that more than 40% of in-house teams will update, evaluate or implement new tools within the next 12 months. 6/4/2024

AI Boom Has Left Employers With Head-Spinning Governance Challenges

Businesses and governments are "grappling with how to set boundaries while staying competitive in the technology transformation race," FTI Technology Global CEO Sophie Ross said.

Leaders in Consulting 5/31/2024

Podcast - From Law Enforcement to Leading Blockchain Solutions: Scott Pounder’s Journey in Building a Global Practice

From the gritty streets of law enforcement to the cutting edge of digital asset consulting, how does one navigate such a dramatic career shift?

Khaleej Times 5/30/2024

How UAE Institutions Can Hit the Gold Standard in Financial Crime Compliance and Investigations

Adherence to strong data practices is critical.

ACC Docket 5/14/2024

As EU Antitrust Enforcement Intensifies, Data Challenges Dominate

In the sphere of antitrust regulation, there’s near unanimous agreement that recent escalation in enforcement activity is only the beginning of what will become a groundswell of regulatory investigations and interventions. Under the European Commission’s jurisdiction, the rate of prohibition decisions in merger clearance has increased, the number of deals subject to remedies has grown and the power of national competition authorities has expanded. Likewise in other areas of competition enforcement, authorities are highly focused on pursuing cartels and abuse of dominance, with a recent surge of judgements and newly opened cases.

CIO 5/13/2024

CEOs’ Top Priorities for IT Leaders Today

Chief executives are displaying a deeper understanding of technology’s impact on achieving organizational objectives — and they are shifting their directives for IT leaders to ensure that impact is a success.

Arabian Business 5/3/2024

Dubai doubles down on AI with sweeping new blueprint, lauded by professionals as bold vision for future tech hub

Chief AI Officers in government and tech startup incubators are on the way as Dubai aims to add $27bn to the economy by 2033 and become a global AI hub

Today's General Counsel 5/1/2024

Why Aren’t General Counsel Delegating to Legal Ops More?

A recent survey conducted by FTI Consulting, in collaboration with Relativity and legal sector adviser Ari Kaplan, unveiled a significant insight regarding the hesitation of General Counsel delegating to Legal Ops. The survey found that 45% of general counsel and chief legal officers expressed a lack of willingness, or “appetite,” to delegate operational decisions to dedicated Legal Ops professionals, according to an article by Artificial Lawyer.

ALM | Consulting 4/29/2024

Top Consultants - 2024 Honorees

FTI Consulting's Darius Johnson, Anthony J. Ferrante, Ben Herskowitz and Tim Anderson were recognized as top consultants. 4/22/2024

Stretched to the Limit, GCs Turn to Legal Ops as Escape Valve

GCs see adopting technology and more efficient processes as crucial to freeing up their time so that they can stay on top of risk management and strategically advise fellow colleagues and the board, FTI Consulting and Relativity say in a report.

Law360 Pulse 4/19/2024

More GCs Champion Legal Operations Amid Tight Budgets

As in-house legal departments see increases in work and demand while dealing with persistent budget constraints, general counsel are looking to invest in technology and delegate more work to the legal operations role, a new survey found.

Inside Nova 4/18/2024

Guest Opinion: Ignoring Extremes can Help Crypto Grow

Cryptocurrency is presented in cases of extremes. A vehicle for illicit financing. A currency of criminals. A major vulnerability in the financial ecosystem. This is all while Virginia ranks seventh among all states in creating this new digital economy.

Australasian Lawyer 4/18/2024

New Report Reveals Key Trends in Global Corporate Legal Departments in 2024

The report draws on insights from 60 chief legal officers across the globe.

Lawyers Weekly 4/16/2024

Unpacking the Notable and Irreversible Alterations to Law Departments

In just the last year or so, substantial changes have occurred within corporate legal teams, with new research detailing where such evolution is occurring.

eDiscovery Journal 4/16/2024

GC Report 2024 – Rapid Change Indeed

Legal department transformation from incident response to proactive risk management.

Artificial Lawyer 4/15/2024

Do Some GCs Have a Legal Ops Delegation Problem?

A recent survey of inhouse teams found one very poignant insight: 45% of GCs and CLOs did not have an ‘appetite’ to delegate more operational ‘decisions’ to a dedicated legal ops professional.

The Consulting Report 4/9/2024

The Top 25 Women Leaders in Consulting for 2024

FTI Consulting's Sophie Ross was recognized as one of the top 25 women leaders in consulting for 2024. 4/8/2024

The AI Revolution Is Here. Who Will Be the Winners and Losers in Legal Services?

"If they figure out how to incorporate this technology into their comp model, then they'll be the winners," said Stephanie Corey, co-founder of the legal ops consulting firm UpLevel Ops, on the rise of AI and how it will disrupt the way law firms do business.

Marketing Dive 4/3/2024

How Marketers Can Navigate the Legal Pitfalls of Generative AI

Panelists at the IAB Public Policy and Legal Summit outlined some of the issues marketers must contend with while using the technology.

Finsiders 3/28/2024

Organizações devem discernir o quão preparadas estão para lidar com riscos digitais

Para Antonio Gesteira, diretor executivo sênior na FTI Technology, as tendências em fontes de dados emergentes, IA e blockchain continuarão a evoluir e se tornar mais complexas

Australasian Lawyer 3/19/2024

Data Privacy Laws Impact Orgs in Australia Across the Board: Report

Data privacy laws have affected organisations in Australia across the board, according to the findings published in FTI Technology and Relativity’s The General Counsel Report 2024.

ACC 3/15/2024

David Brill - ACC South Florida New Board Member Spotlight

David Brill is featured as a new board member with ACC South Florida.

Law360 3/8/2024

GC Cheat Sheet: The Hottest Corporate News Of The Week

General counsel in a new survey perceive their highest risks to be increased regulatory demands, data privacy and ESG issues. And the former chief legal officer of Twitter, along with three other executives, detail in a new lawsuit how billionaire buyer Elon Musk manipulated their final moments at the company in hopes of avoiding payment of their severance packages.

ACC Docket 3/5/2024

Investigations Across the Cloud

Cloud data sources and the prevalence of messaging and collaboration applications used within the workplace have spurred a new cycle of disruption in digital forensics, investigations, and information governance. More than 40 percent of general counsel have reported that their legal departments are experiencing new challenges relating to emerging data sources and in a study of global CIOs, 77 percent reported that increased cloud and collaboration app use are causing their IT environments to change every minute or less.

Corporate Compliance Insights 3/5/2024

In the Mix: FinCEN’s Lack of Regulatory Clarity Shakes Blockchain Industry

Proposal could lead to de-risking of customers not tied to traditional mixers

Financier Worldwide 3/5/2024

Digital Services Act: Compliance and Enforcement

FW discusses compliance and enforcement under the Digital Services Act with Ana Jankov and Daniel Nunn at FTI Consulting, and Benjamin Docquir at Osborne Clarke.

Government Technology 3/4/2024

Digital Investigations Place Pressure on U.K. Government IT and Legal Teams

A survey of the U.K. public found that during a public inquiry, most citizens want the government to prioritise evidence discovery above all else. At the same time, transparency, timeliness, and minimising costs were listed as additional important considerations. As the government faces a rising frequency and intensity of public inquiries and other types of disputes and investigations, meeting these expectations may be difficult in light of the growing role of complex, high-volume data in the fact-finding process. 3/1/2024

Leading Legal Department Trends for 2024

Recent research based on interviews with chief legal officers around the globe found that the increased scope and scale of risk now facing corporations is driving change in how legal teams set their strategies, leverage technology and manage operations. 2/29/2024

In an AI-Inundated World, Attorney Intelligence Can’t Be Artificial: 12 Considerations to Raise AI IQ

By considering both risk and opportunity before and during adoption, attorneys will be in a better position to strike that ever-elusive balance between caution and acceleration.

Microsoft 2/28/2024

Space and Time Helps Customers Decode Blockchain Data with Microsoft Azure Open AI

Space and Time is a Microsoft-backed verifiable data warehouse that provides customers with easy access to data from the blockchain. FTI Technology, a global consulting firm and Microsoft Partner that provides Digital Insights & Risk Management solutions, is evaluating how Space and Time’s AI models through Microsoft Azure OpenAI can support its expert-led services for blockchain data.

Financier Worldwide 2/23/2024

Business Continuity Planning for Times of Crisis

How is a company to respond if a cyber attack encrypts important data on its servers? If a data centre burns down? Or a power failure prevents employees from working from the office? To remain capable of doing business in the event of unforeseen incidents, companies must take various measures as part of business continuity.

Financier Worldwide 2/23/2024

Q&A: Digital Services Act: Compliance and Enforcement

FW discusses compliance and enforcement under the Digital Services Act with Ana Jankov and Daniel Nunn at FTI Consulting, and Benjamin Docquir at Osborne Clarke.

Token City 2/23/2024

Tokenization and Digital Assets in the United Arab Emirates [Video]

Jorge Carrasco, Managing Director within the Blockchain and Digital Assets practice, joined the hosts of Spain's Token City television program to discuss blockchain trends and regulations in the Middle East.

Unlock Media 2/13/2024

Insights from Steven Fisher on Blockchain and Digital Assets in 2024, What’s in Store?

Steven Fisher, Managing Director at FTI Consulting, offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of blockchain and digital assets in 2024.

Bloomberg Law 2/7/2024

Safe AI Adoption in Legal Departments Hinges on Use Case Review

FTI Technology’s Meredith Brown and Brandon Lee assess how legal departments should embrace AI in a safe and effective manner. 1/31/2024

Survey: General Counsel Expect Significant Increase in Technology Investments and Artificial Intelligence Adoption

FTI Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: FCN) and global legal technology company Relativity today announced findings from part two of The General Counsel Report. The newly released study found that general counsel are placing more emphasis on developing technical acuity and embracing innovation than in previous years, and 75% expect to use generative artificial intelligence in the legal function in the near term.

Bloomberg Law 1/31/2024

AI Will be Embraced by Law Despite Risks, General Counsel Say

Generative AI use is not widely pervasive across corporate legal departments, but general counsel expect its use to grow, according to a new survey.

Legal Dive 1/31/2024

75% of Legal Chiefs Plan to Implement Generative AI Tools, Survey Finds

E-discovery was a leading area in which general counsel indicated readiness for GenAI solutions, according to a report from FTI Consulting and Relativity. 1/31/2024

Legalweek Day 1: The ChatGPT Effect, Finding Deepfakes, and More

The first day of Legalweek 2024 was defined by a "ChatGPT effect" influencing customers' expectations of generative AI-powered solutions, entrants into the market and more.

ISACA 1/25/2024

Responsible AI Governance in Traditional and Emerging Ecosystems

The latest advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have been moved at superhuman speed. As this era of AI quickly gains momentum within corporate environments, organizations are facing a new data ecosystem that must be met with strong, proactive governance. As with all new technology, this will require careful thought about how to balance the advances in innovation with the potential impact and harm on individuals. Although this is not a wholly new concept—society has faced similar issues since the dawn of the industrial revolution—the difference now is the speed of change and the incredible power to analyze vast quantities of data, which stands to impact not only corporate revenue streams but personal outcomes related to finance, insurance, health or careers, as well as communities and society more widely. 1/17/2024

Legal Tech's Predictions for Emerging Technologies, Tech Costs & Market Consolidation in 2024

The legal industry makes its predictions for what we will see in the areas of emerging technologies, technology costs, the economy, market consolidation and more in 2024. 1/16/2024

Legal Tech's Predictions for E-Discovery in 2024

Legal industry experts make their predictions for what we can expect to see in e-discovery in 2024. 1/12/2024

Legal Tech's Predictions for In-House, Legal Ops & Contracts in 2024

Legal industry experts make their predictions for what we can expect for in-house legal depatments, legal ops and contracting in 2024.

Legal Dive 1/11/2024

Exploring the Potential Impact of Generative AI on Legal Operations

Before legal ops professionals can participate in serious assessment of AI solutions and tools, they must first understand the nuances between different forms of AI. 1/10/2024

Legal Tech's Predictions for Data Privacy in 2024

Legal industry experts make their predictions for what we can expect in the area of data privacy in 2024. 1/8/2024

Legal Tech's Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2024

Legal industry experts make their predictions for what artificial intelligence has in store for law in the coming year.

Lawyers Weekly 1/4/2024

93% of Gcs Concerned About Emerging Data Sources on 2024

The vast majority of legal department leaders are expecting risk to increase in 2024, with concerns around emerging data sources rising.

360 News 12/29/2023

Disputa e regulamentação: o que esperar da inteligência artificial em 2024?

Depois de anos de promessa, expectativa é que a IA chegue na nossa mesa de trabalho no próximo ano.

Expresso 222 12/28/2023

Como funciona a inteligência artificial e o que esperar em 2024?

A inteligência artificial termina 2023 na pauta do dia. Até os últimos dias do ano, as big techs seguiam com anúncios de novos sistemas e produtos para a disputa. Para 2024, a expectativa é que a concorrência se acirre e que o tema saia das salas de desenvolvimento das empresas e chegue ao dia a dia de milhões de pessoas pelo mundo. Tudo isso enquanto muitos ainda se perguntam como funciona a inteligência artficial.

Inteligencia Financeira 12/28/2023

Disputa e regulamentação: o que esperar da inteligência artificial em 2024?

Depois de anos de promessa, expectativa é que a IA chegue na nossa mesa de trabalho no próximo ano. 12/27/2023

Legal Tech's Milestones for E-Discovery in 2023

Legal industry experts make their picks for the biggest developments impacting e-discovery in the past year.


Who's Who Legal, Data 2024 Report

10 FTI Consulting experts were included in the Who's Who Legal, Data 2024 Report (Craig Earnshaw, Veeral Gosalia, Brett Harrison, Chris Hatfield, Sonia Cheng, Ian Smith, Renato Fazzone, Gino Bello, Antonio Gesteira and Tim de Sousa)

Global Investigations Review 12/20/2023

True Lies: Deepfake-related Challenges in Internal Investigations, Litigation and Digital Forensics

Jerry Lay at FTI Consulting and Massimo Chiasera of Bär & Karrer in Switzerland argue the current focus on generative artificial intelligence overlooks the serious and potentially riskier content the technology can generate in the form of audio, video and images.

Technology Magazine 12/19/2023

Navigating the Complexity of Data Governance and AI Models

As businesses rapidly adopt Generative AI, experts warn that neglecting robust data governance can limit potential and pose security and ethical risks

Legal Dive 12/18/2023

Regulatory Compliance Tops Risk Concerns for Gcs, Report Finds

A growing number of chief legal officers are also concerned about emerging data sources such as collaboration tools and chat applications, but feel unprepared to handle the associated risks.

Legaltech News 12/15/2023

Naming John Doe: How Digital Forensics Can Unmask Online Criminals

Data is a powerful tool in shedding light on criminals attempting to hide in the dark corners of the internet. Whether someone is faking an account, claiming that their accounts were hijacked or impersonating a rival, digital fingerprints, public records, open-source intelligence and legal tools can piece together the true facts and prove the identities of bad actors in disguise. As cyberstalking, online harassment and other similar issues continue to grow in frequency and complexity, digital forensics will be an important element in supporting the justice process with user attribution.

Canadian Lawyer 12/11/2023

Global Legal Departments are Not Prepared for Risk: Report

Survey shows risk driving change across legal department strategy, technology and operations.

Corporate Counsel 12/6/2023

'Regulatory Tsunami' Eroding Legal Departments' Risk Preparedness

A survey released Wednesday found that chief legal officers and general counsel feel less prepared to handle all nine risk categories studied than they did a year earlier.

Compliance Week 12/6/2023

Surveys: Finance, Legal Execs Share Concerns Around AI Use

Finance executives and general counsel alike say their firms and leadership teams are unprepared for the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence (AI), according to two recent surveys.

Lexology 12/1/2023

2024 Lexology Client Choice Awards

Established in 2005, Client Choice recognizes those law firms and partners around the world that stand apart for the excellent client care they provide and the quality of their service. The criteria for this recognition focus on an ability to add real value to clients' business above and beyond the other players in the market. Uniquely, law firms and partners can only be nominated by corporate counsel.

Legaltech Breakthrough 12/1/2023

2023 Legaltech Breakthrough Awards

FTI Technology received the award for "Overall Legaltech Data Solution Provider of the Year."

Fintech Global 11/29/2023

What are the Best Practices for Crypto Asset Regulation Compliance?

Mike Carter of FTI Consulting emphasizes that market surveillance in the crypto realm, including monitoring wash trading and market manipulation, is more complex than traditional AML monitoring due to the volume of transactions. 11/28/2023

Announcing the 2024 Legalweek Leaders in Tech Law Awards Finalists and Lifetime Achievement Winners

The final winners in all categories will be announced during an in-person awards ceremony on January 29, 2024, during the Legalweek conference in New York.

EDRM 11/15/2023

Secure Design: A Matter of Responsibility and Diligence

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges facing contemporary society. With the advancement of digital technologies and the ever-increasing dependence on information systems to perform the most diverse activities, the protection of data and computing resources becomes increasingly critical. There are many cases of cyber attacks that cause financial losses, damage to reputation, violation of privacy, and even risks to national security.

We are the City 11/10/2023

Four Ways to Embrace Black History Month and Advocate for Change

How can Black people continue pushing for change productively, even if they’re fortunate enough to work in organisations with active diversity, inclusion and belonging policies?

IFLR 11/10/2023

Chief Legal Officers in Switzerland Consider Key Risks

Global general counsel study signals concerns ranging from increased investigations to AI governance

ALM | Consulting 11/10/2023

The 2023 Women Leaders in Consulting: Sophie Ross

Sophie Ross is the Global CEO of Technology within FTI Consulting.

Law Gazette 10/20/2023

Tapping into Emerging Data for Effective Cross-Border Investigations and Disputes in Asia

The U.S. Department of Justice(DOJ) recently issued guidance for prosecutors when evaluating whether, and to what extent, a corporation’s compliance programme was effective at the time of a violation. With this guidance, the DOJ has outlined that communications from ephemeral chat applications are now explicitly in scope as relevant sources of information during investigations and document productions.

Coin Telegraph 10/13/2023

How CBDCs and stablecoins can coexist: FIS panel discussion

At the recent Future Innovation Summit event held in Dubai, Cointelegraph moderated a panel titled “Stablecoins, Central Bank Digital Currencies and Cross-Border Payments” to explore if CBDCs and stablecoins can coexist and how this would be possible.

Finance Magnates 10/13/2023

Have Stablecoins Made Cross-Border Commerce Cheaper or Easier?

The rise of stablecoins has been nothing short of revolutionary. These digital currencies, which are frequently pegged to traditional assets such as the US dollar, have promised to transform the way corporations conduct international trade. But the big question is whether stablecoins have genuinely delivered on their promise of making cross-border commerce cheaper and easier, or if they come with their own set of complexity and risks.

New York Law Journal 10/10/2023

Best of 2023 Winners

FTI Consulting was recognized in five categories including Best of Hall of Fame and Best End to End E-Discovery Solution. 9/26/2023

Legal Tech Rundown: Integreon Releases Gen AI Tool, SALI’s New Legal Tags and More

An update on the legal tech market's past few weeks, from product launches to new partnerships. 9/25/2023

FTI launches RelativityOne offering in Germany and Ireland

Adding to its longstanding relationship with software provider Relativity, FTI Consulting has rolled out the RelativityOne offering to its German and Irish practices.

Government Technology 9/25/2023

Digital Investigations Place Pressure on U.K. Government IT and Legal Teams

A survey of the U.K. public found that during a public inquiry, most citizens want the government to prioritise evidence discovery above all else. At the same time, transparency, timeliness, and minimising costs were listed as additional important considerations. As the government faces a rising frequency and intensity of public inquiries and other types of disputes and investigations, meeting these expectations may be difficult in light of the growing role of complex, high-volume data in the fact-finding process.

E-Crypto News 9/21/2023

How do Compliance Practices Impact Crypto Adoption?

As the crypto adoption question continues to dominate the space, crypto-skeptics have pointed to compliance as the industry’s Achilles heel. 9/19/2023

Intellectual Property Theft Forensics: Enhancing Investigations with Analytics and Visualizations

As a best practice, legal teams and digital forensics experts should consider adding basic analytic reporting and visualizations to accompany departing employee logs. 9/14/2023

Which Regulatory Approaches Most Worry AI Innovators? We Built a List

As efforts to regulate AI around the globe gain steam, AI developers are keeping their eyes out for red flags—regulations or regulatory actions aimed at keeping the dark side of AI at bay that they believe would go too far and doom innovation. 9/11/2023

Legal Tech Rundown: New LLMs for ContractPodAI, FTI and Agiloft Partnership and More

An update on the legal tech market's past few weeks, from product launches to new partnerships. 9/7/2023

Innovation Concerns Grow Over EU AI Regulation

"From the perspective of AI companies, people want clarity around which applications are prohibited, and what the obligations are associated with each category," said Shannon Yavorsky, an Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe partner. 9/7/2023

Disputes, Investigations and Emerging Data Sources

With the evolution of technology and the increasing digitization of the work environment due to the pandemic, countless emerging data sources have emerged, which were previously not used for exchanging corporate information but have now become ubiquitous.

ALM | Consulting 9/1/2023

Consulting Magazine Women Leaders Awards

Sophie Ross was recognized for the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Consulting Magazine Women Leaders Awards.

eDiscovery Today 8/31/2023

Part Two of ILTACON 2023 Crowdsourced Observations: Legal Technology Trends

FTI Technology's Collin Miller discusses legal technology trends.

Legal Practice Intelligence 8/30/2023

FTI and Agiloft Contract for Corporate Legal Gains

FTI Consulting, Inc. announces that the firm’s Technology segment has entered into a partnership with Agiloft, a global no-code contract lifecycle management (“CLM”) solution provider. FTI Technology’s Corporate Legal Operations practice will work strategically with Agiloft to help clients improve return on investment and accelerate adoption for their CLM implementations. 8/28/2023

AI-Generated Content, Deepfakes and New Data Push the Limits of Civil Procedure

How will traditional tools and techniques need to adapt to handle new data challenges that have never been encountered by digital forensics specialists or lawyers?

Coingeek 8/24/2023

‘Regulation by enforcement’: New report unpacks US approach to digital asset regulation

A new report covering global trends in digital assets regulation presents an extensive analysis on the complex and contentious U.S. situation, where regulators continue to jostle for jurisdiction over the digital asset space, court cases abound, and lawmakers hurry to play legislative catchup with international peers. 8/24/2023

Legal Tech Rundown, ILTACON Edition: DLA Piper Launches AI-Based Service, DISCO Unveils AI Timelines and More

Missed the latest industry news before, during or after ILTACON 2023? Legaltech News has got you covered. 8/21/2023

Where Does the Venn Diagram Overlap With Multiplying Local Data Privacy Laws?

During a Monday session at the ILTACON 2023 conference in Orlando, Florida, panelists offered some guidance on how to keep up with emerging state data privacy laws.

American Health Law Association 8/18/2023

Advertising Analytics and Pixel Trackers in Health Care

By their nature, advertising analytics trackers and pixels collect information to support digital marketing and advertising processes across many industries, including health care. Depending on where the tracker is deployed and the configuration involved, advertising analytics trackers and pixels may collect and share personally identifiable information (PII), which may include identifiable health information and/or protected health information (PHI), posing a potential conflict with data protection requirements.

The Information 8/17/2023

Wall Street Turns to AI to Solve WhatsApp Compliance Nightmare

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s latest crackdown on Wall Street bankers and traders’ use of encrypted apps is sparking interest in whether large-language models and other artificial intelligence tools can catch Wall Street workers talking in code about something they shouldn’t be—or switching to an encrypted app to continue a conversation.

Construction Technology 8/14/2023

Technology Building Blocks for Mitigating Risk and Impact in Construction Litigation

The construction and engineering fields are constantly evolving in response to new technological developments. While these changes bring innovation, efficiency and opportunity, they also introduce risk discovers David Beck and Gráinne Bryan.

The Times 8/7/2023

Cloud for Business

As organisations shift ever more data and processes away from their premises, the question of who’s accountable for what in the cloud is becoming increasingly complex. 8/7/2023

AI-Generated Content, Deepfakes and New Data Push the Limits of Civil Procedure

How will traditional tools and techniques need to adapt to handle new data challenges that have never been encountered by digital forensics specialists or lawyers?

Bloomberg Law 8/3/2023

A Governance Strategy Is the Best Path to Head Off Digital Risk

Emerging technologies from AI to blockchain are evolving rapidly. FTI Consulting’s Sophie Ross explains the digital risks of technological advancement and why business models should include a strong governance framework.

JS Supra 7/28/2023

Picture Perfect Deception: Deepfake Images’ Impact on Mobile Device Discovery

Deepfake images stored on cell phones can have significant implications for eDiscovery. Let’s examine some ways in which they may impact litigation, corporate compliance, and investigation activities and consider mitigation strategies.

Strategic Risk 7/26/2023

Everything risk managers need to know about the European Union’s Digital Services Act

Tackling illegal content is a multifaceted aspect of risk management. Ana Jankov, Letícia Tavares and Jamie Bomford, FTI Consulting explore the steps that risk professionals must take to ensure compliance with the EU’s Digital Services Act.

Latin Lawyer 7/25/2023

Reducing Cyber and Data Risk through Incident Readiness and a Culture of Compliance

Organisations in Latin America are under tremendous pressure owing to a widening risk landscape and an array of new operational challenges.

Future Blockchain Summit 7/25/2023

Navigating Global Crypto Economies with FTI Consulting - YouTube

As the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem evolves, regulatory measures are essential to prevent crypto crimes. FTI Consulting offers support in risk management, compliance, transaction advisory, dispute resolution, and litigation services to address these challenges.

Canadian Lawyer 7/25/2023

The Squeeze on General Counsel and Legal Departments has Reached New Heights: Report

The squeeze on general counsel and legal departments has reached new heights, according to The General Counsel Report 2023, a joint white paper from global consultancies FTI Consulting, Inc. and Relativity.

Web3TV 7/24/2023

Jorge Carrasco on Web3TV - Fintech Summit with Ornella! - YouTube

The Fintech Summit is an international summit dedicated to the future of technological innovation in financial services, blockchain, banking and payment institutions. Hear from Jorge Carrasco, a Blockchain and Web3 expert and enthusiast with more than 15 years of experience building and developing lines of business related to emerging technologies.

Legal Dive 7/20/2023

Four E-Discovery First Principles to Survive the AI Hype Cycle

In the race to evolve, legal teams must not lose sight of the fundamentals that are likely to remain important for years to come.

GRC Outlook 7/19/2023

The Demand for “Cradle-to-Grave” Data Management in Large Financial Institutions

Financial institutions grappling with significant, ongoing challenges in their management of valuable communications data. These challenges are driven by accelerated technology change, a wholesale shift to cloud platforms and many long-lasting changes in working practices and behaviours post-COVID. Financial institutions have experienced a seismic shift from an era where all communications data was stored in centralised servers within the walls of its enterprise data centres. Now, email, chat, voice and video along with other dynamic forms of collaborative content, is stored across a myriad of third-party communications channels and cloud-based platforms outside the perimeter of the enterprise.

Unlock Media 7/18/2023

Unveiling the Global Digital Assets Race: Insights from Experts on UAE, Europe, and Hong Kong’s Competition for Leadership

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has long been recognized as a pioneering nation that consistently leads the way in innovation and technological advancement. In recent years, the UAE has demonstrated its commitment to staying at the forefront of the digital assets industry, solidifying its position as a global hub for companies operating in this transformative field.

ILTA Peer-to-Peer Magazine 7/10/2023

Manage Chinese Language Document Reviews Like a Pro

A report from the EDRM recently advised that Chinese multi-national organizations "increasingly face legal challenges in foreign jurisdictions." With this, "cross-border civil litigation discovery quickly became a critical issue as these companies, for the first time, had to deal with the concept that they may be required to collect a large amount of data and documents from China and send them to a foreign court or enforcement agency."

The Legal Technologist 6/30/2023

The Role of Digital Forensics in IP Theft Investigations

Conor Gavin, Elina Nikoo and Danny Markey discuss how employee turnover is impacting intellectual property and data protection.

Law360 6/29/2023

Risk Readiness Steps Can Help Protect, Track Digital Assets

Despite a persistent crypto winter and widespread misconceptions about the crypto industry, digital assets have the potential to drive positive economic impact. At the same time, they will continue to face unique risks and threats that require direct attention from any organization engaging in the industry.

Valor 6/29/2023

Litígios, investigações e fontes de dados emergentes

Por conta das regras estabelecidas na LGPD, quaisquer atividades de tratamento de dados pessoais precisam respeitar determinados princípios gerais e requisitos específicos

Corporate Counsel 6/27/2023

Digital Risk Management in the Wake of Business Disruption and Technology Acceleration

It feels as though a decade’s worth of change has happened over the past three years across technology advancement, business strategy, leadership, regulation, the economy and more. This change is so rapid and so prevalent that innovation is now consistently arriving before the rules, best practices or governance controls needed to manage related risks.

Ethical Boardroom 6/13/2023

Digital Assets Forecast: Moving Toward a Crypto Spring

Why caution in the face of falling markets shouldn’t temper any bold plans to embrace the expanding cryptocurrencies market.

Raconteur 6/12/2023

How Effective is Your Firm’s Risk Management Culture?

The downfall of Silicon Valley Bank has demonstrated just how vulnerable any business can be if it doesn’t have the appropriate control structures, procedures, systems – and relationships – in place

We are the City 6/10/2023

Four Ways to Uplift Women in Male-Dominated Industries

Unfortunately, less than 5% of the Global 500 are run by female CEOs. While companies around the world are working hard to improve their diversity, inclusion and belonging, we have ongoing to do. Women are still hitting glass ceilings in the workplace, which reflects a cascade of missed opportunities for their own growth as well as the growth of the organisations where they work. There are countless benefits to female leadership and diverse teams, and numerous studies have reported that diverse teams are more innovative and significantly outperform less inclusive competitors. 6/8/2023

Companies Are Drowning in Data. Experts Say It's Time to Purge

Companies are hanging on to more data than they need for far longer than they need it, and it’s growing more expensive to keep secure. As privacy and security breaches become an ever-more-pressing concern, a growing chorus of experts say it’s critical for companies to take stock of what data they have and pare down. 6/8/2023

Bridging the Crypto Divide: Regulation and AI Discussed at Money20/20

In an era marked by rapid digitalization, Tales From the Crypto, a panel at the Money20/20 event held today, offered deep insights into the emerging trends of crypto investments and the regulatory landscape. Steve McNew of FTI Consulting helmed the discussion, elucidating how digital asset custody platforms navigate the intriguing intersection of web2 and web3.

WWL 5/19/2023

Investigations 2023 - Digital Forensic Experts - Legal Marketplace Analysis

This year, we single out 71 digital forensic experts for their top-tier practice handling investigations involving computer forensics, digital forensic analysis and advisory work across an array of sectors.

Legal IT Insider 5/15/2023

Whodunnit? Sleuthing Skills for the Digital Age

Now that the modern data landscape is completely upending the traditional legal discovery paradigm and rendering past workflows ineffective, there’s an opportunity to return to investigations basics.

The Legal Technologist 5/3/2023

Data Problems in Downstream Discovery

More than 40% of general counsel recently reported that their legal departments have experienced new challenges relating to emerging data sources.

Law Gazette 4/25/2023

To Boldly Go on Generative AI?

Generative AI such as OpenAI’s GPT series offers opportunities for law firms to streamline data extraction and administrative tasks. But the legal sector also needs to be wary of the pitfalls of entrusting data to third-party technology.

Bloomberg Law 4/18/2023

AI Applied to Big Data Can Empower—and Challenge—Compliance

Angeline Chen and Ilan Sherr of DLA Piper and Al Park of FTI Consulting consider benefits and pitfalls of AI adoption for companies managing big data, saying it can help teams spotlight problems and prevent risk, but that its use raises a host of compliance considerations. 4/17/2023

Influencer Investigations: A New Era in Digital Forensics

As companies invest more money in influencer advertising and partnerships, disputes will follow, in which critical facts will be stored within social media accounts and messaging tools, creating a host of challenges when it comes time to access, collect and review evidence.

Women Mean Business 4/11/2023

Gender Diversity Ambassador Gráinne Bryan, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting

Gráinne Bryan, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting and WMB Diversity Ambassador tells us how she can help, through her passion and position, break down and disprove common biases against women, particularly mothers, faced in the workplace.

Law Journal Newsletters 4/4/2023

AI or Not To AI: Observations from Legalweek NY 2023

This year at Legalweek, there was little doubt on what the annual takeaway topic would be. As much as I tried to avoid it for fear of beating the proverbial dead horse, it was impossible not to talk about generative AI, ChatGPT, and all that goes with it. Some fascinating discussions were had and many aspects of AI were uncovered.

Global Risk Regulator 4/3/2023

US Treasury Talks Up CBDC Prospects, But Still a “Long Way To Go”

A recent speech from a senior Treasury official talked extensively about the potential development of a US central bank digital currency, but industry experts suggest there is more to this apparent CBDC enthusiasm than meets the eye.

ABA Bank Compliance 4/1/2023

PRACTICAL Data Privacy Compliance AMID Regulatory Swirl

In less than two years from now, roughly 75% of the world’s population will be protected by at least one data privacy or data protection law. With more than 130 data protection regulations already in place, and more emerging all the time, achieving and maintaining privacy compliance has become one of the most challenging imperatives in business today.

IAPP 3/28/2023

Generative AI: Privacy and Tech Perspectives

Launched in November 2022, OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT, took the world by storm almost overnight. It brought a new technology term into the mainstream: generative artificial intelligence. Generative AI describes algorithms that can create new content such as essays, images and videos from text prompts, autocomplete computer code, or analyze sentiment. 3/28/2023

Tracking Generative AI: How Evolving AI Models Are Impacting Legal

A running compilation of how the legal landscape continues to be shaped by generative AI tools, from GPT technologies to art generation tools and beyond.

ALM 3/24/2023

Growing Data Footprint Spurs a Refresh of Investigations and E-Discovery Best Practices Across Asia | China Law and Practice

Sandeep Jadav and Shengyu Jin of FTI Consulting’s Technology segment look at the impact of the ever-increasing use of data and the advent of new technologies.

ABA Bank Compliance 3/24/2023

A Patchwork of State-by-State Privacy Laws

Coast to coast, U.S. state lawmakers are responding to public outcry for stronger data privacy and data protection rules. While the concept of data privacy as a fundamental right and value has long eluded the U.S. legal system, a sea change is underway in the states. 3/24/2023

Legal Tech Rundown: Hanzo Spotlight+, HaystackID Expansion, Casepoint Upgrade, and More

An update on the legal tech market's past few weeks, from product launches to new partnerships. 3/22/2023

LTN's Key Takeaways From Legalweek New York 2023: Day 1

The first Legalweek conference after OpenAI's ChatGPT and other LLMs hit the mainstream is sure to be a seminal event. Legaltech News roundups offer insights from the conference, from what we've seen, heard and reported on throughout the day. 3/22/2023

Reveal Expands FTI Consulting Partnership, Recognizes First Class of Reveal-Certified ‘Geniuses’

“Leveraging the influence of the human-centered AI that Reveal incorporated into the platform is what is going to, I think, make FTI one of the clear leaders in the transformation of the market,” said Wendell Jisa, founder and CEO of Reveal. He also called Reveal’s expanded partnership with FTI is just one example of Reveal Academy at work.

Legal IT Insider 3/22/2023

Legalweek News in Brief: New Product Launches, Partnerships and Surveys

In a week dominated by press releases from vendors exhibiting at the Legalweek conference in New York, here are the announcements you need to know about in brief, broken down into product launches, new partnerships and hires, and survey results.

Legal Practice Intelligence 3/22/2023

NetDocuments and FTI Technology to Drive Legal Ops ROI

FTI Consulting announces that the firm’s Technology segment has entered into a partnership with NetDocuments, a trusted cloud content platform for legal professionals. This partnership will allow FTI Technology’s Corporate Legal Operations practice to provide clients with more flexible and integrated native cloud-based solutions for core legal department functions, such as document and content management.

Australasian Lawyer 3/21/2023

More Than Two-Thirds of Legal Department Leaders Seek Advanced Tech Solutions: Study

New report reveals trends in in-house counsel management of people, providers and automation

Legaltech News 3/16/2023

With ChatGPT, Will Legal and Compliance Become More Intelligent? More Complicated? Or Both?

As AI begins to penetrate more corners of business and society, these powerful tools have the potential to drive opportunity for organizations, including in legal and compliance use cases.

The Payments Association 3/16/2023

Big Data Sharing: Navigating the Regulation Minefield

Should payment firms be limited in how they reuse data or are the laws based on GDPR sufficient?

Law360 3/16/2023

In-House Leaders See AI Growing As Usage Lags Past Years

Most legal department leaders expect the use of artificial intelligence to increase in the future, but fewer of them are using AI in 2023 than in 2021, according to the results...

Corporate Counsel 3/7/2023

Remote Work Leading to Big Data-Loss Problems

Employers' willingness to allow workers to use their own devices for work has opened up a huge new pathway for cyber criminals to gain access to sensitive data.

Women of Silicon Valley 3/7/2023

Q&A with Sophie Ross, Global Chief Executive Officer at FTI Technology

There’s been so much disruption — both in terms of technology innovation and immense challenges — since the start of the pandemic, and most companies are still reeling from the effects of that.

Today's General Counsel 2/28/2023

Do Avatars Have Privacy Rights? Regulatory Uncertainty in the Metaverse

The metaverse, estimated to create a nearly $800 billion market opportunity, is poised to become one of the most disruptive technology advancements in history. Companies are clamoring to understand their role and opportunity within this new arena, but as with any disruptive technology or business model, innovation also introduces new areas of risk.

Digital Assets 2/27/2023

Emerging Trends, New Milestones

Jorge Carrasco of FTI Consulting lists the top trends on the horizon for 2023 in the blockchain and digital assets space that are set to drive transformation across business sectors.

ALM | Consulting 2/24/2023

2023 Global Leaders in Consulting: Veeral Gosalia

Veeral Gosalia specializes in electronic discovery and data preservation with a focus in computer forensics and cross border matters.

Today's General Counsel 2/23/2023

Digital Risk Is the Primary Business Concern

Respondents to a newly-released global survey by FTI Consulting see an inextricable link between data and business success, and view digital risk as a greater concern than other business risks.

Relativity 2/22/2023

The Predictions Webinar 2023

FTI Technology's Jerry Bui makes predictions on the future of artificial intelligence. 2/22/2023

More Companies Ditching Piecemeal Approach to Managing Mushrooming Third-Party Risks

"Modern organizations are using more third parties than ever before, and they're taking on more risk than ever before in this ecosystem," Gartner's Chris Matlock said.

ALM | Consulting 2/16/2023

FTI Consulting Survey: Ops and Compliance Implications To Intensify Across All Aspects of Digital Insights and Risk Management

In-depth report details global and critical data-related trends across corporate functions.

Law360 2/16/2023

GCs, CLOs Prioritize Risk Management As Data Sources Rise

Increased digital risk has legal leaders pursuing a more proactive approach to protecting their organizations by taking responsibility and investing in new technologies, according to the results of a survey released...

Above the Law 2/16/2023

Leadership Blaming Working From Home For Its Own Data Privacy Failures

Get ready for executives to blame the next big cyberattack on all you pesky kids working from home.

CPO Magazine 2/15/2023

IAPP Report: AI Governance Success Tied to Existing Privacy Program Maturity, Technical Tools Gap an Early Obstacle

As ChatGPT rockets AI governance to the forefront of discussion, IAPP and FTI Consulting’s annual privacy management report finds that over half of organizations are building their approaches on top of existing and mature privacy programs. But while the commitment is often there, the tools and skills may not be as the workforce only just begins to develop.

The Lawyer 2/13/2023

Emerging Data Sources Present New Challenges (and Opportunities) for Litigation and Investigations

A recent survey of senior in-house lawyers found that a majority are concerned about the impact of emerging data sources such as collaboration platforms and cloud file-sharing tools. Rightly so, as the pandemic and shift to hybrid working patterns have accelerated the expansion of the corporate data footprint. Traditional channels such as email and laptops are no longer the only data sources that must be addressed when considering data preservation requirements, or in litigation and investigations. Lawyers must now often contend with a complex web consisting of hundreds or thousands of systems, applications and remote devices. This change has made a profound impact on the methodologies used in investigations and litigation.

Diginomica 2/13/2023

Enterprise Hits and Misses - The ESG Economy Needs Better Software, Amazon Needs a Better Grocery Strategy, and AI Needs Better Guardrails

ESG vendors need to move beyond reporting - are they? ChatGPT supposedly has ethical guardrails, but does it? AI search heats up, Amazon's grocery play gets an omni-channel reality check, and I come in defense of... blockchain?

Diginomica 2/10/2023

The Arts are Low-hanging Fruit for Unscrupulous AI Vendors, Say Ethicists

Vendor and AI ethicist Kainos discusses the growing challenge of working with generative AIs, such as ChatGPT.

Strategic Risk 2/8/2023

AI: Friend or Foe for Risk Managers?

AI brings the promise of progress and threat of disorder, as the launch of ChatGPT demonstrates.

Security Magazine 2/7/2023

12 Tips for Creating a Companywide Security Culture

Security experts offer advice on building and maintaining a robust security culture.

Energy Advisor 2/3/2023

Can Latin America Digitize its Energy Sector Faster?

Digital technologies hold great promise for energy systems around the world. While many countries have embraced them, Latin America has lagged behind.

IAPP 2/1/2023

2023 Global Legislative Predictions

2023 could be dubbed the year data privacy and its relevant legislation come to the forefront of Parliaments and presses. In nearly every corner of the world, data privacy legislation can be found impacting everyday life — and not just because we’re privacy professionals. This year, anticipate jurisdictions to iterate or build on pre-existing or proposed legislation to keep up with evolving technology while other nations scramble to get some skin in the game and establish a comprehensive privacy law. The IAPP gathered predictions from privacy professionals in 56 nations across six continents and presented them in this white paper so you can see what may play out across the world from on-the-ground experts.

IP Litigator 2/1/2023

The Modern Data Paradox: Power and Problems in Discovery and Investigations

The impact on data platforms and channels on legal matters

The Lawyer 1/31/2023

How In-House Legal Teams Can Make the Most of Technology Advancements

It’s a simple fact that some organisations are much further ahead than others on their technology transformation journeys. In this article we explore the degree that in-house counsel are making the best from available technologies and provide some direction to navigate towards success.

Law360 1/30/2023

FTI Consulting Adds Swiss Managing Director Trio

Washington, D. C. -based international business advisory firm FTI Consulting Inc. announced on Monday that it has hired three new managing directors out of Switzerland for its technology segment, continuing its hiring spree the past few months.

Canadian Lawyer 1/30/2023

Fifty-Seven Percent of GCs List ESG Among Their Top Five Risk Areas for 2023: Survey

Almost half of GCs say their organizations are either very strong or making positive strides in DEI.

IAPP 1/30/2023

EU, US Announce AI Research Pact

The EU and U.S. governments signed an administrative arrangement to facilitate collaborative research on artificial intelligence.

Corporate Counsel 1/25/2023

Legal Departments Say They're Headed in Right Direction on ESG, But It's Straining Their Resources

"For the first time ever, this year’s General Counsel Report revealed 100% agreement about numerous factors that are placing increased strain on in-house legal teams," said Wendy King, senior managing director of FTI Consulting.

Concurrences 1/25/2023

Cartels Workshop: An Advanced Seminar on Substantive and Procedural EU Developments

Cartel enforcement is back in 2023. Cartel enforcement has traditionally been a very active area. Due to Covid-19, regulators slowed down their enforcement, among other factors due to fewer opportunities for dawn raids. However, we have seen a resurgence in cartel enforcement over the past year.

WWL 1/23/2023

Data 2023 - Data Experts - Legal Marketplace Analysis

This year, WWL identifies 74 data experts that are leaders in the market. The individuals listed have each made outstanding contributions to the field and are known for their work on matters such as e-discovery, data collection and large-scale analyses.

The Barrister 1/21/2023

How the Legal Profession has Become a Complex Legal Ecosystem

The emergence of alternative legal and non-legal providers in recent years, alongside the increased need for technology, is reshaping the legal sector beyond traditional law practice.

Tech Target 1/20/2023

Effective Business Continuity Requires Evolution and a Plan

Investment in business continuity is one of the best ways to get an organization back on its feet during and after an incident. Updated plans are critical to avoid a crisis. 1/17/2023

Legal Tech's Predictions for Privacy in 2023

Legal industry experts weigh in on what to expect for privacy in the next year. 1/13/2023

Legal Tech's Predictions for New(er) Technologies in 2023

Legal industry experts weigh in on what to expect from new(er) technolgies like the metaverse, NFTs, cryptocurrency, blockchain and more in the next year.

Legal IT Insider 1/11/2023

Legal IT Movers: Ascertus, FTI Consulting, ClearCourse and QuisLex Make Senior Hires

We have another round of legal tech movers and shakers for you on both sides of the Atlantic, as Ascertus, FTI Consulting and ClearCourse make senior hires in the UK and in the US, QuisLex appoints a new vice president of legal solutions. 1/9/2023

Legal Tech's Predictions for E-Discovery in 2023

Legal industry experts weigh in on what to expect from e-discovery in the next year.

TechGC 1/8/2023

Podcast - Ghosts of Privacy Future

Featuring FTI Consulting's Todd Ruback, Managing Director - Privacy and former GC/CPO at Evideon/Ghostery 1/6/2023

FTI adds Jerry Lay and Dominic Piernot to DACH Technology Business

FTI Consulting has over the past months strengthened its Technology business in the DACH region with two (senior) managing directors: Jerry Lay and Dominic Piernot.

Legal Dive 1/6/2023

6 in-house legal trends to watch in 2023

Legal chiefs will be expected to do more with less even while operational costs rise and compliance risks grow.

eDiscovery Today 1/5/2023

2023 State of the Industry Report is Out! Here’s How to Get it!

eDiscovery Today launched its third annual State of the Industry Report Survey.

Risk Management 1/5/2023

Improving Resilience in the Wake of a Crisis

Following the countless disruptions experienced during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, most operations have either adapted to new processes or returned to a sense of past normalcy. Organizations should take this opportunity to look back at how they dealt with each challenge throughout the pandemic and leverage those insights to bolster resilience for future disasters.

Thomson Reuters 1/4/2023

Central Bank or Crypto: Regulatory Prospects for Central Bank Digital Currencies and Stablecoins

Enthusiasm for most forms of cryptocurrency slackened during an eventful 2022 but several jurisdictions, including the EU and UK, have moved nearer to introducing a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in recent months. Proponents say CBDCs deploy advanced tech without the risks associated with commercial crypto-tokens and bolster financial systems against inroads by Big Tech payments firms. Others, however, see CBDCs as having the potential to become Big Brother, intruding on privacy. 1/3/2023

Legal Tech's Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2023

Legal industry experts weigh in on what to expect from AI in the next year. 12/22/2022

Santalytics: North Pole Insights and Efficiency All Year Long

With so much digital information and data today, analytics tools are critical to keeping Santa's opertions—or any business—running smoothly.

Global Data Review 12/15/2022

Introducing the GDR 100 2023

The GDR 100 is the only global ranking that captures the capabilities, track record and market reputation of the leading firms in the field. 12/6/2022

Legal Departments Struggling With Increased Tech Risk and Responsibility, FTI/Relativity Survey Shows

Sophie Ross, global chief executive officer of FTI Technology, said “many chief legal officers are experiencing the most turbulent period of their entire careers,” pointing to increases in the types of matters that now fall on legal departments, coupled with tighter budgets. 12/6/2022

Legal Chiefs See Sharp Rise in Risks—and They're Coming From Myriad Directions

In-house leaders say that even as threats rise, they're more confident of their ability to mitigate them, according to a newly released survey.

Law Technology Today 12/5/2022

Stay in the Loop with Cloud and Collaboration App E-discovery

More than 200 million active users now rely on Microsoft 365, and they create more than 100 petabytes of new content each month within the platform. The market for collaboration tools such as Teams, Zoom and Slack exceeds $17 billion, with a projection to more than double in the coming years. As these tools have grown in user adoption worldwide, their features and capabilities have also expanded at a rapid pace. 12/5/2022

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and the General Counsel

FTI Consulting, Inc., and EDRM Trusted Partner, Relativity, today announced findings from Part 2 of The General Counsel Report 2023. Of the surveyed companies that said they are experiencing increased strains on capacity within their legal departments, 100% said that environmental, social and governance issues (ESG) is the key area in driving rising demand. Legal departments at major companies say almost universally that they have become the in-house hub for ESG.

Going Digital 12/2/2022

Web 3.0

Navigating a new era of physical ownership vs. digital ownership 12/1/2022

An Uncertain Year: What General Counsel Can Plan for During Turbulent Times

Senior Managing Directors of FTI Consulting discuss how GCs can take the lessons learnt in 2022 and apply them to 2023 to improve preparedness and resilience. They share their perspectives on regulatory changes, M&A impacts and emerging data.

Legal IT Insider 11/9/2022

FTI Consulting Launches Tech Segment in Switzerland & Expands Partnership with Relativity

New York Stock Exchange listed business advisory firm FTI Consulting has launched a technology ‘segment’ in Switzerland – the company’s first formal presence in the country – with the hire of investigations expert Jerry Lay as a senior managing director and Switzerland lead.

Forbes 11/8/2022

How Blockchain Can Help Measure And Prove ESG Milestones

Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) has become one of the most discussed, debated and buzz-worthy topics of the past several years. Organizations face significant and growing demand to raise their standards and accountability across an array of issues that are widely viewed as ethical imperatives.

CPO Magazine 11/7/2022

AdTech and Data Privacy: Forecasting for the Coming Storm

Digital advertising is ready for innovation. While the industry revenue grew a record 35.4% in 2021 (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and is on pace for another banner year in 2022, it’s also under intense regulatory and consumer scrutiny. 11/4/2022

When Complex Data and Complex Laws Collide: New Investigation Challenges in Disrupted Industries

Case teams will need to embrace new approaches, use new technologies, and be willing to step outside of traditional, static workflows to defensibly meet the dynamic nature of emerging data sources.

The Cryptonomist 10/25/2022

Longlist for the 2022 Rising Women in Crypto Power List Revealed

The Rising Women in Crypto Power List is part of Wirex’s Women in Crypto campaign, which both kicked off in 2020. The campaign was created to celebrate women in the crypto sector, showcase their roles and inspire others to get involved.

Legal IT Insider 10/24/2022

Correction: FTI Consulting Launches Expanded Corporate Legal Operations Practice

FTI Consulting has become the latest to announce that it is expanding its legal operations capability, with its practice now helping corporate legal departments with a range of areas including business strategy alignment, legal technology adoption, processes and spend management.

Canadian Lawyer 10/20/2022

Mastering Risk from the Legal Department

Legal leaders share strategies for monitoring and mitigating risk in the evolving business landscape.

Corporate Compliance Insights 10/19/2022

The DOJ Doubles Down on Data, Raising the Stakes for Proactive Information Governance

As the DOJ signals that proactive compliance measures focused on data and analytics will be central to the agency’s future treatment of organizations that run afoul of the law, experts from FTI Consulting explore what companies (and compliance professionals) need to know.

Global Competition Review 10/11/2022

Hybrid Dawn Raids: How the Future of Work is Impacting Cartel Investigations Today

Just as the workplace has entered a new era, so too have the global rules and processes around dawn raids. Employees are now working from anywhere, storing data on personal devices and communicating across numerous chat, collaboration and video conferencing tools. FTI Consulting senior managing director Ashley Brickles examines how competition authorities across the world have been quick to pivot their dawn raid techniques to align with the modern data landscape.

The Stack 10/10/2022

Version Control in Source Control: When IP Investigations and Dev Tech Collide

Investigations and e-discovery exercises in response to IP theft, trade secret misappropriation and other related disputes are fraught with challenges.

Global Banking & Finance Review 9/27/2022

Responding to New Technical and Operational Risks in the Future of Work

Even in industries that have long been stalwarts of in-office policies, the workplace is forever changed. Likewise, risk management must also change. To maintain resilience in this environment, organizations will need to first acknowledge that they are facing a new risk landscape that includes an array of issues, including, hybrid work, emerging data sources, increased employee turnover, technology advancements and more. Then, teams can set to work assessing the specific implications and solutions for their industry and unique business needs.

Law Gazette 9/26/2022

Demystifying Data: Understanding Data to Minimise Risk and Reduce Costs

Organisations across the world are rapidly increasing the amount of data that they collect and hold. By 2025, the total amount of data “created, captured, copied and consumed globally” is estimated to increase by 180 per cent over 2020 figures.

IFLR 9/21/2022

China Sets off Cross-Border Data Roadmap

Frances Chen and Amber Gosney of FTI Technology provide a snapshot of China's new measures for security assessments.

Irish Legal News 9/8/2022

Boardroom Priority or Pitfall? Tackling Data Risk from the Top Down

Cybersecurity and privacy have in recent years gained “buzzword” status in the boardroom. An ongoing groundswell of global data privacy enforcement and a perpetual upswing in the severity and frequency of data breaches have put nearly all corporate boards on high alert.

Ad Exchanger 9/7/2022

Is There Still Hope For A Federal Privacy Bill This Year?

Although the American Data Privacy and Protection Act (ADPPA), which would establish a national standard for privacy protection, has bipartisan support, it still faces numerous roadblocks – and the question of preemption is one of the biggest.

TMT Finance 9/6/2022

Buyers Beware: Data Difficulties Inundate Tech Industry Merger Control and Antitrust Investigations

The large spectrum and volume of data technology companies produce in their day-to-day operations can be a minefield in antitrust and merger clearance negotiations. Craig Earnshaw of FTI Consulting examines how best to navigate a safe way through.

Thomson Reuters 9/6/2022

ILTACON 2022: Legal’s latest strategy switch brings about a practical approach to new tech

The legal industry has developed a reputation for avoiding next-generation technologies; however, with blockchain and the metaverse, that perception is shifting. 9/1/2022

When Technology Advances at the Speed of Light, Risk Goes into Hyperdrive

The rapid and accelerating adoption and evolution of new platforms have caused a flashpoint at which legal, compliance, IT and security teams need to reorient to an entirely new and constantly changing data landscape.

CEB 8/31/2022

Message Threads and Meeting Recordings: How Collaboration Apps Present Fresh E-Discovery Challenges

It was March 2016, and a robust portion of the internet was talking about workplace internal messaging apps -- but not because an unprecedented shift toward working from home had made offices across the country increasingly reliant on them. Four years before platforms like Slack had achieved their pandemic-era level of visibility, office instant messages were at the center of a nationally watched trial in a Florida courtroom.

Info Security 8/29/2022

#HowTo: Enhance Data Security and Privacy

In Ireland, despite widespread visibility of data breaches and security threats, strong data protection is often treated as an afterthought within many organizations. Recent studies have shown that more than half of Irish organizations anticipate a rise in breaches this year, but less than 40% claim a comprehensive understanding of their third-party risks. Meanwhile, businesses continue to create, share, store, use and manage an ever-increasing volume of sensitive digital information, raising the stakes and the surface of potential vulnerabilities.

Law360 8/25/2022

Reducing Tech Cos.' Data Risk As Investigations Increase

Organizations in the technology sector are facing increasing exposure to a wide range of disputes and investigations.

Technocat 8/24/2022

Technocat Live at ILTACON with Tim Anderson of FTI

Catherine “Cat” Casey talks with FTI Consulting's Tim Anderson about emerging data sources.

Technocat 8/22/2022

Technocat Live from ILTACON with Jerry Bui, Kassi Burns, & Jon Rowe

How do we prepare for the Metaverse and Web 3.0 paradigm shift as forensic experts and legal technologists, what eDiscovery considerations should we be thinking about today and what will ESI and eDiscovery look like when evidence is a myriad of metadata in the Metaverse?

Corporate Counsel 8/22/2022

GCs Struggling to Capitalize on Data Deluge

“Technology has traditionally been a bit of a weak point of legal departments. That is no longer an acceptable position for a best-in-class legal department or even an adequate legal department," said Jason Winmill, managing partner of Argopoint.

People 8/17/2022

Forensics Expert in Vanessa Bryant's Case Says Law Enforcement 'Permanently Destroyed' Evidence

A forensic expert in Vanessa Bryant’s trial testified that when law enforcement officers were told to turn in their devices, nine of 11 were new phones and one had been reset to factory settings.

Insider 8/17/2022

LASD Phones and Drives Containing Kobe Bryant Crash Photos Were Wiped Clean, According to Forensic Analysis

A tech expert hired by Vanessa Bryant's attorneys testified that Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputies "violated fundamental forensic policies" when they deleted gruesome helicopter crash site photos and turned in brand new phones to independent forensic investigators.

Global Banking & Finance Review 8/12/2022

The Scope and Complexities of Risk Management in Financial Services

With increasing digitalisation, banks and financial service providers are exposed to an increasing spate of risks. Cybersecurity threats are steadily rising. Data privacy authorities are ramping enforcement and the scope of sector-specific regulations are widening. In the financial services industry, many of these risks are heightened, adding significant complexity to risk management and cybersecurity preparedness within financial institutions.

Cartel Intel 8/11/2022

Interview with Ashley Brickles

The cartel crackdown continues across EMEA, with levels of enforcement exceeding those witnessed immediately before the COVID-19 pandemic. Leading the way, the European Commission has conducted new dawn raid inspections in each of May, June and July. At the same time, the rules of the game have changed: the nature and scope of dawn raid inspections are evolving and businesses must act now to keep pace. 8/11/2022

4 Ways to Efficiently Manage Modern Data in E-Discovery

From authenticating data to establishing efficient processes, e-discovery experts offer tips on the best practices attorneys need to keep up with modern types of data.

Law360 8/11/2022

Global Consulting Firm Boosts Tech Segment With New Hires

FTI Consulting Inc. is boosting its technology segment with two new appointments to managing director roles, the firm announced Tuesday.

Law and Crime 8/5/2022

Jury Will See Messages Taunting Vanessa Bryant After Kobe’s Death – But Not All of Them

Lawyers representing Vanessa Bryant in her lawsuit against Los Angeles County won’t be allowed to show jurors taunting social media messages she received about Kobe Bryant’s death sent to her before it became public knowledge that sheriff’s deputies and firefighters had distributed graphic photos. 8/2/2022

Blockchain expert Susana Esteban joins FTI Technology

FTI Consulting has appointed blockchain and digital assets advisor Susana Esteban to head up the firm’s digital assets work in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Working from the firm’s London office, she will look to expand FTI’s Web 3.0 footprint across the region. 8/2/2022

Blockchain Expert Susana Esteban Joins FTI Technology

FTI Consulting has appointed blockchain and digital assets advisor Susana Esteban to head up the firm’s digital assets work in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Working from the firm’s London office, she will look to expand FTI’s Web 3.0 footprint across the region.

The Fintech Times 7/28/2022

This Week in Fintech: TFT Bi-Weekly News Roundup 28/07

Susana Esteban, a blockchain and digital assets advisor, has joined FTI Consulting’s London office. The firm says it has seen a ‘significant uptick in interest’ from clients looking to explore opportunities in blockchain and digital assets, as well as how to build resilience around the risks, impending regulations and volatility.

Legaltech News 7/28/2022

Juggling Risk? How to Keep Data Safe When Using Multiple Cloud Platforms

To manage growing volumes of data, organizations are using multiple cloud providers. But to keep their data safe and compliant, companies should ensure that they have the right processes in place.

Spreaker 7/25/2022

Are You Prepared for Data Privacy Regulation in Asia?

A four-part series with FTI Consulting and Conventus Law focusing on the key areas where organisations can protect value and take action, to address critical issues and mitigate risks.

Ad Exchanger 7/21/2022

CTV Is A Dragon, But With Or Without A Tail?; And Is It Privacy Tech Or Privacy Theater?

The investment consulting group FTI Consulting, which advised Sizmek on its sale to Amazon and Zeta Global in 2019, among other ad tech and digital media deals, relaunched its Ad Tech group as “Digital Advertising and Consent Management Privacy Solutions” headed up by Todd Ruback. If that name sounds familiar, Ruback was Ghostery’s general counsel and chief privacy officer from 2012 to 2018 before GDPR mandated a designated privacy officer.

Martech Series 7/20/2022

FTI Consulting’s Technology Segment Launches Digital Advertising and Consent Management Privacy Solutions

FTI Consulting, Inc. announced that the firm’s Technology segment has launched a new suite of solutions within its Information Governance, Privacy & Security (“IGP&S”) practice to address the growing risks at the intersection of digital advertising and data privacy regulation. FTI Technology’s integrated suite of Advertising Technology (“AdTech”) Privacy solutions will help clients navigate emerging data privacy challenges in digital advertising and online consent management.

FairyGodBoss 7/15/2022

FTI Technology Global CEO Sophie Ross on Leading with Positivity, Flexibility and Collaboration

Sophie Ross discusses her career accomplishments and FTI Consulting’s Women’s Initiative.

Law360 7/14/2022

Tips For Handling Audio Data In E-Discovery Post-Pandemic

The past two years have been a time of tremendous change, challenge, and new and exciting business opportunities. One of the megatrends driving this seismic shift has been the mass adoption of hybrid working models, made possible by a proliferation of cloud-based collaboration tools.

CanLII 7/11/2022

Privilege: Considering the Importance of Family Relationships during Technology-Assisted Review

Despite ongoing legal, strategic and technological strides in reducing the overall burden of e-discovery, privilege continues to demand significant time and resources from legal teams. Because document reviews are time-intensive, many litigation lawyers using technology-assisted review (TAR) to assess relevance are asking whether the “four corners” approach can also be used for privilege calls. This seems efficient, as the same reviewer will be assessing for relevance and privilege during the same pass. However, relevance and privilege raise different considerations, and it is important for legal teams to be aware of them when planning document review workflows.

Corporate Compliance Insights 7/6/2022

Where the Money Is: Cryptocurrency Industry Grapples With Rising Cybersecurity Risks

Regulations on cryptocurrency are coming. But that doesn’t mean crypto exchanges and other businesses can take it easy.

Legaltech News 7/5/2022

Arbitrary and Excessive: Three Pitfalls in Conversational Data Discovery

The e-discovery and investigations paradigm is shifting as emerging data sources account for an increasing volume of discoverable information. Traditional workflows need to adapt accordingly.

PR Week 7/5/2022

FTI Consulting Launches Suite of Data-Privacy Services

The goal of the tools is to help clients evaluate and mitigate privacy risks while optimizing data.

Network Computing 7/4/2022

Stop Ignoring Your Records Problem, The Fix May Be Hidden in Plain Sight

As businesses digitally transform and undertake process optimization projects, IT can help address records management by building in records compliance and classification and automating a standardized retention and disposal schedule for them.

Chambers 7/2/2022

Chambers Review

Chambers and Partners selects FTI Consulting as a top e-discovery provider.

The Lawyer 7/1/2022

Data Breach Sense Check: Five Critical Privacy and Security Issues to Watch

The combined effects of the pandemic and in that context the rise of hybrid working, rapid growth of dispersed data sources, a tense geopolitical climate and rising threats of cyber warfare have produced a dubious risk landscape.

The Oath 6/29/2022

The Data Breach Response Checklist

Jack Fletcher and Waleed Ahmed of FTI Consulting highlight the important elements of an incident response plan and how leveraging machine learning and AI tools can enable a swift and transparent response. 6/28/2022

Jon Asprey and Debbie Evans Join FTI as Managing Directors

FTI Consulting has appointed Jon Asprey and Debbie Evans as Managing Directors in its Technology segment. The pair strengthen the Information Governance, Privacy & Security practice.

Legal IT Insider 6/23/2022

LegalIT Insider Newsletter Movers & Shakers

FTI Consulting’s Technology segment has appointed Stuart Craft as a managing director in its E-Discovery Consulting & Services practice in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (“EMEA”).

CPO Magazine 6/21/2022

Key Questions Answered for China’s Personal Information Protection Law

Like many countries around the world, China has shored up its data protection laws and regulations with the enactment of its Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL). The law constitutes one of the most important pillars of the country’s data protection legal regime, which includes a myriad of other laws — e.g., Cybersecurity Law (CSL) and Data Security Law (DSL) — and other industry-specific regulations and standards.

Canadian Lawyer 6/20/2022

How are Law Firms and In-house Legal Departments Collaborating to Deliver Results?

Collaboration between law firms, legal departments and third-party partners is key to driving results and maintaining a competitive edge. Experts discussed the latest collaboration strategies at the Canadian Legal Innovation Forum’s ‘Collaboration is the new innovation’ webinar on June 15.

Today's General Counsel 5/26/2022

In-House Legal Leadership: Survey Highlights

As legal teams face another difficult year, they will need to draw upon the endurance and experience they developed during the first two years of the pandemic to lead their organizations successfully into a post-pandemic era.

IAPP 5/24/2022

People on the Move: June 2022

FTI Consulting announced Todd Ruback as the new managing director of its Information Governance, Privacy and Security Practice.

Financier Worldwide 5/18/2022

Managing Risk in International Data Transfers

FW discusses how to manage risks in international data transfers with Nina Bryant, Ben Crew and Wajdi Kharrat at FTI Technology and Claude-Etienne Armingaud at K&L Gates LLP.

Confilegal 5/16/2022

Los despachos de abogados se reinventan tecnológicamente por exigencias de la clientela y la competencia

Muchas de estas empresas reclaman a sus abogados externos más conocimientos y habilidades en materia digital. 5/13/2022

FTI Consulting Adds Data Privacy Expert Todd Ruback

FTI Consulting has hired Todd Ruback, a seasoned data privacy leader, as a managing director in its information governance, privacy, and security (IGP&S) practice within its technology segment.

Iberian Lawyer 5/13/2022

FTI Consulting Publishes The General Counsel Report 2022

The third part of The General Counsel Report 2022: Leading with Endurance Through Risk, Culture and Technology Challenges, was prepared by FTI Consulting in collaboration with Relativity.

Latin Lawyer 5/10/2022

The Guide to Corporate Compliance

FTI Consulting experts discuss "Reducing Cyber and Data Risk through Incident Readiness and a Culture of Compliance."

Lexis 4/27/2022

10 Critical Steps to Comply with the Oman Personal Data Protection Law

The data privacy landscape in the Middle East region is undergoing significant change. Numerous jurisdictions, including the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), have published strict data privacy laws in recent months or the past year, many of which will come into force in 2022.

Financier Worldwide 4/21/2022

For the Record: The Importance of Data Inventory

For companies, knowing the data they hold is fundamental to being able to use and protect it. But companies increasingly store vast quantities of data. They access enormous, separate data sources virtually every day, which makes it harder to remember the origins of each data point.

Law Technology Today 4/13/2022

Next Generation E-Discovery: Portable AI

In a recent survey, 73% of general counsel said their legal teams are not using artificial intelligence (AI) for any function and only 33% said they agree attorneys currently have adequate technological knowledge and capabilities.

The National Law Journal 4/12/2022

National Law Journal Best of 2022

The results are in. The readers have voted!

Relativity Blog 4/6/2022

Stellar Women Rising Star Aisha Brackett on the World of Data Forensics & Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

In the e-discovery field, there is a niche area that often goes overlooked despite the innovation taking place within it: data forensics. In e-discovery, data forensic experts are tasked with identifying, coding, and capturing relevant data. Without the experts and systems in place to accurately identify the data that matters, critical information to a case may be lost.

ILTA Peer-to-Peer Magazine 4/1/2022

International Data Transfers are More Complicated Than Ever Before. These Five Steps Help Ease the Burden for Counsel.

Counsel are under pressure to adjust and button up their approaches to multi-national e-discovery matters.

Consulting Magazine 3/31/2022

Rising Stars of the Profession: Andrea Levine

Andrea Levine, a Managing Director within the Technology segment of FTI Consulting is a qualified antitrust attorney and expert in merger and cartel investigations.

Los Angeles Times 3/27/2022

Leaders in Banking and Finance

FTI Technology's Lily Wen was recognized by the Los Angeles Times as a leader in banking and finance.

Consulting Magazine 3/26/2022

Consulting Magazine Women Leaders in Tech

Consulting Magazine Women Leaders in Technology Awards have named FTI Consulting's Sophie Ross and Wendy King as 2022 award winners.

Legaltech News 3/23/2022

In the Universe of Known and Unknown Data, Have Websites Become a Forgotten Data Source?

It isn't a new concept—websites have been a reliable archive of information for many years. But why have websites been consistently treated differently than other data of a similar vintage, such as email, or subsequent data such as mobile and chat?

Legaltech News 3/23/2022

After COVID Pauses, Legal Departments Tech Spend Flourishes in Uncertain Environment

From e-billing to contracts software, corporate legal departments' tech budgets are addressing new needs and returning back to their prepandmic plans, observers say. 3/22/2022

FTI Adds Meredith Brown and Wafik Guirgis as Co-heads of Legal Operations

FTI Consulting has hired Meredith Brown and Wafik Guirgis as senior managing directors in the firm’s technology segment and co-leaders of the corporate legal operations practice.

IAPP 3/22/2022

How to Prepare for Saudi Arabia’s Personal Data Protection Law

In September 2021, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued its Personal Data Protection Law to regulate the processing of personal data. The PDPL is the first federal, sector-agnostic data privacy legislation in Saudi Arabia. Organizations will be faced with significant changes to their operations to ensure compliance.

WWL 3/21/2022

Investigations 2022 - Digital Forensic Experts - Legal Marketplace Analysis

Our research into global digital forensic experts sees 75 market-leading practitioners highlighted for their exemplary work on investigations, concerning e-discovery, computer forensics and asset tracing. 3/10/2022

The Metaverse Could Spawn a New World of Litigation: The Morning Minute

Courts are already overwhelmed with lawsuits stemming from conduct that occurred in this reality. But as virtual reality becomes more expansive and more widely populated, dockets could soon start filling up with claims arising from the metaverse, which, as you might imagine, is a prospect that raises some tricky questions.

Legal IT Insider 3/10/2022

Legalweek: FTI Consulting Partners with Reveal

FTI Consulting has added Reveal to its bench of software partners. It is anticipated that the partnership will strengthen FTI Technology’s early case assessment, AI and advanced analytics offerings, enabling fast access to insights supporting litigation, investigations, compliance, antitrust, data privacy matters and more.

KMWorld 3/10/2022

FTI Consulting Collaborates with Reveal

FTI Consulting is partnering with Reveal, provider of an AI-powered e-discovery platform. FTI says the partnership will strengthen its early case assessment, AI, and advanced analytics offerings, enabling fast access to insights supporting litigation, investigations, compliance, antitrust, and data privacy matters.

AIthority 3/9/2022

FTI Consulting’s Technology Segment Enhances Connect and Universal Messaging Platform Solutions to Address Functional Gaps in Emerging Data Source Discovery

Updates to firm’s proprietary platforms expand data access, insight and context in legal, regulatory and investigatory matters. 3/9/2022

Legal Departments Need Tech Expertise, But What Kind?

Technology is impacting the legal function in numerous ways. These range across the growing scale and prevalence of emerging data sources to the pressure on legal teams to pursue digital transformation for better efficiency.

Consulting Magazine 3/7/2022

2022 Global Leaders in Consulting: Sonia Cheng

Sonia Cheng is a Senior Managing Director and leads the EMEA Information Governance Privacy & Security practice at FTI Consulting in London.

Gov Info Security 3/3/2022

US Senators Express Concern Over Russian Use of Crypto

Key leaders say Russia can skirt sanctions by pivoting to digital currency.

Silicon Valley Magazine 3/1/2022

Bay Area Bosses Lead the Way

FTI Consulting's Sophie Ross is featured as part of her work with the Bay Area's Dress for Success organizations.

eDisclosure Information Project 2/23/2022

Relativity and FTI Report – Risk, Culture and Technology Challenges for General Counsel

General counsel have shifted from their core responsibilities to becoming “strategic leaders across health and safety, technology adoption, employee development, diversity and other key initiatives.”

Consulting Magazine 2/20/2022

2022 Global Leaders in Consulting: Karen Briggs

Karen Briggs is a Senior Managing Director and Head of EMEA Forensic & Litigation Consulting and Technology at FTI Consulting in London.

Legal IT Professional 2/18/2022

GC Report from FTI Consulting and Relativity: In-house Legal Teams Carry Increased Technology Responsibility

FTI Consulting, Inc. today announced findings from Part 3 of The General Counsel Report 2022: Leading with Endurance Through Risk, Culture and Technology Challenges.

Forbes 2/17/2022

Cryptocurrency’s Extended Arrival: Three Areas Of Focus For Financial Services

While blockchain and cryptocurrency have long been viewed by the mainstream as potential disruptors on the horizon — problems or opportunities for tomorrow — they are no longer prospects of the future. Recent developments are now paving a solid path for the future viability of these markets and technologies, and we’re seeing them move closer toward mainstream and availability.

Consulting Magazine 2/16/2022

Rising Stars 2022

Andrea Levine was selected as one of Consulting Magazine's Rising Stars of the Profession in the Excellence in Client Service category. 2/16/2022

General Counsel Report from FTI Consulting and Relativity Finds In-House Legal Carry Increased Technology Responsibility

FTI Consulting, Inc. today announced findings from Part 3 of The General Counsel Report 2022: Leading with Endurance Through Risk, Culture and Technology Challenges.

Law360 2/15/2022

In-House Tech Competence Down Over Past Year

Technology proficiency and the use of artificial intelligence among in-house legal teams have declined in the past year, running counter to the idea that tech adoption is increasing among legal professionals. 2/15/2022

More GCs are Helping With Tech, but Some Have Knowledge Gaps

"The worlds of law and technology continue to merge," Relativity's David Horrigan said. 2/11/2022

Financial Services Still Wary of Blockchain Risks Despite Hype

Blockchain investment is now a high priority among more than nine-in-ten decision-makers in the financial industry. However, security and privacy concerns still linger for the majority of market leaders.

Risk Management 2/1/2022

Investigations in a New Data Landscape

Few exercises are more complicated and anxiety-inducing than corporate legal and regulatory investigations. Such matters have always been crisis events—a signal that an organization is facing a large risk to its financial, operational or reputational stability. Driven by an accelerated use of cloud-based communication applications, the adoption of artificial intelligence and the move toward dispersed workforces, today’s new data landscape increases the legal and practical challenges of executing an investigation.

Bank Automation News 1/31/2022

By the Numbers: FDX API Calls More Than Doubled in 2021

Customers using the Financial Data Exchange (FDX) API more than doubled in 2021, rising to 28 million during fall 2021 from 12 million in fall 2020.

Blockchain Tribune 1/28/2022

FTI Consulting Survey Finds Blockchain Investment is a Priority Among 95% of Financial Sector Decision Makers

Confidence in the success and positive impact of blockchain and cryptocurrency drives technology toward mainstream adoption.

IAPP 1/27/2022

2022 Global Legislative Predictions

The urgency to pass or update privacy laws around the world seems to heat up more each year, and 2022 is likely to be a hot one. This year’s issue of the IAPP’s Global Legislative Predictions is the largest to date since the IAPP began tracking predictions in 2017.

Today's General Counsel 1/24/2022

Linked Content Strains E-Discovery Workflows

Uncertainty is persistent among legal teams today regarding how uncommon data sources interact with traditional e-discovery workflows and requirements.

Gov Info Security 1/21/2022

US Federal Reserve Issues Report on Digital Dollar

Fed cites privacy, cybersecurity concerns among top CBDC risks

AMB Crypto 1/21/2022

Survey: Interest in Blockchain Investment on the Rise, but Lack of Awareness an Issue

It’s not just traders who are excited about 2022 and what all this year could mean for crypto development. Apart from them, mainstream stakeholders from the finance and technology sectors are also gearing up for changes as blockchain becomes part of the new normal.

Thomson Reuters 1/19/2022

The New UAE Privacy Law and its Practical Implications

The UAE Government has recently introduced a new data privacy law. Watch this video as experts, Ben Crew, Head of Information Governance, Privacy, and Security MENA at FTI Consulting and Hamed Halawani, Head of Risk Specialists, Middle East, and North Africa at Thomson Reuters discuss these new laws in detail and what the implications are for businesses in the UAE.

TI Inside 1/18/2022

Seis Dicas Para Lidar com os Riscos Legais E Regulatórios na Era Dos Aplicativos [Brazilian]

Muitas empresas no Brasil estão enfrentando as consequências do aumento no uso de aplicativos de telefones celulares para comunicações e colaboração empresarial. Ferramentas como o WhatsApp estão crescendo rapidamente na adoção de usuários corporativos e oferecendo vantagens significativas para a produtividade e colaboração dos funcionários.

VM Blog 1/14/2022

FTI Consulting 2022 Predictions: Forecast 2022 - The Evolving Value of Data

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2022. Read them in this 14th annual series exclusive. 1/13/2022

Stellar Resolutions for Shiny New 2022

Mary Rechtoris, co-host of Relativity’s Stellar Women community and the EDRM/Relativity Stellar Women crossover series, shared a list of twenty resolutions for the new year contributed by the group.

Who's Who Legal 1/13/2022

Who’s Who Legal Data Experts 2022

Seven FTI Technology experts have been named Who’s Who Legal Data Experts for 2022: Antonio Gesteira (Brazil), Christopher Hatfield (Australia), Veeral Gosalia (U.S.), Sonia Cheng (EMEA), Brett Harrison (U.S.), Ian Smith (EMEA), Craig Earnshaw (EMEA).

Consulting Magazine 1/13/2022

Global Leaders in Consulting: The 2022 Honorees

Each year, Consulting Magazine presents the annual awards to identify the global leaders in the consulting profession. The Global Leaders in Consulting are not only making a huge impact in the profession, but that impact can be felt worldwide.

Relativity Blog 1/11/2022

20 New Year's Resolutions from the Stellar Women Community

FTI Technology's Gráinne Bryan and Aisha Brackett talk about their 2022 New Year's Resolutions on Relativity's Stellar Women Community blog. 1/7/2022

Legal Chiefs Get More Involved in HR, Including DEI, but Struggle to Make Progress

Only 10% of GCs report any kind of yearly diversity-and-inclusion progress, the FTI Consulting and Relativity study found. 1/5/2022

Legal Tech's Predictions for E-Discovery in 2022

Discovery attorneys and technologists expect a 2022 focused on the expansion of e-discovery technology use cases, new technologies continuing to be adopted, and corporate legal teams increasingly tackling discovery issues head-on internally.

Legaltech News 12/30/2021

Legal Tech's Predictions for Privacy in 2022

From more state privacy laws to biometric technology litigation, attorneys and technology experts foresee a busy 12 months ahead in the privacy space.

Legaltech News 12/28/2021

Legal Tech's Predictions for Cybersecurity in 2022

Whether it's new federal and state security requirements, the increased dangers of ransomware, or shifts in cyber insurance coverage, here's what attorneys and legal technologists are watching out for in cybersecurity during the new year.

ISACA 12/28/2021

Assessing and Improving Information Governance Maturity Across Emerging Data and Cloud Systems

Organizations are concerned about the impact of rapid digital transformation on their data privacy, security, compliance and legal risk. In a survey of corporate legal departments, most respondents indicated that they feel underprepared to face the implications of emerging data sources, particularly as their organizations’ digital footprints expand in volume, variety and velocity. There are several key information governance considerations that have emerged alongside the increased enterprise use of collaboration and cloud-based systems that are helpful for organizations to understand.

The Consulting Report 12/21/2021

The Top 50 Consulting Firm CEOs of 2021

This year’s awardees were nominated and selected based on their firm’s performance and organizational growth, their career track record and momentum, and their reputation among their peers and the broader consulting industry. Please join us in recognizing The Top 50 Consulting Firm CEOs of 2021.

Legal Insider 12/20/2021

Legal Insider Newsletter - December 2021

Close to 40 legal IT decision makers have shared their opinions as to what 2022 will hold, and what their top priorities will be. 12/16/2021

Inside Track: For In-House Counsel, Risk Isn't Always a Bad Word

One of the great truisms in life is we often worry most when we know the least. Knowledge is empowering.

Forbes 12/13/2021

8 Ways Companies Could Change How They Manage A Crisis In 2022

Taking a cue from Winston Churchill’s observation that, “Generals are always prepared to fight the last war,” business leaders should make a reality about their plans to prevent or manage a crisis at their company or organization in the new year: Will they be prepared to respond to their next crisis—or their last one?

IAPP 12/10/2021

10 practical steps to prepare for the UAE’s Personal Data Protection Law

Organizations in the United Arab Emirates are entering a new era of data privacy enforcement. In late November, as part of its 50th anniversary, the UAE federal government issued a sweeping set of legal reforms, which notably included the UAE Federal Decree Law No. 45 for the 2021 Personal Data Protection Law. While this law has been long-awaited by data privacy experts in the region, many organizations are not prepared for the new obligations and controls that pertain to data processing and responding to new data subject rights. With less than one year before enforcement will begin, impacted organizations need to take swift action to achieve compliance.

Legaltech News 12/7/2021

In a Year of the Great Resignation, Corporations Need to Prepare for the Great Investigation

Corporations across the globe were already reporting increases in suspicious activity, data leakage, IP theft and other data risks stemming from departing employees and remote workers. Now, existing data and risk implications are likely to be compounded.

Law360 12/3/2021

GC Cheat Sheet: The Hottest Corporate News of the Week

Two new reports hold good news and bad news for general counsel: most will have larger budgets in 2022 for both in-house and outside counsel, but most general counsel also don't feel prepared to handle the growing data security risks.

Business Reporter 12/2/2021

Understanding Data Risks of the Future

Why emerging data sources need to be governance, risk and compliance priorities.

Above the Law 12/2/2021

General Counsel Feel The World Getting More and More Risky

Everything keeps getting harder and harder.

Law Sites 12/1/2021

60% of GC Concerned Over Mounting Risks Caused By New Data Sources and COVID Challenges, FTI/Relativity Survey Finds

Sixty percent of general counsel are concerned that their risk landscape is expanding or becoming more difficult to navigate in areas spanning compliance, regulatory enforcement, data privacy, information security, emerging data sources and ongoing impacts of the pandemic. This is among the findings of a survey of 30 general counsel presented in a report released today. Today’s report is the first of three installments that will cover the key areas that GC expect will dominate their time and resources in the year ahead: risk, culture and technology.

Corporate Counsel 12/1/2021

GCs More Pessimistic About Risk-Preparedness Than in 2020

Roughly 60% of surveyed in-house counsel said corporate risks are increasing, especially in areas such as regulatory enforcement, information security and post-pandemic issues, a newly released FTI Consulting Inc. and Relativity study of corporate legal departments found. 12/1/2021

Legalweek Leaders in Tech Law Awards 2022 Finalists Are Announced

The final winners will be announced during an in-person awards ceremony event on February 2, 2022, during the 2022 Legalweek New York conference.

Law360 Pulse 12/1/2021

GCs Raise Alarms About Lagging Data Preparedness

General counsel are less confident today than they were a year ago that they can handle risks associated with information governance, data and technology, according to new survey results released Wednesday....

Legaltech News 11/29/2021

Big Adjustment: Legal Departments Struggle With Lack of Control Over Cloud Technology

Moving to the cloud doesn't only entail a technology change, but also a mindset and workflow adjustment. Despite the cloud's benefits, for many it isn't an easy change.

Google Podcasts 11/23/2021

ROI’s Into the Corner Office Podcast

FTI Consulting's Sophie Ross joins.

Infosecurity Magazine 11/23/2021

How Cybersecurity Automation Can Boost Deal Value and Insights in M&A Due Diligence

Between the exponential growth of data volume and variety, the emergence of stringent privacy laws and an ever-changing digital threat landscape, cybersecurity has been thrust to the forefront of critical business decisions – including M&A strategies and valuations. Today, the due diligence phase of M&A (mergers and acquisitions) transactions must scrutinize a target’s cybersecurity posture to avoid the inheritance of unwanted vulnerabilities. However, rather than representing an additional compliance burden, incorporating dynamically-evolving cybersecurity automation techniques into this process can yield a distinct advantage – generating insights to mitigate risk and enrich decision-making.

PEW 11/17/2021

Cryptocurrency Fraud Soars, Spurring State Action

Regulators are warning consumers about cryptocurrency schemes, including faux billionaires asking for money, investments touted on dating sites and fake crypto ATMs. State regulators are cracking down on scams and starting to regulate the industry.

Law Society Gazette 11/15/2021

The Importance of Demystifying Deleted Data During Cyber Incident Response, Investigations, or E-discovery

When a file is deleted, is it really gone for good? Most people likely think so. Digital forensics experts, however, know that ‘delete’ isn’t necessarily synonymous with ‘disappear,’ which can be an important distinction when investigating an incident or compliance issue. A common denominator between these types of matters in both cybersecurity incident response (IR) and e-discovery is that practitioners are often tasked with finding obscure yet critical electronic evidence –and must often recover data that has been deleted. Most rely on standard processes for doing so, and though these common methods have their merits, intensifying demands and challenges in investigations have created a need for new approaches that provide more robust and efficient routes to the restoration of evidence. 11/8/2021

IP in Open Waters: Understanding and Investigating the Depths of Data Risk

The COVID-19 pandemic caused massive disruption to the working practices of corporate Australia, commencing with a sudden and substantial increase in remote working in March 2020 as lockdowns were implemented. With this shift, enterprise IT was being asked to rapidly enable and support millions of users in leaving the highly controlled “rockpool” of corporate systems for the open water of cloud-based collaboration tools and personal devices.

KMWorld 11/5/2021

KMWorld Readers' Choice Award 2021 Winners

FTI Technology was voted Best Compliance and Information Security

Law360 11/1/2021

Remote HSR Merger Info Requests Could Be Lasting

Good things can come from working in crisis mode. Amid an unprecedented cascade of challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic over the last year, legal teams and government agencies were forced to find new ways of working to resolve contested matters.

Bloomberg Law 10/29/2021

Get Ready for ESG to Make an Impact on M&A

At the intersection of an increased focus on ESG and regulatory oversight, two potential impacts to mergers and acquisitions are emerging—additional complexity in merger clearance, and new risk considerations in deal-making decisions, say FTI Consulting’s Andrea Levine and David Meadows. They elaborate on considerations for investors, acquiring companies, and regulators during due diligence and regulatory review.

ACC Docket 10/25/2021

A Roadmap to Avoid Wrong Turns at the AI and Legal Ops Crossroads

The scope of corporate risk is shifting. In-house legal teams are arriving at a difficult crossroads where seemingly “right” and “wrong” decisions for technology, headcount, and process investments may not be perfectly aligned with internal expectations and needs.

Agenda 10/25/2021

Are Pandemic-Weary Legal Teams Equipped for Increased Scrutiny?

Corporate legal department budgets were cut and head counts dwindled last year as companies tightened their purse strings during the pandemic, while at the same time, in-house attorneys took on additional work, sources say. Now, with investigations and regulatory scrutiny expected to pick up in the months and years ahead, it could be risky for companies to maintain leaner legal team.

Corporate Counsel Business Journal 10/15/2021

Tech Implementations Causing Headaches for Legal Ops Leaders

A focused and expert-supported approach is the key to achieving quick wins and sustained transformation.

Ethical Boardroom 10/14/2021

Next-generation E-discovery

When the pace of innovation and adoption are at odds, legal teams should look for balance.

Legal Insider 10/13/2021

Comment: As Data Evolution Charges Full Steam Ahead, is E-Discovery Along for the Ride?

E-discovery professionals need to constantly keep pace with the evolution of differing technologies that generate and retain data. This includes developing technical knowledge for comprehensive data extraction and, more broadly, building an understanding of how clients deploy and use such systems to give context to extracted data.

Above the Law 10/11/2021

In-House Counsel Report Lawyers Keep Getting WORSE When It Comes To Technology

General counsel have no faith at all. 10/11/2021

FTI Technology makes Evie Mackay Managing Director in London

FTI Consulting’s technology wing has grown its managed document review practice, with the addition of senior leaders in the UK, New York and Toronto. Part of this sees e-discovery industry expert Evie Mackay join as a Managing Director in London. 10/11/2021

FTI Technology makes Evie Mackay Managing Director in London

FTI Consulting’s technology wing has grown its managed document review practice, with the addition of senior leaders in the UK, New York and Toronto. Part of this sees e-discovery industry expert Evie Mackay join as a Managing Director in London.

Corporate Compliance Insights 10/5/2021

When Corruption Investigations Run Cold, AI Pattern Analysis Can Revive the Case

These techniques may well become standard among investigators in a few years.

NYLJ 10/5/2021

New York Law Journal Best of 2021

This year FTI Technology was ranked in the following categories: End-to-End eDiscovery Solution Provider; Predictive Coding Solution; Managed Document Review Services; Information Governance Solution and Hall of Fame.

Peer to Peer 10/1/2021

Building Blocks for a Well-Oiled In-House E-discovery Machine

In-house legal departments are increasingly regaining control over their e-discovery processes and matters.

Maples Group 9/23/2021

Managing Resources and Security Concerns in Remote Document Review

Electronic discovery is constantly evolving, always demanding that lawyers and litigation support professionals develop new skills, adapt to new techniques and adopt new technologies. With the massive shift to remote working that has occurred over the past year due to the global pandemic, the traditional landscape of discovery has changed considerably.

The Washington Post 9/22/2021

Tracking Stolen Crypto is a Booming Business: How Blockchain Sleuths Recover Digital Loot

Crypto heists are becoming increasingly common, but forensic investigators are getting savvier at figuring out who is behind specific accounts

The European Business Review 9/20/2021

Why Resurfacing the Forgotten Dimension of Diversity is a Business-Critical Priority

While more obvious markers of diversity such as race and gender justifiably receive a great deal of focus in equity and inclusion initiatives, social class is seldom given much attention. Nevertheless, diversity, inclusion and belonging regarding social class is something that all business leaders need to address. 9/20/2021

When Document Review Requires Multilingual Skills, Prioritize Your People

While legal technology and analytics are continually improving in the foreign language review arena, the human element can make all the difference between a complete, accurate, on-time document review or costly mistakes and delays. 9/20/2021

FTI Consulting Expands Technology Segment in Canada

FTI Consulting has expanded its Canadian technology segment – which focuses on e-discovery, information governance, privacy and security, and corporate legal operations – with the addition of two new professionals and a new technology offering.

GlobalTrade 9/15/2021

How to Strengthen Trade and Labor Compliance with Technology Amid Increasing Customs Enforcement

Supply chain constraints, both expected and unexpected, continue to disrupt global trade and appear to be the new normal for the foreseeable future. As the world is slowly recovering from the pandemic and constraints in both materials and labor are creating unprecedented supply chain challenges, recent government actions are also generating often unexpected hurdles in the “last mile” such as unexpected delays and merchandise detentions. 9/14/2021

E-Discovery in Crisis Mode: Collaboration is Key During Incident Response and Recovery

The e-discovery profession has evolved tremendously over the past two decades, and the rate of change is accelerating rapidly. Just as the scope of ESI we now must navigate has expanded, so has our role expanded beyond traditional document review for litigations and regulatory investigations. E-discovery practitioners today are required to conduct complex search and analysis relating to data privacy issues, investigate IP theft, uncover key facts relating to a data breach and so much more. For many, the unofficial job description now includes crisis response.

Corporate Disputes 9/13/2021

Analytics and Machine Learning for E-discovery and Investigations

There is a growing interest in analytics and machine learning tools, and they can deliver significant benefits in terms of time and cost savings, and strategically prioritising documents for review.

Data Management 9/13/2021

Data Discipline

Understanding ethical considerations in data management and what it takes to achieve a high standard of ethics in the organisation

Forbes 9/10/2021

Cryptocurrency And The Rise Of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies

Investors are continuing to watch two of the market’s hottest trends today: special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) and cryptocurrency. On the heels of Coinbase’s IPO in April, financial analysts have suggested a potential “watershed” for the crypto industry. At the same time, there have been more than 300 SPAC IPOs so far in 2021, far surpassing the 2020 record number of 248 for the entire year. Linking these two trends together makes for an interesting opportunity for investors to potentially buy into a hot, emerging market.

IAPP 9/3/2021

Amid Evolving Privacy Regulation in the Middle East, Stalling on Compliance is not an Option

In the Middle East and North Africa regions, the business world is just beginning to encounter the regulatory and operational pressures that European and U.S. companies have faced in recent years. Six new data privacy laws have been introduced in the last 18 months and authorities in the Dubai International Financial Centre have already issued 88 fines since the region’s new regulations became effective in late 2020. 8/19/2021

Promise With Purpose: A Leadership View of Achieving Real Change in the Workplace

A company’s success is inextricably linked to the diversity of its leadership and employees. This has always been true—Gartner has reported that companies with diverse and inclusive teams consistently outperform less inclusive counterparts by roughly 50%. Today, diversity, inclusion and belonging have become business priorities, recognized as opportunities for innovation and progress. Organizations have acknowledged that the more inclusive they are, the more their business will thrive.

ITProPortal 8/18/2021

Business Security & Remote Working: More than One Year on, What Have we Learned?

More than 12 months after the onset of the pandemic, many companies are still exposed to unnecessary security risks.

WMB Now 8/15/2021

FTI Consulting’s Gráinne Bryan – Reflections on Career, WFH and Moving Forward

This move towards a more balanced, accessible workplace is good for everyone. It’s good for us individually, as we’ll each be empowered to craft a career that meets our needs vs. shaping our lives around the demands of employment. It’s good for organisations, as it broadens the pool of potential talent.

Law360 7/28/2021

Partly Cloudy or Clear Skies Ahead?

Information Governance Amid Digital Transformation

Law360 7/23/2021

Data Trends To Watch In M&A And Competition Investigations

Investors and deal makers around the world are seeing a big year in mergers and acquisitions activity despite continuing economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic — or in some cases, as a result of it.

The Oath 7/20/2021

Planning for a New Environment of Disputes

It is critical for organisations to understand and plan for an increase in disputes, assessing how technology will help mitigate potential threats and risks.

Avis D'Experts 7/19/2021

Podcast: How to Determine the Risk Level of a Personal Data Breach? [FRENCH]

According to the French National Agency for Information Systems Security, the number of cyber attacks has increased fourfold in 2020 due to the massive use of remote services since the beginning of the health crisis. In this episode, our FTI Consulting expert in information governance and personal data protection, Wajdi Kharrat, and Emilie Danglades Perez, lawyer at Simmons & Simmons, specialist in data protection and privacy and certified DPO, will discuss this major risk that affects all French companies and local authorities: cyber attacks. What action plan should be implemented in the event of a cyber attack? What are the notification obligations that arise from a data breach? The answers to these questions in this new podcast episode.

CSO Online 7/9/2021

IT Asset Disposal is a Security Risk CISOs Need to Take Seriously

Sensitive company and personal data often leaves organizations on disposed devices. An auditable chain of custody that shows data destruction is essential for any ITAD program.

Chief Data Officer Magazine 7/1/2021

IT Is Not the Only Starter. All-Star Picks for Data Governance Wins.

Data mismanagement is expensive. Recent research suggests that bad data—meaning low quality data and poor data governance—within an organization comes at a cost of 15-25% of revenue. And findings published in Harvard Business Review suggest that only 3% of companies are meeting basic standards in how they manage their data. In an economy wherein data has become the highest value and riskiest business asset, it’s striking that so few have executed a comprehensive and results-oriented data governance program.

Law Technology Today 6/17/2021

Virginia’s New Data Protection Law

Virginia is the latest state to make traction on signing comprehensive data privacy legislation into law, following close on the heels of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the California Privacy Right Act (CPRA). As additional states consider proposed privacy bills and lawmakers discuss the potential for a sweeping federal regulation, many organizations are continuing to wonder how to establish and maintain compliance in this rapidly changing environment.

Global Data Review 6/11/2021

Unpacking a Year of COVID Implications

FTI Consulting technology segment experts outline the data challenges companies faced during the coronavirus outbreak, and how they will continue to navigate them in the months and years to come.

Law Journal Newsletters 6/1/2021

Best Practices for Investigations In Remote Environments

With regulatory and investigations activity expected to pick up significantly in the coming year, it’s more important than ever to tighten up remote investigations methods to meet best practices. Aside from enabling continuity during COVID-19 restrictions, remote workflows offer a number of benefits in investigations.

Legaltech News 5/19/2021

Legal Ops Pros: Prepare for (and Neutralize) Friction in Technology Deployments

Implementing new technology solutions and automating legal processes sit at the top of the priority list for more than 70% of legal departments. But a myriad of internal factors and cost pressures are emerging as barriers to these initiatives, and legal ops professionals should be prepared.

Bloomberg Law 5/14/2021

U.S.-China IP and Regulatory Investigations Playbook

Understanding the key pitfalls that can arise in, and following best practices for, U.S.-China investigations will significantly reduce risk of cross-border intellectual property theft. FTI Consulting directors and attorneys from DLA Piper lay out five pointers.

Legaltech News 5/6/2021

Legalweek Leaders in Tech Law Awards Finalists Are Announced

Legaltech News announced the finalists for its Leaders in Tech Law Awards, and Sophie Ross was selected as a finalist in the Championing Diversity category. 5/6/2021

FTI Consulting Adds Trio to Technology Division in the UK & Ireland

Global consulting firm FTI Consulting has expanded its Technology division in the UK and Ireland with the appointment of three seniors.

Network Computing 5/5/2021

A Beast of Burden: 5 Reasons Your Data Governance Projects Have Stalled

If data governance stakeholders can plan for common challenges and address them at the outset of a new initiative, their projects will have a much greater chance for success.

Fortune 4/30/2021

Turkey Wages War on Cryptocurrencies, and Investors Lose a Fortune

Cryptocurrency speculation in Turkey came to an abrupt end two weeks ago when the Turkish government revealed plans to ban these software-based “digital tokens” as a form of payment starting from April 30 in an attempt to combat a flight from the tanking Turkish lira. 4/27/2021

Nick Athanasi Returns to FTI to Lead MENA Technology Division

Forensics veteran Nick Athanasi has joined FTI Consulting’s to lead the firm’s regional Technology practice, having crossed from a similar role with a Big Four firm. 4/19/2021

Tim de Sousa Joins FTI Consulting's Information Governance Unit

Global consulting firm FTI Consulting has expanded its Information Governance, Privacy & Security practice in Australia with the addition of Tim de Sousa. 4/19/2021

FTI Consulting Launches its IGP&S Practice in the Middle East

The Middle East wing of global consulting firm FTI Consulting has launched a new practice: Information Governance, Privacy & Security.

Coin Telegraph 4/17/2021

Mergers and Acquisitions are Rising, Leaving Crypto Assessments in Question

Questions around cryptocurrency assessments gain momentum, which brings some nuanced challenges in assessing crypto’s place in M&A.

CPO Magazine 4/15/2021

Key Questions Answered for Data Privacy in a Pandemic

The field of data privacy is changing quickly. Through a turbulent 2020—including numerous challenges in concurrently adjusting to remote work, addressing data protection risks resulting from COVID-19 and operationalising new laws—privacy professionals have had to cover a lot of ground.

GRC World Forums 4/8/2021

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget the Data

This time of year is traditionally the time we declutter our homes and remove what we don’t need. Sonia Cheng explains why the same principle should apply to data, particularly as the pandemic has led to the accumulation of data from new sources.

Legaltech News 3/29/2021

The E-Discovery Challenge We Need to Start Talking About: Remote Source Code Review

This checklist of controls and capabilities can help counsel pinpoint what must be implemented in order to replicate the protection of in-person oversight in a remote review setting.

PharmaTech 3/21/2021

Privacy and COVID-19 Clash, Creating Unprecedented Risks for Pharma

To maintain business continuity and employee safety during the pandemic, many companies have begun tracking and maintaining records of employee health information.

DarkReading 3/2/2021

How to Fine-Tune Vendor Risk Management in a Virtual World

Without on-site audits, many organizations lack their usual visibility to assess risk factors and validate contracts and SLA with providers.

Risk Management 3/1/2021

Complying with Multiple Privacy Laws

Worldwide, more than 130 different jurisdictions have introduced data privacy or data protection laws and regulations, a number that has steadily risen since enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018. Today, most organizations must contend with a variety of these laws, all of which have different sets of requirements and penalties to consider. All signs indicate that these regulations will continue to grow in scope, severity and complexity in the coming years. By extension, managing compliance will be increasingly difficult, especially as most organizations are attempting to do so via different, perhaps even individual programs.

ITProPortal 3/1/2021

Data Trends Predictions for 2021

Emerging data sources, remote work, privacy regulations and governance continue to collide in unexpected ways. 2/3/2021

Data Privacy Forecast: 2021 On Pace to Be a Milestone Year

As the economy and business operations begin to stabilize in the new year, organizations will take stock of lessons learned and new risks that need to be addressed. In-house legal and information governance teams are likely to be at the forefront of these efforts, with a keen focus on the data privacy, security and compliance gaps that were exposed during the pandemic. 2/2/2021

A Look Behind, A Look Ahead: Part Two - E-Discovery

Cybersecurity Law & Strategy partnered with our ALM sibling Legaltech News to ask cybersecurity and e-discovery experts what they thought the key trends of 2019 and what they expect to see in 2020. Part Two looks at e-discovery. 2/1/2021

E-discovery 2020 Year In Review — And A Look Into 2021

The e-discovery issues associated with so many people working from home due to COVID-19, data collection privacy and more market consolidation are just some of the factors that respondents say will factor in to how law firms need to prepare for 2021.

Concurrences 1/23/2021

Cartels Workshop - An Advanced Seminar on Substantive and Procedural EU Developments

A summary of the ‘Procedural Issues’ discussion at Concurrences 2nd Cartels Workshop: An Advanced Seminar On Substantive And Procedural EU Developments, by a panel of experts, including FTI Technology’s Ashley Brickles.

The Association for Intelligent Information Management 1/21/2021

Four Steps to Support Compliant Data Transfers Without Privacy Shield

The recent Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) Schrems II ruling, which invalidated the longstanding U.S.-EU Privacy Shield framework, has created a wave of uncertainty for the legal industry. Ever since the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor framework was retired in 2015 as a result of Schrems I, lawyers have faced challenges in ensuring the legality of transferring data between the EU and U.S. in multi-national litigation and investigations. For the last five years, Privacy Shield has been central to alleviating that burden. Now, lawyers are left wondering what’s next and whether their current standard contractual clauses (SCCs) for data transfers will remain viable. And if not, what options are left? FTI Consulting's Sonia Cheng discusses.

KMWorld 1/14/2021

On your mark, get set, Zoom: Starting off right in collaboration app e-discovery

Zoom, and other video conferencing and collaboration apps, have become ubiquitous in today’s new workplace. A side effect of this is that legal counsel are seeing, first-hand, the information generated in these platforms and its relevancy to their e-discovery matters. But extracting information from applications such as Zoom, and loading it into formats that work within review platforms, can be a difficult and nuanced undertaking.

IT Pro Portal 1/8/2021

Five Tips for IT to Strengthen Global Data Privacy Compliance

Here are five key tips for IT teams to better understand the obligations and support their organization in a stronger data privacy compliance position.

Today's General Counsel 11/30/2020

Digital Collaboration and Cloud Applications Are Upending E-Discovery

Today’s collaboration data landscape is almost unrecognizable from what it was in the recent past. About 83 percent of enterprise workloads live in the cloud; app usage has grown by 68 percent over the last four years; and a Harvard Business Review study found that 89 percent of enterprises use some form of collaboration platform for internal communications. As tools like Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams gain momentum — significantly accelerated this year by work from home — the corporate data landscape will become increasingly dispersed.

Bloomberg Law 11/24/2020

Everyone’s a ‘Teams’ Player, But Don’t Drop the Ball on Governance

Communication platforms like Microsoft Teams have quickly become indispensable during the pandemic. FTI Consulting technology specialists Tim Anderson and Chris Zohlen say this rapid adoption has left little room for legal and compliance considerations or governance controls and offer questions counsel should ask to prevent future headaches.

CPO Magazine 11/24/2020

Pandemic Driving Expansion of Duties for General Counsels Who Are Commonly Taking on Greater Roles in Cybersecurity, Data Risks

The increased prevalence and impact of cyber threats is forcing general counsels to grow into a strategic leadership role in terms of organizational management of data risks; so says the 2021 edition of the “General Counsel Report” from data management firm Relativity and business advisory firm FTI Consulting.

Today's General Counsel 11/23/2020

GCs Taking On New Roles, Says Study

A Joint Study By FTI Technology and Relativity examines how corporate legal departments are responding to the pandemic, to a changing digital landscape, how they are approaching diversity, and increasing the technological competency of lawyers.

Compliance Week 11/20/2020

How the Pandemic and Social Justice Matters Have Changed the General Counsel Role

General counsel have taken on significantly more responsibility since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and amid the current climate concerning social justice matters, solidifying their role as a critical business partner, a recent study on corporate legal departments found.

Financier Worldwide 11/16/2020

Q&A: Technology and the Future of Dispute Resolution

In this Q&A article Jon Chan, Alex Semertzides and Tom Jackson at FTI Consulting LLP, and Damian Taylor and Robert Worthington at Slaughter and May, discuss technology and the future of dispute resolution.

Law360 11/16/2020

GC Role Evolving As Pandemic, Other Issues Bring Changes

The role of the general counsel continues to change — and in many cases expand — in 2020, as the majority of top corporate lawyers during the pandemic manage employee well-being and worry about privacy and data protection, according to a new study shared with Law360 on Monday. 11/16/2020

COVID-19 Forced GCs to Become Health and Cybersecurity Risk Experts, Survey Says

The pandemic has forced the general counsel role to expand yet again, as in-house leaders consider the health and cybersecurity risks created by having people return to the office or work from home. 11/16/2020

COVID-19 Forced GCs to Become Health and Cybersecurity Risk Experts, Survey Says

The pandemic has forced the general counsel role to expand yet again, as in-house leaders consider the health and cybersecurity risks created by having people return to the office or work from home.

Governance & Compliance Magazine 11/16/2020

The Modern Age

What are the implications for corporate data in M&A in the modern age? Read the thoughts of Sonia Cheng on how organisations can overcome common data challenges and achieve faster, more cost-effective transactions in the latest issue of Governance and Compliance Magazine.

Legaltech News 11/9/2020

With the Passage of CPRA, California Privacy Law is Leaps and Bounds Closer to GDPR

Any company currently obligated under CCPA will be affected by the passage of CPRA. And while many of the law’s nuances are yet to be determined, there are a number of substantial changes that organizations need to understand, in order to prepare.

Forbes 11/5/2020

Four Types Of Investigations Poised To Make A Comeback Post-Pandemic — And How Companies Can Prepare

Lately, it's seemed like things will never get back to normal. But legal matters will resume in due course. When that happens, the likely uptick in investigations and litigation will be yet another issue to navigate during an already difficult time. Readiness for what's on the horizon and support from trusted experts who can help alleviate the burden will be key in minimizing the lingering effects and risks of the pandemic.

The Lawyer 11/4/2020

M&A Due Diligence: Ensuring Data Risk Doesn’t Derail The Deal

As start-ups strategise and develop their post-Covid survival strategy, and large corporations refocus on their highest-performing functions, M&A activity is shifting to centre on strategic divestitures and mergers that will bolster business resilience. With this shift, due diligence over data risk is becoming an increasingly critical element of strategic and informed M&A decision-making and risk mitigation. Read the thoughts of Grainne Bryan and Sonia Cheng in this article published in The Lawyer.

Forbes 11/2/2020

14 Techniques For Onboarding New Remote Employees

With most businesses having shifted to a partially or fully displaced workforce, employers need to come up with new and improved onboarding techniques to welcome remote workers. While it might seem like a similar process as an in-person orientation, remote onboarding can have its own unique challenges that businesses need to cater to. Overlooking those challenges could lead to loss in productivity or even a complete collapse of the department they’re associated with.

Corporate Counsel Business Journal 10/8/2020

As LIBOR Sunsets, Contract Intelligence Takes Center Stage

What happens when “the most important number in finance” is eliminated? With the impending retirement of the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), financial institutions around the world are now faced with that question. 9/29/2020

Looking to Strengthen Information Governance? A Dozen Insights From Fortune 500 Leaders and Startups

Many are realizing that dealing with the new normal may require an adjustment of priorities or retooling of projects already underway.

Going Digital 9/18/2020

Limping to the GDPR finish line

Why many companies still aren't fully compliant

Legaltech News 9/17/2020

WeChat E-discovery: Avoiding Pitfalls with a Critical Resource

Challenges with ESI preservation and production are not new, but the scale of the problem posed by WeChat in certain China-related contexts is unique. Despite the potential treasure trove contained on the platform, getting access often ranges from tricky to impossible.

ICQ Magazine 9/15/2020

Financial Crime Investigations

The new and emerging financial crime threats across the globe are significant and evolving continuously. The key to investigating such activity, effectively and efficiently, is to deploy advanced technology and data analytics. However, this is not the panacea for success - Such technology needs to be deployed alongside financial crime subject matter experts with deep knowledge of organized crime and terrorist groups, and how they operate.

IAPP 8/27/2020

The CCPA and Employee Data: A Compliance Checklist

The wheels are officially in motion for the California Consumer Privacy Act. The initial six-month enforcement delay period has now passed, and California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has made clear his intentions to enforce the law to its fullest extent.

FTI Journal 8/11/2020

5 Steps to Ensure Your Business is Compliant with the Next Set of Data Privacy Laws

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is paving the way for an era of similar laws in states across the country. Rather than trying to adapt incrementally, companies should position themselves now for general compliance.

Corporate Counsel Business Journal 7/28/2020

Antitrust Regulation in the Era of Big Data and COVID-19

Andrea Levine, managing director with FTI Consulting, discusses various aspects of antitrust enforcement in 2020, from data collection in a cloud-based world to how companies are coping with the effects of the pandemic.

Law Journal Newsletters 7/7/2020

Preparing for the LIBOR Phase Out: Contract Remediation Starts with Contract Intelligence

The London Interbank Offered Rate has long been the global basis for agreements that include a variable interest rate component. However, LIBOR would be replaced by other benchmarks by the end of 2021. Key to assessing risk of exposure, quantifying the financial impact, developing remediation plans and communicating material information to stakeholders will be the identification, analysis and remediation of LIBOR-based contracts.

Corporate Disputes 6/15/2020

Beyond the AI Hype: Accelerating Legal and Compliance Matters

In legal and compliance, the hype around AI and machine learning (ML) - including the hot pursuit of court judgements and enlightened regulators that approve the use of AI techniques - have led to a polarised, all-or-nothing view of analytics. 5/22/2020

ALSPs, Tech Providers Call Their Tools ‘Best in Breed.' It’s Become a Misnomer

“Best in breed” and “best in class” designations may be becoming anachronisms in an era where legal technology is often customized, and the tech products ALSPs have in their toolkit is determined as much by clients as the service providers themselves.

Network Computing 5/21/2020

Good Policies Are Not Enough: Reading Between the Lines of the SEC’s Security Guidance

Regulators think information governance is critical. You should, too.

Legaltech News 5/20/2020

When Work from Home Becomes the Norm, BYOD Takes On New Complexity and Risk

Shortfalls in strong policy and information governance isn’t exactly a new issue, but the current situation has exacerbated corporate risk exposure significantly. Here’s a list of key areas to consider that may help focus efforts. 5/19/2020

Market Problems Aside, Companies Are Planning Privacy Spending Spree

A new report from FTI Consulting shows that organizations plan on sinking more money into privacy in an effort to satisfy a growing number of privacy regulations and avoid the public backlash associated with a data breach.

TechTarget 5/19/2020

Top 10 Return-to-Office Guidelines HR and Business Leaders Need Now

Companies that are reopening offices will need to plan for an entirely different model than what preceded the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are 10 guidelines that can make it easier.

ISACA Journal 4/30/2020

Healthcare Organizations’ Compliance With the CCPA

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is the first piece of legislation in the US to emulate the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and be enacted into law. The CCPA is a milestone in what is likely to become a new era of data privacy expectations and regulations in the United States.

Forbes 4/29/2020

How Blockchain Can Solve Today's Medical Supply Chain Flaws And Improve Responses For Future Crises

Right now, the world is reeling from one of the most dangerous and widespread pandemics in modern history. Our health, work and lives have been disrupted in countless ways, and healthcare systems are facing the ultimate test.

ACC Docket 4/24/2020

Balancing eDiscovery Between In-house and Outside Resources

Businesses unknowingly waste millions of dollars every year in excess or unnecessary e-discovery costs. This includes time-consuming entanglements like storing countless data collections and legal holds spread across dozens of disparate vendors and locations. Legal issues are further convoluted by having relinquished control of every new e-discovery matter to different outside partners, all using varied approaches and tools. In-house oversight can help contain the costs and risks associated with e-discovery. Often, a standardized internal program that manages and limits the use of outside providers can significantly improve overall defensibility and accountability, and in turn, reduce expenses.

Corporate Disputes Magazine 4/7/2020

Powering Legal Strategy, Process and Results: AI's Impact on Litigation

Few technologies have garnered more hype in the legal world than artificial intelligence. A buzzword in every sense, AI has been promised to solve every challenge in legal practice, from contract creation and predicting the duration and outcome of a case, to patent analysis, alternative billing and document review. The lines between AI’s broader potential and actual, practical capabilities, have been blurred time and again.

Corporate Disputes Magazine 4/3/2020

The Culture Club: Developing a Privacy Culture Through Effective Training and Awareness

FTI Consulting’s Nina Bryant and Camilla Westlake, alongside BT’s Vivien Lantree discuss the importance of effective training and awareness in developing a privacy culture, including the common challenges of implementing a global privacy programme, the important factors in developing a communications strategy, and how training and awareness can reduce an organisations operational risk.

Corporate Counsel Business Journal 3/23/2020

Future Seats at the Table Reserved for Business Savvy GCs with Soft Skills

An inside look at FTI Technology and Ari Kaplan Advisors’ recent survey of chief legal officers about the future of the legal industry.

IAPP 3/18/2020

Study Shows Corporate Execs Changing Tune on Privacy

A recent survey from FTI Consulting revealed corporate executives are taking privacy risks more seriously. Of the 500 respondents, 75% say their companies have upgraded their privacy programs in the last year, while 97% will increase privacy spending by an average of 50% over the next year. Respondents also showed some continued compliance issues, with 20% admitting a lack of full compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation and 28% saying they're not fully prepared for the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Global Legal Post 3/18/2020

US Companies Lack Resources to Check on Data Privacy Compliance, Survey Finds

A significant proportion of large US companies say they don’t have the resources to ensure they are fully compliant with data privacy regulations, according to a new study by FTI Consulting.

Forbes 3/17/2020

15 Biz Dev Leaders Share Their Top Risk Management Tips

FTI Consulting's Steve McNew and other senior-level executives from Forbes Business Development Council share firsthand insights.

Law Technology Today 3/10/2020

Under California’s New Privacy Law, HIPAA is not a Fail-Safe for Compliance

Focusing on the healthcare industry, organizations are aware of their obligations under HIPAA for electronically protected health information (ePHI). However, state-based data privacy laws bring a new set of obligations to the forefront, some of which will require healthcare organizations to implement fresh policies and procedures that supplement existing HIPAA practices.

Forbes 2/7/2020

Dark Matters: How Investigators Uncover Cryptocurrency Fraud And Illicit Funding

While cryptocurrency is likely to remain under the microscope as a boon for criminal activity, robust and committed cryptocurrency tracing operations can actually be used to bring criminal parties to light.

VMblog 1/30/2020

Information Governance, E-Discovery and Privacy Experts Predict Changes for the 2020 Data Landscape

Industry executives and experts share their predictions for 2020.

Information Management 1/28/2020

5 Top Data Management Tips for Legal Hold and Document Retention

Like fixer uppers, enterprise data stores need renovation work too. With the growing surge of risk and concern around new privacy laws, legal, compliance and information governance teams are realizing they may need to remodel their legal holds and data retention programs.

Corporate Disputes Magazine 1/21/2020

Standards and Controls: Tailored Information Governance Policies and Procedures

FTI Consulting’s Nina Bryant and Jack Fletcher focus on global organisations and their information governance policies and controls, including how to standardise them across countries, the challenges with doing so, changing culture and behaviours to support the adoption of new policies and how to effectively monitor the compliance of IG policy. 1/10/2020

Blame Expanding Regulations for Your Expensive E-Discovery Bill

While e-discovery experts see a steady decline in data processing and hosting fees, stiffer regulations and protocol disputes are driving up review costs. 1/9/2020

Standing Out: E-discovery Veteran Discusses Life After the Big 4

David Meadows, a new senior managing director of FTI Technology, talks about how legal service providers may have a leg up on the Big 4 by collaborating with the law firms and in-house legal teams of the future. 1/7/2020

Legal Tech's Predictions for Legal Innovation in 2020

From blockchain and cryptocurrency to new skill sets for lawyers, here's what lawyers and technologists see as the future of law—coming in 2020.

eDisclosure Information Project 1/7/2020

FTI Consulting enhances its eDiscovery services with a partnership with Brainspace

FTI Consulting has marked the new year by entering into a partnership with analytics software company Brainspace. 1/3/2020

Legal Tech's Predictions for Cybersecurity in 2020

A new year brings new threats: Here's what cyber lawyers and technologists expect to be the big cybersecurity stories of 2020. 1/2/2020

Legal Tech's Predictions for Privacy in 2020

It's not just the CCPA. Privacy concerns are poised to play a big part in legal practices in 2020, as regulations and new risks put privacy at the forefront.

Coin Telegraph 12/22/2019

Deep Truths of Deepfakes — Tech That Can Fool Anyone

Online videos are exploding as a mainstream source of information. Imagine social media and news outlets frantically and perhaps unknowingly sharing altered clips — of police bodycam video, politicians in unsavory situations or world leaders delivering inflammatory speeches — to create an alternate truth. The possibilities for deepfakes to create malicious propaganda and other forms of fraud are significant.

CMS Wire 12/19/2019

Will Blockchain Bloom Into a Full Stack Technology?

The evolution of blockchain over the past year has been breathtaking. Although the technology is now more than ten-years-old, over the past couple of years its has moved out of a narrow use-case in cryptocurrency to a wider enterprise use-case where it is being used to store and protect data. However, there are literally hundreds of public blockchains at the moment and although they can be broken down in four principle types and are built using different components and pieces of code taken from a variety of sources, there are signs that in the future, organizations will be able to buy full stack blockchain products from one of the big vendors like Amazon Web Services, IBM Cloud or, unsurprisingly, Microsoft Azure.

Legaltech News 12/18/2019

4 Ways to Mitigate Emerging Challenges in Trade Secret Litigation

Trade secret litigation is on the rise. In the last two years, the number of filings have grown more than 30 percent. The stakes in these matters are becoming increasingly high as well—with awards reaching into the hundreds of millions for some civil cases. Investigators are facing new challenges that make the task of gathering evidence and remediating lost IP ever more difficult.

Bloomberg Law 12/17/2019

Crypto Advancements Stir Legal Work in Investigations, Asset Tracing

The global growth of cryptocurrency paves the way for a growing legal practice around regulatory and investigations work. FTI Consulting’s Steve McNew has seen the growth first hand and examines the most common types of legal cases, illicit activities, and other issues emerging around cryptocurrency.

International Legal Technology Association 12/5/2019

Moving Mountains - Massive Data Remediation Project Provides Playbook for Defensible Disposal

“Save everything” may sometimes sound like a good idea, but a harmless overdependence on cheap data storage can easily grow out of control into an immovable mountain. This is exactly what happened to one global corporation, which after years of archiving all of its data, was stuck with more than a billion records to remediate. [Article on page 45]

Corporate Counsel Business Journal 12/2/2019

Integration Considerations for Achieving Strategic Objectives

Rena Verma discusses trends in recent M&A activity and the growing assignment of Chief Transformation Officers to oversee the integration of various functional and operational units, along with the continued development of Integration Management Offices to ensure dayone readiness.

ILTA 11/19/2019

Corporate Legal Departments

In the ever-changing world of e-discovery, corporations need to be innovative more than ever before. To keep knowledge current, law departments must understand the landscape of privacy laws, changes in e-discovery law, and emerging technologies. Included are four white papers that will help you navigate these complex topics.

New York Law Journal 11/13/2019

Strategic and Practical Information Governance Considerations in M&A

Alongside a rise in deal sizes, the scope and complexity of post M&A activity is also increasing, introducing an entirely new set of considerations for in-house legal departments.

Lawyers Weekly 11/12/2019

GCs ‘No Longer the Department of No’

Three experts have provided insight into the changing role of general counsel, including how the function of a legal team has become less about saying “no” and more about becoming an integrated part of each business’ core operations.

Law Journal Newsletters 11/6/2019

Legal Tech: Crisis Control: Best Practices for Emergency E-discovery and Incident Response

A set of steps and best practices that legal teams can follow to ensure thorough and efficient handling of e-discovery in crisis situations.

New Jersey Law Journal 11/4/2019

Navigating the Changing Seas of E-discovery Ethics: Key Considerations for Counsel

As technology continues to pervade every facet of life and business, the scope of the lawyer’s ethical duty of competency has swelled to encompass technology’s burgeoning role in litigation. 10/18/2019

Corporate Legal's E-discovery Push is Likely Fueling Market Consolidation

Corporate legal is bringing more of the e-discovery process in-house, a move that could potentially alter the course of both e-discovery tools and the traditional partnership between departments, law firms and providers. 10/15/2019

General Counsel Embracing Business Role, But Say Most Attorneys Lack Tech Competence

The "General Counsel Report: Corporate Legal Departments in 2020" survey found that most GCs are now expected to be business strategists, but less than half believe most attorneys have adequate technical competence. 9/26/2019

Tech Industry’s Growing Regulatory Problems May Be E-discovery’s Opportunity

Regulatory interest in the tech industry doesn't appear to be dying down any time soon, but that could potentially be good news for e-discovery experts or providers looking for their next gig.

Corporate Disputes 9/23/2019

Building a Global Information Governance and Discovery Programme - Predictive Analytics

FTI Consulting’s Sonia Cheng and Glenn Barden, and Patrick Oot from Shook, Hardy and Bacon, discuss how organisations are adding predictive analytics, machine learning and AI to their traditional information governance and e-discovery programmes, the benefits and potential downsides of doing so and what the future holds.

Block Publisher 9/21/2019

45 Crypto Miners Consumed Power Equal to 3 Regions – What the Experts Say

Cryptocurrency mining is an energy extensive process, as recently experienced in Kyrgyzstan where only 45 bitcoin miners drew energy more than 3 local regions combined.

Corporate Disputes 9/20/2019

How Corporations Can Navigate Data Discovery Challenges Amid Rising Antitrust Enforcement

There is a heightened scrutiny amongst EU competition and antitrust authorities on data issues and disclosure obligations during merger clearance proceedings. Alongside that increase in activity has been an expansion of the breadth and scope of Competition Commission requests for information, with the EC’s intervention rate in merger clearance increasing to 30 percent in the last three years. Corporations engaging in M&A activity must begin to understand this new landscape and prepare their data discovery processes accordingly.

Today's General Counsel 9/17/2019

Negotiating Second Request Discovery

Few things can incite more urgency for legal and compliance teams than a Hart Scott Rodino Second Request. Notorious for their tight deadlines and high stakes, second requests require organizations to process, review and produce large quantities of documents in a short time. Failure can result in significant delays to M&A proceedings. Upon receiving the second request, legal teams from both companies will need to quickly figure out what the government wants to review, assess how long it will take to collect it and then try to negotiate a deadline that works within those constraints. 9/2/2019

Minimizing Privacy Risk With Data Minimization

While the practice of data minimization isn’t exactly new, we’re now seeing it resonate and discussed at the forefront of the legal industry for the first time.

ACC Docket 8/28/2019

Parting the Clouds of Digitalization

With today's rapidly changing regulatory, information security, and data privacy landscape at local, national, and global levels, it is imperative that legal departments take a proactive effort in understanding the legal risks of digitalization projects and address them before they create potential problems and additional costs for the enterprise and, ultimately, shareholders.

Above the Law 8/23/2019

Finally, A Clear Explanation Of How Blockchain Works In The Legal Space

Some concrete examples to help make sense of it all.

Law Technology Today 8/19/2019

When Succession Planning Goes Awry, Cover your Digital Assets

Corporations must steadfastly protect their critical trade secrets to remain competitive. In parallel, they establish sound succession plans for the handing down of proprietary information when trusted company leaders move on from the company, retire or pass away. But when digital goods, including cryptocurrencies and private wallet keys, come into play, asset protection and succession plans don’t always align.

Bloomberg Law 7/24/2019

INSIGHT: The Rise in Trade Secret Litigation and New Investigation Trends

The number of case filings involving trade secret theft has risen since the passage of the Defend Trade Secrets Act. FTI Consulting’s Daniel Roffman examines five trends and steps counsel should take to optimize recovery and prevent investigative costs from skyrocketing.

Corporate Counsel Business Journal 7/11/2019

Blockchain Is Much More Than Cryptocurrency

With blockchain, a company can track a single mango in 2.2 seconds. Steve McNew of FTI Consulting asks clients to consider what transformative changes blockchain can make in their business.

Security Magazine 7/8/2019

Privacy and Security: Current Challenges and Best Practices

Privacy experts weigh in on what’s new in 2019.

eDisclosure Information Project 7/8/2019

Interview: Brian Stuart and Glenn Barden of FTI Consulting on the uses of Relativity Trace

At Relativity Fest in London, Chris Dale spoke to Brian Stuart and Glenn Barden of FTI Consulting about FTI’s use of Relativity Trace on behalf of clients.

Corporate Disputes 6/26/2019

Building a Global Information Governance & Discovery Programme - Leadership & Strategy

IG programmes are most successful when firms think holistically about people, policies, processes, culture and technology.

Corporate Disputes 6/26/2019

Privileged and Confidential: Cross-Border Differences in the Protection of Confidential Information

The increased focus on data privacy poses a significant challenge to the bounds of cross-border transfers in US litigation and in other jurisdictions.

Financier Worldwide 6/26/2019

Data Management and Security in a Privacy-Driven World

Issues around data privacy and security have gained importance in recent years, given the emergence of new data protection regulations including the European Union's (EU's) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the New York Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity Regulation, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and the India Data Protection Bill, with more on the horizon.

Latin America Advisor 6/19/2019

Will a New Law Effectively Protect Brazilians’ Data?

Businesses should not expect leniency from regulators enforcing Brazil’s new data protection law.

CIO Review 6/10/2019

Opportunities for New Efficiencies and Revenue Models in Enterprise Blockchain

Blockchain, or distributed ledger technology (DLT) is estimated to create $3.1 trillion of business value by 2030 (Gartner). Enterprise blockchain technology is well on its way into the mainstream to change how database structures are thought of and used. As adoption ramps up, CIOs and IT departments should be thinking about the various use cases and best practices for evaluating, testing and deploying solutions. 6/6/2019

Rena Verma and Colleen Hsia join FTI Consulting's New York office

Management consultancy FTI Consulting has brought in two new senior managing directors to its New York office. Rena Verma joins the information governance, privacy & security (IGP&S) practice in the firm’s technology segment, while Colleen Hsia will serve as Americas head of financial services within the strategic communications segment.

ReadWrite 6/4/2019

Alexa, Where’s My Data?

Once data is on a device, it becomes part of a spiderweb of information that is stored in a variety of places, and it is shared among third parties and interacts with data from other sources. What information lives within all that data? Where is it stored? Who has access to it? How is it protected? How is all of this data tested?

Risk Management 6/1/2019

The Reality of Trade Secret Protection

Intellectual property-intensive industries comprise more than half of U.S. exports, totaling $840 billion in annual revenues, but many companies struggle to effectively prevent the theft or misappropriation of their trade secrets.

TechZone360 5/20/2019

How Blockchain, AI and IoT are Intersecting in the Next Wave of Disruption

Enterprises are just beginning to scratch the surface of how today’s three disruptor heavyweights – AI, Internet of Things and blockchain – will transform their organizations. Current conversations and pilot projects largely center on these technologies individually. But the real disruption is in the intersections between them, and the ways in which they can be used together to bring forth completely new approaches to managing supply chains, data, transactions and more.

Corporate Counsel Business Journal 5/13/2019

Leverage a Process-Driven Contract Lifecycle Management Method

Ryan Drimalla, Managing Director at FTI Consulting, discusses the importance of process-driven contract lifecycle management, including how technology can help boost both transparency and efficiency.

Managed Healthcare Executive 5/12/2019

How Blockchain Can Transform Preventative Care

The healthcare ecosystem is comprised of some of the most driven, dedicated, and intelligent individuals on the planet. In many ways, providers form a SWAT team of sorts, orchestrating information and input from across various doctors, diagnostic imaging, blood tests, and symptoms to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan for millions of people every day. Still, the strain of demand, and cost, compliance, and other issues continue to challenge the healthcare system.

Legaltech News 5/6/2019

Big Data Could Help Broaden India's E-discovery Market

With the amount of data consumption in India expected to double in 2019, could a rise in the amount of cross-border e-discovery related work coming out of the region follow?

Information Week 4/30/2019

Practical Enterprise Blockchain: How to Apply and Adopt

To unlock value that early adopters are seeing, CIOs must consider how blockchain can improve processes specific to their organizations.

eDisclosure Information Project 4/29/2019

FTI Consulting and the Increasing Cross-Over Between Information Governance, Privacy and Security

As litigation discovery, regulatory requirements, cybersecurity threats and privacy duties become increasingly interlinked, a logical framework embracing all these disciplines is more necessary than ever.

Tech HQ 4/26/2019

How to Start Implementing Blockchain for Enterprise

When evaluating whether blockchain makes sense for your organization, there are many considerations – namely the importance of careful, extensive planning and the potential data privacy and regulatory issues that may arise along the integration decision path.

ISSA 4/25/2019

Protecting Information Assets against Insider Threats

This article will discuss the landscape of insider threats and steps organizations can take to protect their critical information assets against them. It will cover new data privacy considerations, tactical steps that can be implemented, and how corporate IT and security teams can work across departments to ensure a cohesive, executable program.

Dark Reading 4/3/2019

Privacy & Regulatory Considerations in Enterprise Blockchain

People who understand information governance, privacy, and security should be active participants on the distributed ledger technology implementation team to ensure success.

Compliance Week 4/1/2019

Anatomy of a Cryptocurrency Pyramid Scheme

Much has been discussed about the business risks posed by cryptocurrency. Now, risk and compliance professionals have a real-life cryptocurrency pyramid scheme with which to cite.

Association for Financial Professionals 3/21/2019

The Race is on - Implementing Strategic AI to Comply with the New Lease Accounting Standard

The long-anticipated effective date for updates to lease accounting standards (January 1, 2019 for companies applying IFRS 16 and public companies applying ASC 842) has come and gone. Still, many companies with large volumes of leases are scrambling for solutions to help them identify and analyze lease data quickly and accurately. To address the lease analysis requirements under the new standards, organizations with sizeable lease volumes will likely need to rely on a combination of expertise and software.

Law Technology Today 3/21/2019

Early GDPR Enforcement Signals Complicated Future Landscape

As 2018 ended, enforcement under GDPR was just beginning to ramp up. And as we’ve started 2019, there’s been a substantial fine by the CNIL in France, and court cases in the UK and Ireland. The first enforcement actions—which included fines for companies in and outside of Europe—provided a glimpse into the types of oversight and penalties we’re likely to see from data protection authorities in the coming months and years.

Bloomberg Law 3/20/2019

INSIGHT: 91 Fines Already Under European Data Privacy Law—What Else to Expect in 2019

2019 will mark the first full year of active enforcement of the European Union’s data protection law, and so far 91 fines have been imposed. FTI Consulting’s Louise Rains Gomez and Deana Uhl give tips on how legal and data privacy teams can strengthen their organization’s practices.

Legaltech News 3/11/2019

Challenges and Considerations When Hiring a Data Privacy Officer

Perhaps the most surprising challenge that many companies face with the GDPR is complying with one of its more straightforward requirements: appointing a Data Protection Officer. But evaluating these considerations can help.

eDisclosure Information Project 2/26/2019

Interview: Thomas Sely of FTI Consulting on the Growing Need for FTI’s eDiscovery Services in France

Thomas Sely discusses the demand for forensic technology in France, where FTI has been expanding its technology practice. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the uncertainty around Brexit had made it important for FTI to have a team in continental Europe – it set up an office 10 years ago in Paris, and is expanding its investigation and litigation support team.

Legal Business 2/18/2019

The Missing Ingredient to Effective Financial Investigations

As the global political and regulatory climate continues to add pressure to multinational corporations, legal and compliance teams – particularly at financial services institutions – need to prepare for an increase in sanctions risks, internal investigations and regulatory inquiries. Data analytics can help offset the burden of this increased activity and enable organisations to proactively detect and flag evidence of possible fraud, money laundering, illegal payments and other wrongdoing.

The Lawyer 2/6/2019

Digital Footprints – The Key to Successful Fraud Investigations

A growing reservoir of data can now be used by investigators to uncover wrongdoing at an early stage and trap fraudsters before they do significant damage.

Security Today 2/6/2019

Who Moved my Wallet? Inside the Evolution of Digital Payments

The digital payment industry has grown rapidly in the past five years, solving countless consumer inconveniences, including how to shop without hard cash in hand, and how to transfer money without making a trip to the bank. Like most facets of our day-to-day life, technology has driven significant change in the way we use money.

The Lawyer 2/6/2019

GDPR: Making a Virtue Out of a Necessity When Managing Data

A new forward-thinking approach to reduce risk of data breach has changed the way organisations view their processes in a drive to protect reputation.

eDisclosure Information Project 2/5/2019

Interview: Chris Hatfield of FTI Consulting on Changing Trends in Forensic Data Collections

Christopher Hatfield is an expert in digital forensics, cyber and eDiscovery at FTI Consulting in London. Chris Dale of the eDisclosure Information Project spoke to him recently about changing trends in forensic data collections.

Legaltech News 2/4/2019

Could E-discovery Have Kept Michelle Obama Practicing Law?

Today’s e-discovery technology automating document review may have kept Michelle Obama interested in pursuing a legal career. But its disruption isn’t all upside.

Legal IT Professionals 1/30/2019

FTI Consulting Expands E-discovery Managed Services Offering to the Relativity Platform

FTI Consulting, Inc. announced the Company’s Technology segment has expanded its e-discovery managed services offering to include the Relativity platform, enabling corporations and law firms to extend their e-discovery software and teams in a seamless and cost-effective manner.

ARMA 1/22/2019

Stuck in Rewind? Dynamic E-discovery for Cloud Data

An array of new cloud-based digital sources has emerged across the corporate landscape: chat tools, collaboration platforms, cloud productivity suites, and more. Programs like Slack, Microsoft 365, and Salesforce bring many new and exotic challenges to corporations trying to organize, control, and produce data from these programs, and e-discovery can be particularly daunting when wrestling with the unique characteristics of this data.

eWeek 1/14/2019

Predictions 2019: What's in Store for Enterprise Information Practices

Major data breaches made headlines, advanced data analytics gained wider adoption, new applications for AI emerged and blockchain continued to disrupt. More of the same - only with increased data stores - is expected in 2019.

Corporate Counsel Business Journal 1/10/2019

Managing Data-Privacy Risk And Compliance in a Hyperconnected World

Andrew Shaxted discusses what companies can do to manage data-privacy risk and compliance, both from a business standpoint and a technical one.

The Lawyer 12/21/2018

The Four Key Takeaways from this Year’s Managing Risk and Litigation Conference

These are the main messages that came out of The Lawyer’s 2018 Managing Risk and Litigation conference (MRL) last month.

Legal Business 11/6/2018

Cross-Border E-discovery in an Age of Change

Technology in the legal industry has advanced to such a degree that the global e-discovery landscape today would be unrecognisable to a lawyer from five years ago. In this article Brian Stuart details the challenges facing legal teams and how they can be overcome.

Law Journal Newsletters 11/2/2018

Understanding the Intersection Between GDPR and Cybersecurity

It’s been about half a year since Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was activated, and corporate legal, privacy and compliance teams are beginning to adjust to the new lay of the land. We’ve seen early examples of enforcement activity, and those are helping organizations better understand the long-term landscape for compliance.

Legal Management - The Magazine of ALA 10/29/2018

AI Shaping the Way Law Firms Function

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has definitely become a media buzzword. But businesses truly are utilizing AI to perform tasks more quickly and gain deeper insight into their customers and clients. It is cheaper and smarter than manual human input for some tasks and can result in better bottom lines for organizations.

Bloomberg Law: Big Law Business 9/28/2018

Blockchain: Five Questions Counsel Need to Ask

Beyond the cryptocurrency craze, which has to some extent created negative overtones around blockchain, the technology is proving to be one of the most significant and disruptive innovations of the digital age.

Law Technology Today 9/12/2018

Visualizing the Future of Legal Technology

Visual analytics are flipping linear review on its head, and have emerged as one of the most promising innovations shaping the future of legal technology.

Bloomberg Law 9/4/2018

Boundaries Between IT and Security Functions – and How IG Teams Can Work with Each

One of the most difficult challenges in any business setting is managing change and its effects on corporate culture and the boundaries of various roles and responsibilities. Many people are inherently resistant to or fearful of change and prefer to retain as much control as possible over shifting policies. In information governance (IG), one area where this challenge often arises is in the blurring of lines between the functions of the CIO/IT department, the CISO/information security team, and the in-house legal team.

Texas Lawyer 8/30/2018

Managing Cross-Border Data Protection Amid an Evolving Privacy Landscape

Lawmakers around the world are working to catch up to the vast expanse of digital data and how to govern and limit its commercial use with regard to consumer privacy.

Hindustan Times 8/28/2018

UPI 2.0: Should you give it a try?

If UPI 1.0 was for financial inclusion or digital payments, UPI 2.0 is for the mainstream, advanced or business users.

Relativity 8/17/2018

Going Cloud: How to Tackle 5 Hurdles to Transforming Your Business

In this webinar leaders in the e-discovery space share how they instilled confidence in others that SaaS will help them achieve their business goals—and lessons they learned the hard way.

Live Mint 8/14/2018

Are Fintech Firms and Consumers Ready for Data Protection Regime?

In the wake of the new data protection regime, as proposed by the B.N. Srikrishna committee, we spoke to experts and fintech companies to understand how it can impact these companies and consumers

Live Mint 7/31/2018

Getting Serious About Data Protection, But it’s Still a Long Way to Go

In a nutshell, this is one of the most stringent data protection bills ever drafted in India.

Corporate Counsel Business Journal 7/30/2018

Litigation in the Digital Health Revolution

Every few years, technology brings new challenges and uncharted territory to the legal landscape, and technology is always moving faster than the field’s ability to adapt. Over the next five years, we’ll see a shift in how health data applies to litigation, and attorneys will gain more understanding of how to leverage it for evidence; much in the same way legal professionals have faced and are still learning to navigate the challenges with e-discovery and data collection for electronic documents, mobile devices, social media accounts and new data types.

Corporate Counsel 7/25/2018

Data Governance for Legal Ops: Adding Value Through Contract Intelligence and IG

Legal departments are beginning to address the growing pressure to measure and boost value in numerous strategic and innovative ways.

Law Journal Newsletters 7/2/2018

In-House Counsel’s Growing Role in Data Protection and Security Risk Management

With reports of major breaches surfacing with alarming frequency, boards and C-Level management are now looking to counsel to implement programs that help the corporation prepare for, quickly recover and reduce fallout from, inevitable cyber incidents. In-house counsel is facing growing responsibility to minimize damage to the corporate reputation, loss of key data, and legal and regulatory penalties. And many worry their organization is stuck in a game of catch-up.

Information Management 5/18/2018

10 Ways Organizations Can Succeed With Data Remediation

Taking control of enterprise information through a data remediation program can dramatically reduce enterprise risk and costs.

eWeek 5/7/2018

As GDPR Looms, Enterprises Must Lock Down Security, Data Privacy

With the General Data Protection Regulation ready to go into effect, enterprises share insight into avoiding common pitfalls when implementing programs that better protect their organization from risk.

ISACA Journal 5/3/2018

Building Bridges With the Board—Innovation in Information Governance

IT professionals and enterprise board members live in two very different worlds. Boards worry about strategic concerns such as revenue, share price and brand reputation, whereas IT staff are paid to deal with operational challenges such as those stemming from big data, cyberthreat actors and cloud usage. Bridging the gap between these strategic priorities and day-to-day concerns to initiate an organization’s technological transformation can seem insurmountable.

Relativity 4/24/2018

Going Cloud: Time to Take that Leap?

In 2018, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t know about the cloud. Sixty-two percent of companies said they will run 100 percent of their information technology in the cloud by 2020. Despite the legal profession being a bit slower to adopt technological innovation, many leaders in the space are seeing significant growth in interest in cloud-based services.

Legaltech News 4/23/2018

Contracts Are More Than a Document: Finding the Value in Your Data

A 2018 CLOC panel explored how to use data like contracts and intellectual property to drive company value outside of common legal work.

Legaltech News 4/10/2018

The Essential Ingredients to Rolling Out a Global E-discovery Playbook

You need experienced people, advanced technology and targeted processes—and there isn’t one that’s more important than the others.

Texas Lawyer 3/27/2018

A Look at the Data Issues Energy Industry Counsel Face this Year

Counsel at oil and gas companies are often sitting on large volumes of information, which can be problematic for many reasons. Data hoarding presents challenges across data protection initiatives, electronic discovery activities for litigation and investigations, and importantly, compliance with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other global data privacy legislation.

LJA Magazine 3/19/2018

Interview of Stéphanie Lhomme and Thomas Sely in the LJA magazine [French]

Stéphanie Lhomme and Thomas Sely have been given the opportunity by the LJA magazine (French Business Lawyers Letter) to discuss FTI Consulting’s different areas of expertise and underline the positioning of both the Forensic Technology as well as the Forensic & Litigation Consulting practices.

CMS Wire 3/16/2018

GDPR Compliance Requires Looking at the Big Customer Data Picture

Independent of GDPR, many large organizations have implemented master data management or other multi-year data governance programs to obtain a single, cohesive view of their clients and the data they store on their behalf. These efforts are often part of know your customer (KYC) initiatives in industries that must protect against fraud and money laundering. But this can be very difficult to achieve in practice and requires much more than implementing a system.

Bloomberg Law 3/1/2018

Mobile Device Forensics: Discoverability Across Physical and iCloud Collections

As workforces grow increasingly remote, spread across borders in hundreds of locations, corporations are seeking ways to simplify how they collect user data for electronic discovery needs.

Legaltech News 2/26/2018

Thanks to the IoT, This Isn’t 2006’s E-discovery

FTI’s Jake Frazier and Relativity’s David Horrigan break down why internet of things discovery is different, preservation issues and more ahead of a Legalweek panel.

Bloomberg Law 2/23/2018

Data Issues Keeping Counsel Up at Night (and Concerns for 2018)

Steps to enabling a healthier organization and easing the burden of concerns around data privacy, migrations, storage and preservation.

Corporate Counsel 2/22/2018

GDPR Still a Top Concern, but Some Global Legal Departments Play the Waiting Game

The GDPR has caused no shortage of uncertainty, and some legal departments are playing it out by waiting it out, according to a new survey.

The Legal Intelligencer 2/20/2018

Privacy by Deletion: Five Steps to Reducing Data Risk

When it comes to data retention practices, most companies are stuck in limbo, balancing competing needs between providing easy access to data for business and regulatory purposes and safeguarding data against leakage and breaches.

La lettre des juristes d'affaires 2/19/2018

FTI Consulting strengthens its Investigations and Forensic Technology team with Nicolas Delestre [French]

The demand for our anti-trust investigation services continues to grow; whether its compliance audits, merger control or dawn raids. To support this we have grown our Intelligence and Forensic Technology team with the addition of Nicolas Delestre as a Forensic Technology Director in Paris alongside Thomas Sely and Stéphanie Lhomme.

The Lawyer 2/5/2018

Perfect Storm: Navigating The Compliance Landscape in 2018

The first half of this year will see a wave of new regulations, prompting companies to rethink their data strategies

The Global Legal Post 1/31/2018

Hogan Lovells joins forces with FTI Consulting on data governance

International law firm Hogan Lovells and global business advisory firm FTI Consulting have teamed up to launch a combined offering for contract intelligence and other data governance solutions.

Legaltech News 1/18/2018

Thanks to the IoT, This Isn’t 2006’s E-discovery

FTI’s Jake Frazier and Relativity’s David Horrigan break down why internet of things discovery is different, preservation issues and more ahead of a Legalweek panel.

Corporate Counsel Business Journal 1/11/2018

Managing the Triangle Globally

Don’t focus on just the technology at the expense of people and processes.

Compliance Week 1/9/2018

Responding to "Right of Access" Requests Under GDPR

Much of the concern around the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation has focused on the potentially astronomical fines—up to 4% of global turnover—a company could suffer for failing to meet the GDPR’s stringent data privacy requirements. Of course, the key to avoiding those fines is preventing a GDPR violation in the first place.

Computer Business Review 1/5/2018

Incident Response for Hidden Cobra and State-Sponsored Threats

The Internet truly has no borders, and threats from the other side of the globe can quickly impact U.S. interests. Historically, cybersecurity operations have relied on a reactive approach – implementing intrusion detection systems, network rules and alerts, and reacting to red flags or incidents. In today’s landscape, those steps are still important, but a much more proactive and strategic stance is necessary to keep pace with the rapidly advancing abilities of state-sponsored threat actors like North Korea.

Legaltech News 12/1/2017

Energy Sector Vet Says Strong Info Management Means Better Security and Compliance

In the energy sector, data breaches can be tremendously consequential. Breaches abound with the potential for physical disaster as well as inadvertently revealing lucrative information, so there’s little room for cybersecurity follies.

Law Technology Today 11/30/2017

How to Protect Corporate Data from Loss or Theft by Employees

Keeping corporate data safe is an increasingly difficult task; one of the biggest risks that a company faces comes from within: its own employees.

Law Journal Newsletters 11/29/2017

Five Smart Steps to Prepare for GDPR Data Subject Rights

Many corporations around the globe are preparing for May 2018, when Europe's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcement kicks in. The regulation encompasses a wide range of nuanced privacy requirements that can be challenging to operationalize. In particular, requirements around the rights of European data subjects — which include the right to be forgotten and rights to access, rectification and objection to processing — will be some of the most difficult to address.

CFO 11/27/2017

Do You Know Where Your Leases Are?

Complying with the new lease accounting standard will require collecting data from lease contracts across numerous locations and geographies.

Yahoo 11/24/2017

Cyberwar is our era's Cuban missile crisis. We need to de-escalate, now.

Earlier this year, America’s most famous investor, Warren Buffett, characterized cyberattacks as a bigger threat to humanity than nuclear weapons, calling them “the No. 1 problem with mankind.”

Cyber Defense Magazine 11/10/2017

Cyber Resilience in 2018: What to Watch

With the rising number of cyber attacks taking place, malicious actors are gaining rapid momentum and becoming increasingly sophisticated. In 2018, cybersecurity professionals can surely expect to see more of the same from this past year, along with a handful of new challenges. In this November 2017 edition of Cyber Defense Magazine, Anthony J. Ferrante, Head of FTI Consulting’s Cybersecurity practice highlights emerging threats and how organizations should look closely at the top trends expected to hit the cybersecurity landscape in 2018.

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 11/1/2017

Redefining the Client-Centric Approach

Daryl Teshima and Wendy King, a senior managing director and managing director at FTI Consulting, Inc., pride themselves on their ability to listen. It’s one of the ways their company distinguishes itself, they say. FTI focuses on finding the right solution for each client, not fitting the client’s needs into the available solution they happen to have on hand.

New York Law Journal 10/30/2017

Vulnerability Management: A Holistic View

Our ability to protect our networks requires a complete understanding of the vulnerability ecosystem.

Risk Management Magazine 10/3/2017

Enhancing Cybersecurity with Big Data Analytics

Security information and event management systems have long been the foundation for many organizations’ information security programs. While they remain an essential part of ensuring and maintaining strong cybersecurity, they need improvement to meet the demands of today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Power Magazine 10/1/2017

Why CrashOverride Is a Red Flag for U.S. Power Companies

Organizations across every industry today face a wide range of cyber threats and serious security challenges from various vectors. A top concern among these is the persistence cybersecurity experts are seeing among advanced threat actors—either cyber criminals or nation state hackers—looking to conduct demonstrable harm to the national security interests, foreign relations, or economic posture of the U.S., or to the public confidence, civil liberties, or public health and safety of the American people. Previous attacks have shown that these people are motivated, highly capable, and constantly improving. The damages they leave in their wake are substantial.

ACC Docket 9/27/2017

Balancing Global Conflict Between Privacy and Preservation Starts with Information Governance

Once a data management program is off the ground, with privacy and preservation teams working collaboratively, it must be well maintained. A sound IG program is only as strong as its enforcement. Ensuring compliance with retention and disposal policies is in and of itself an intensive process, but there are a handful of practices that will help legal teams build long-term success into their overall IG programs.

ISACA Journal 9/8/2017

Instilling a Culture of Security Starts With Information Governance

Maintaining change and enforcing adoption of new processes is critical to shaping a culture of security that grows and strengthens over time.

ISSA 8/15/2017

Battening Down for the Rising Tide of IoT Risks

How the Internet of things has evolved over the last two decades and the security risks that have emerged as a result.

Law Journal Newsletters 7/6/2017

Five Ways Legal and Compliance Teams Can Benefit from Microsoft 365 Migration

Legal and compliance groups have a lot to gain from features within Microsoft 365, and equal or greater risk if the process is not conducted in the context of strong legal and regulatory guidelines.

Legaltech News 7/5/2017

Then There Were Many: FTI Enters Contract Intelligence Services Market

With its newly launched Contract Intelligence Services, FTI Technology looks to leverage its reputation and relationships to compete with a growing number of contract vendors.

Security Info Watch 6/15/2017

In-House Advice for Tackling Data Security Risks

Security and risk executives are beginning to consider how to create an information governance framework that protects data while staying adaptive to the rapidly evolving business landscape.

Corporate Counsel 6/14/2017

Using Information Governance Strategies to Prepare for the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in roughly one year, yet many multi-national companies are still behind in preparing for compliance.

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 5/18/2017

Ready for an Upgrade? What you need to know about Microsoft 365

Understanding the information governance and e-discovery options available in Microsoft 365.

KMWorld 4/29/2017

Records Management - Overcoming barriers to gain rewards

Records management has been compared to taking out the trash—no one likes to do it, but if you don’t, the house will start to smell. “Keeping information that you don’t need is a risk from a compliance and security viewpoint,” says Firas Raouf, CEO of Everteam.

Law Journal Newsletters 4/5/2017

Making Sense of New Data Types in the App Age

While the threat of "big data" — massive amounts of data inside an organization — has cast a shadow over IT and legal departments for several years, the real challenge can oftentimes be the variety. It's why we believe the real challenge is less about "big data" and more about "new data types" — that quickly defeat traditional collection and review tools and strategies.

Australasian Lawyer 3/24/2017

What’s the future of predictive coding in Australia?

While adoption in Australia is quickly evolving, the industry continues to question and debate the extent to which predictive coding results can be defended and whether it is truly a reliable method for more effectively leveraging the effort of human reviewers in e-discovery.

Raconteur 3/23/2017

Mitigate risk by simplifying contract management

Organisations can expose themselves to massive risks, costing millions of pounds, if they don’t fully grasp the contracts they’ve inherited in an acquisition or properly manage the auto-renewals of their business contracts

Agenda 3/23/2017

Tech That Defends Directors

Whether seriously or in jest, we’ve all heard, “There’s probably an app for that.” Well, technology experts say board members should know about — and encourage senior managers to deploy — new apps and computer programs that could help fend off lawsuits that charge directors with negligence or poor oversight.

Agenda 3/23/2017

An E-discovery Expert Gives Tips to Directors

Jake Frazier speaks to Agenda about the board's role in mitigating lawsuits involving electronic records.

Bloomberg Law 3/16/2017

Counsel and the Cloud: A Lawyer’s Role in Microsoft 365 Migration

A guide to addressing data security risks and legal requirements during a migration to Microsoft 365.

Information Week 3/15/2017

Best Practices in Information Governance Enforcement

Technology is a necessary piece in an information governance program, but you also need to employ best practices that will help with enforcement.

Ethical Boardroom 3/13/2017

How the general counsel can shape information governance

Information governance is often thought about in the context of IT efficiency, data security and regulatory compliance. While it is true that these are the most critical drivers for executing data governance programmes, there is an equally important factor that deeply resonates with a corporation’s board and C-suite: reputational risk.

eWeek 3/8/2017

How to Deal With Legal, Compliance Issues in Microsoft 365 Migrations

According to Microsoft, 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies are using or plan to use Microsoft 365 software and services. The migration challenges these companies are facing include safely migrating data from legacy archives to Microsoft 365, while active cases are underway; remediating redundant, obsolete or trivial (ROT) information to reduce costs and data breach risks; updating legal hold policies to ensure they are maintained; and adhering to data privacy regulations.

Corporate Counsel 3/6/2017

Achieving Information Governance Enforcement: Ensure Policies Aren’t Left to Collect Dust

A lot of organizations have created general information management policies, which are typically owned by the records or knowledge management teams. These policies include a retention and deletion schedule that in theory should be defensible, and address legal hold and compliance needs. But in practice, these policies typically cannot be executed upon or maintained.

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 3/3/2017

A Tactical Take on IG

Hands-on information governance solutions provide quick wins and a strategic road map.

Corporate Counsel 3/3/2017

Achieving Information Governance Enforcement: Engagement, Enablement and the Change Journey

After years of wading through increasing data challenges and the unpredictable evolution of cyber security threats, corporations are increasingly considering the importance of information governance.

Digital Forensics Magazine 3/1/2017

Network Permissions

Jim Scarazzo helps us to understand the steps to collect and evaluate folder access data to streamline complex E-Discovery efforts.

CFO 2/21/2017

Like Herding Cats: Corralling Data During a Restructuring

Information governance isn't top of mind during most restructuring planning, but ignoring it can have devastating financial consequences.

ILTA Peer to Peer 1/16/2017

Skills You Need To Climb the Mountain of Data Challenges

Sound information governance (IG) procedures are critical to broader legal, compliance and IT strategies. IG helps maintain compliance, reduce e-discovery costs, streamline large data volumes and bolster cybersecurity. Strategic and documented IG can also be helpful in defending data retention practices against motions for sanctions during litigation.

Computer Business Review 1/11/2017

Information Governance Considerations with Microsoft 365

Sonia Cheng discusses important considerations corporate IT, legal and compliance teams need to address before the move to the cloud occurs.

ACC Docket 11/7/2016

How to Safeguard the Crown Jewels in the Age of Information Security Threats

Not all enterprise data is created equal, nor should it all have the same protections. Well-publicized data breaches, from customer credit card information to employee health records, highlight the increasing need for companies to better secure sensitive data. However, many organizations lack executive support for information governance, and others feel hampered due to their legal or regulatory profile.

Law Journal Newsletters 10/17/2016

Data Breach Prevention and Information Governance Go Hand-In-Hand

Information governance has a wide range of varying definitions, depending on whom you ask. Some consider it to be an amorphous collection of policies that are difficult to translate into the real world. Others view it as a holistic strategy document, or a series of discrete, tactical projects that implement best practices in data security or storage optimization.

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 10/10/2016

Facts First, Facts Fast, Facts Found

Find Facts Fast is both the name and the mission of FTI Consulting’s innovative approach to document analysis. David Grant explains how it deploys researchers to unearth the most crucial materials from the outset, essentially flipping the process upside down to provide counsel with the vital information before a full-bore review has even begun.

The National Law Journal 7/4/2016

In FCPA Investigations, Cooperation is Complex

Self-reporting has benefits, like control over the process, but it can be disruptive and revealing. 5/31/2016

Preparing For the Breach: A Look Into Essential Cyber IG Practices

It’s a situation every attorney dreads: You are sitting at your computer on what seems like a normal day, when suddenly the screen goes blank, replaced by a notice that your files are being held ransom or your most valuable data has been stolen out of your system. In the immediate aftershock, myriad questions can run through your mind. But none is perhaps more important, more pressing, than—what’s next? The answer, explains Jake Frazier, senior managing director at FTI Consulting, depends largely on what has come before.

Asian Legal Business 3/1/2016

The Cyber Threat

Governments and companies alike are facing a thrilling yet increasingly daunting cyber world today. Particularly in Asia, businesses are struggling to keep up with the fast-evolving threat of cybercrime.

Legaltech News 1/29/2016

The Pre-LTNY Innovation Roundup: Legal Tech Company News to Know (Part 1)

Eight companies attending Legaltech New York preview their latest new releases, upgrades, coming attractions and more.

Legal IT Professionals 1/28/2016

FTI Technology Launches Radiance Software Platform

New Jersey Law Journal 1/4/2016

Building a Proportionality Defense Under the New Federal Rules

The latest round of amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) went into effect in December 2015. The explicit addition of proportionality – the determination of how the cost and burden of collecting evidence for the case weighs against the matter’s overall value – to Rule 26(b)(1), which governs the scope of electronic discovery, is likely to arm defendants with stronger arguments against collecting certain electronic data for a matter. Here are some of the strategies our clients are implementing to help argue for proportionality in civil litigation.

Legaltech News 10/20/2015

Gartner Ranks E-discovery Vendors in Three Separate E-discovery Use Cases

The “Critical Capabilities for E-Discovery Software” study scored 20 vendors in six different capabilities.

Corporate Counsel 9/29/2015

When The Walls Have Ears: 3 Ways To Leverage Recorded Audio Evidence

Like everything else in e-discovery, recorded audio evidence should be approached holistically, and in carefully planned stages. By first focusing on addressing reactive issues and ensuring that the expectations of regulators are met, and then moving toward attainable, proactive information governance initiatives, corporations will be more successful in driving meaningful change.

New Jersey Law Journal 9/16/2015

Building Blocks for Efficiently Handling Structured Data in E-discovery

When tackled strategically and with the right approach, leveraging structured data can increase e-discovery efficiency and provide valuable information about document sets that might otherwise be invisible or lost.

Inside Counsel 8/7/2015

Four Steps to Shed Light on the Information Governance Black Hole, Part 1

Can legal teams leverage existing and emerging information governance projects for their own e-discovery needs?

Inside Counsel 8/1/2015

The Text Mess Age

Employees who use text messages for business purposes create headaches for inside counsel.

Bloomberg BNA 6/25/2015

Text Message Insight - Bloomberg BNA

The authors explain why companies and their counsel must understand the unique challenges that the preservation and discovery of text messages pose compared to more traditional data sources, such as e-mail.

Compliance Week 5/19/2015

Hurry-Up Offense on Employee Surveillance

Employee surveillance is one of the most sensitive—and yet, rapidly evolving—areas of compliance for financial services firms today. Initially a response to regulatory pressure, surveillance obligations are now becoming an integral part of a robust internal control system.

451 Research 3/26/2015

FTI goes granular for information governance, takes Ringtail e-discovery to IBM

Analyst firm 451 Research publishes a report on FTI Technology’s momentum within the e-discovery industry and recent launch of Information Governance services.

MarketWatch 3/9/2015

Don’t send another email until you read this

MarketWatch outlines the growth of the e-discovery industry and leading software and services firms, including FTI Technology.

Information Management 3/4/2015

Forensic Files: Lessons from Real Cases

Complex investigations that gather data from personal devices and social media accounts can be “hit or miss.” Here are the ins and outs of real BYOD and social media investigations.

KM World 2/4/2015

Visualization: The New E-discovery Paradigm

Our brain better understands data quickly when it is presented in a visual form, rather than list view. You can spot trends and inconsistencies much faster and reduce the overall cost of a very expensive endeavor.

Corporate Counsel 2/3/2015

3 Steps for Eliminating E-discovery Redundancy

While data re-use is a very effective solution to some of today’s most cumbersome e-discovery challenges, it isn’t as simple as it may seem. Download this article to find out more about the best practices for effectively re-using attorney work product across multiple matters.

Law 360 1/12/2015

Compliance Trumps Litigation In Asia E-discovery

FTI Technology e-discovery expert, Veeral Gosalia, shares study results on emerging trends in Asia.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 1/6/2015

Information Governance: A “Must Have” Tool

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel interviews Jake Frazier, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting.

Law Technology News 1/6/2015

FTI Technology Unveils Info Gov Services

FTI provides new services for information governance lead by industry veteran Jake Frazier.

Fierce Content Management 12/24/2014

Information governance, snowflakes and data overload

Resolving runaway data growth

Corporate Counsel 11/21/2014

E-discovery Managers Make Their Wish Lists

Insights provided by 25 e-discovery managers from Fortune 1000 corporations.

Law Technology News 11/21/2014

Cost-Saving E-discovery Tips From Fortune 1000 Companies

Study finds large corporations are directly engaging e-discovery tasks and applying data analytics to save costs.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 11/1/2014

Strengthening the Corporate-Law Firm-Service Provider Dynamic for E-discovery

Strong working relationships between companies, law firms and service providers are essential to the success of e-discovery projects. Metropolitan Corporate Counsel interviews FTI Technology’s Jessica Block on best practices for improving working relationships and collaboration across these key stakeholders.

Today's General Counsel 9/30/2014

The Challenge Of E-discovery In Asia

A study of trends and challenges tied to e-discovery in Asia, based on a survey of experts from corporations and law firms conducted by FTI Consulting and Asian Legal Business Magazine.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 9/10/2014

Quality Managed Reviews: The Secret Of Success

A managed review offering delivers more than just contract attorneys. Kathryn McCarthy and Sophie Ross, Senior Managing Directors in FTI Consulting’s Technology practice spoke with Metropolitan Corporate Counsel on the merits of managed review and shared their insights.

The National Law Journal 9/1/2014

Tools Let Attorneys Follow the Breadcrumbs

In this special report on predictive coding, The National Law Journal explores how analytics applications can help litigators identify surface patterns that point to the key evidence.

The National Law Journal 9/1/2014

Tech is Litigants' Boon, Not Profession's Doom

David Horrigan of The National Law Journal explores why assisted review is merely one way for attorneys to find their way through mountains of evidence.

Law Technology News 8/26/2014

ILTA Exhibits Got Rhythm in Nashville

New product and services debuted at ILTA conference include Cicayda's Reprise and Intapp's Flow.

Peer to Peer Magazine 7/30/2014

How to handle the big data problem like Abraham Lincoln

Why infographics and the need to present and interpret data visually are not new concepts.

Law Technology News 7/28/2014

Webinar Examines E-discovery and Preservation Costs

Exterro hosted a webcast that examined e-discovery and better-safe-than-sorry preservation costs.

Inside Counsel 7/28/2014

Using smart phone location services to help solve investigations

Inside Counsel explains why mobile devices are an integral part of any legal team’s strategy for e-discovery and forensic investigations.

Law Technology News 7/21/2014

Learning Software Is Like Making Pancakes

Law Technology News Vendor Voice: JR Jenkins of FTI Technology discusses why the process of learning software may be difficult at first, but quickly becomes a habit.

The eDisclosure Information Project 7/17/2014

FTI Consulting on cross-border eDiscovery around the world

Chris Dale explores cross-border discovery and why it has now become a dominant subject.

CMS Wire 6/25/2014

E-discovery Moves In-House, Market Leaders Expand

This article discusses the findings of this year’s Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery, one of the largest that Gartner publishes. There are 22 vendors in it this year, including nine in the Leaders Quadrant.

Inside Counsel 6/13/2014

Juice jacking: Did that ‘free’ charging station just steal your data?

Inside Counsel explores the most effective practices to begin implementing to stay ahead of 'juice jacking' and lay the foundation for solid mobile security.

Inside Counsel 5/30/2014

Understanding remote collections for e-discovery: Benefits, pitfalls and use cases (Part 2)

This Inside Counsel opinion article examines why remote collections can be less time consuming and less intrusive than on-site collections.

Law 360 5/29/2014

Advice From Counsel: The Emerging E-discovery Playbook

Law 360 summarizes the results from the fifth annual Advice from Counsel study published by FTI Consulting.

Inside Counsel 5/16/2014

Understanding remote collections for e-discovery: Benefits, pitfalls and use cases

This Inside Counsel opinion article examines that while cost is a key factor for the increase in remote collection deployments, there are a number of other advantages to remote collection.

San Francisco Business Times 5/2/2014

The Most Influential Women in the Bay Area in 2014

Ross, senior managing director for FTI Consulting’s Technology Practice has been named as one of the Most Influential Women in Bay Area Business.

Raconteur 4/24/2014

No More Paper Trails to Trial...

Disclosure of electronically stored information can be a time-consuming and costly exercise unless technology is on your side, writes Charles Orton-Jones.

Inside Counsel 4/23/2014

Mitigate risk by deploying social media policies

This article discusses how if you are protected by a social media policy, employees can have fun without running the risk of driving off a cliff.

Inside Counsel 4/18/2014

Big email: How to effectively find the needle in the haystack (Part 1)

This article discusses why Big Data is top of mind for all key stakeholders within large enterprises and why data mining is a current hot topic.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 4/16/2014

Editor’s Review – FTI Presents: The Emerging E-discovery Playbook

Learn how the 5th Annual Advice from Counsel survey uncovers “The Emerging E-Discovery Playbook,” by distilling Fortune 1000 counsel answers to the age old question, what’s changed in the last five years and what lies ahead?

Today's General Counsel 4/7/2014

Understanding the E-discovery Implications of Employee Status Changes

This article discusses recent case studies of matters involving the management of employee data and practical advice on how to implement and maintain best practices for this specialized area of information governance.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 3/3/2014

Issues In Global Discovery In The Wake Of Heightened Privacy Concerns

The Editor interviews Craig Earnshaw, Senior Managing Director in the Technology practice, FTI Consulting about multinational e-discovery.

Law Journal Newsletters 3/1/2014

Statistical Sampling: Saves Time and Money and Enables Proportionality

This article published by Law Journal Newsletters explores sampling as an important e-discovery tactic that addresses key issues with proportionality, defensibility and predictive coding.

Law Technology News 2/4/2014

From Sanctions to Safe Harbors: Global E-discovery Gets Complex

Laws and regulations differ greatly between the U.S. and Europe and Asia. In the post-Snowden era, cross-border e-discovery and compliance won't get easier.

Law Technology News 1/16/2014

Vendor Voice: BYOD Is the No. 1 E-discovery Challenge for 2014

In a survey of inside counsel at Fortune 1,000 companies, FTI Consulting found that the number one e-discovery challenge listed for the coming years is "bring your own device" to work.

Network Computing 12/23/2013

How E-discovery Tools Can Help With Information Governance

With e-discovery now a part of the vast majority of litigation and investigations, information governance policies or lack thereof can severely impact the outcome of a matter as it relates to electronically stored information.

The National Law Journal 11/18/2013

Lawyers Beware of China’s Thorny Privacy Laws

U.S. attorneys can get tripped up by unfamiliar regulation, which, if violated, can mean stiff penalties.

Financial Executives International 11/13/2013

FCPA and UK Bribery Act Investigations in the Spotlight

Get an in depth look into why multinational companies are seeing an increase in data volumes as well as a vast globalization of company data.

SearchCompliance 11/5/2013

ARMA 2013: Cloud, mobile-related e-discovery complications

In this SearchCompliance Q&A from the ARMA International Conference and Expo in Las Vegas in October, conference speaker Veeral Gosalia discussed the changing state of e-discovery in the face of mobile devices and cloud computing.

eWeek 10/31/2013

E-discovery: Keeping Your Company Ready to Respond to Legal Action

Review the ten key components of e-discovery "fitness" that have emerged this year as leading indicators of an organization's e-discovery maturity.

KM World 10/25/2013

Five Tips for Managing Social Media and E-discovery Collections

Here are five tips for managing the legal and technical nuances of social media usage and e-discovery collections within corporations; and case study data to evidence how these can be applied to the real world.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 10/1/2013

What Is Remediation?

The Editor interviews Antonio Rega, Managing Director in the Technology practice, FTI Consulting about remediation and how it relates to e-discovery.

Information Management 9/24/2013

10 Things to Know Before Moving E-discovery to the Cloud

Gain insight into how the adoption of cloud computing has been an undeniable force spreading quickly across all segments of the technology market.

ABA Journal 9/1/2013

6 Tools to Help Firms Track Social Media

Learn more about the pressing need for a tool that can monitor and archive everything a law firm’s client says and does on social media.

Law Technology News 8/9/2013

FTI Adds Predictive Coding With Visuals to Ringtail 8

Product of the week feature: The new version of Ringtail 8 (version 8.3.2) includes predictive coding features and enhanced transcript handling.

Compliance Week 8/6/2013

FTI Consulting Releases Latest Version of Ringtail e-Discovery Software with Predictive Coding

FTI Technology, the business segment of global business advisory firm FTI Consulting, has launched a new version of its Ringtail e-discovery software, including the launch of its predictive coding software.

The American Lawyer 7/29/2013

E-discovery's Trailblazers

Read about eleven people —lawyers and non-lawyers — who helped create the e-discovery industry.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 6/21/2013

Data Collection In A Social Media World

The Editor interviews Daniel E. Roffman, FTI Consulting, Inc. Mr. Roffman is a Managing Director in the FTI Technology segment and is based in Chicago.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 6/1/2013

Expert E-discovery For M&A Second Requests

The Editor interviews Kathryn McCarthy, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting, Inc. She is a noted expert in second request antitrust investigations and e-discovery process, and she regularly advises on matters that involve international data privacy issues.

CMS Wire - Sophie Ross, FTI Technology 5/29/2013

What Does Counsel Really Think About Predictive Coding?

While the promise of predictive coding is alluring, many questions remain. To make sense of this dialog, FTI Technology recently conducted a survey of law firm leaders and senior corporate counsel that identifies key trends and perspectives on the emergence of predictive coding.

Today's General Counsel - Robert Omeljanivk and Eliot Davidoff, FTI Technology 5/15/2013

Leveraging the Value of a Document with Multi-Matter Respositories

Building a system that allows companies and their counsel to reuse work product in an intelligent and strategic fashion decreases costs, saves time, reduces risk, and ensures high quality results.

Inside Counsel - Dan Roffman, FTI Technology 5/6/2013

Work with IT to Build a Defensible Information Management Strategy

Six strategies for bridging the gap between IT and legal for handling litigation and corporate investigations involving electronically stored information.

Inside Counsel Magazine 5/1/2013

7 Lessons to Guide you Through the E-discovery Landscape

As the e-discovery march goes on, litigants continue to wrestle with questions and disputes both familiar and novel. This article covers what legal departments can learn from recent opinions related to predictive coding, social media and more.

SC Magazine - Veeral Gosalia, FTI Consulting 5/1/2013

Trained Pros Should Lead Discovery

Veeral Gosalia, a Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting, explains why the search, collection and preservation of email and electronic evidence should be executed by well-trained professionals in a way that assures defensibility and evidence integrity.

ALA Currents - Nina Millman, FTI Consulting 4/25/2013

Change is Good: E-discovery and the Modern Practice of Law

Nina Millman of FTI Consulting provides an adaptation of Kotter’s Change Model, designed to help implement e-discovery within your law firm. 3/20/2013

Assassins Aim to Reinvent Law

Fordham Law hosts lively panel on "The Impact of Technology on the Future of Law Firms."

KMWorld Magazine 3/1/2013

KMWorld 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management

FTI Technology is selected as a top knowledge management company for the third time.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 2/22/2013

Risks And Rewards When Moving E-discovery To The Cloud

A Q&A session with Joel Jacob, Senior Director of Product Management at FTI Technology, discussing the risks and rewards of moving to the cloud.

451 Research - David Horrigan, 451 1/28/2013

FTI Consulting Leaps into 'Legal in the Cloud' and Do-It-Yourself E-discovery

451 Research reports that Ringtail is now available in three flexible deployments models and explores reasons why cloud based e-discovery is attractive to small and mid-sized legal teams.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 12/17/2012

Can Predictive Coding Deliver On Its Promise?

The editor presents a summary of the FTI commissioned whitepaper, Advice From Counsel: Can Predictive Coding Deliver On Its Promise? Authored by Ari Kaplan, Legal Consultant and Principal of Ari Kaplan Advisors.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 11/20/2012

E-discovery Steps Outside Of The Black Box

The Editor interviews Joe Looby, Senior Managing Director, FTI Technology about taking predictive coding out of the black box.

FTI Journal - Joseph H. Looby, FTI Technology 11/1/2012

Taking Predictive Coding Out of the Black Box

According to a recent study, most attorneys do not understand how predictive discovery works and are apprehensive about using it. Taken out of the black box, you can implement predictive discovery in a defensible manner.

Law Technology News 10/23/2012

FTI Consulting Announces Predictive Coding Service

FTI's new predictive coding service aims to reduce the cost and time of legal review as well as bring people and processes together with predictive coding software.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel - Severin Ian Wirz 8/19/2012

E-discovery Strategies For International Anti-Bribery Investigations

The Editor presents a summary of the whitepaper, The Experts Weigh In: E-Discovery Strategies For International Anti-Bribery Investigations, that was commissioned by FTI Consulting Inc.

Business Computing World - Craig Earnshaw, FTI Technology 8/1/2012

Prepare Now For UK Bribery Act Investigations

The UK Bribery Act has been called the toughest anti-corruption legislation yet, but enforcement actions have been slow to materialize. Corporations should use this time to develop systems and procedures for internal investigations.

TrustLaw 7/17/2012

Tough Chinese Data Privacy Laws Impede Document Collection in FCPA Investigations

According to a survey by FTI Consulting's technology practice, China's disparate data privacy requirements to secrecy laws and foreign blocking statutes are impeding investigations under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

eDiscovery Journal 7/9/2012

Expanding TAR to become Predictive Discovery

eDiscovery Journal reports that the Ringtail 8.2 release follows the trend to consolidate point products into broader eDiscovery platforms, providing a pathway to spread TAR methods beyond review.

Forbes - Guest post by Dan Roffman, FTI Technology 7/5/2012

Data Deluge: The Problem Is, You Can't Keep Everything

Faced with ever-expanding quantities of data, corporate execs and IT pros are becoming increasingly concerned with data management. You can’t keep everything, but you can implement better policies and practices.

InsideCounsel 7/5/2012

Planning for FCPA E-discovery Challenges

Data privacy laws can significantly challenge the e-discovery process in corruption investigations. Fortunately, there are steps companies can take to comply with local laws, yet still allow swift reporting to the U.S. government.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 6/27/2012

Predictive Coding And Technology-Assisted Review After Da Silva Moore

The Editor interviews attorneys at Dorsey & Whitney LLP on their take predictive coding and technology-assisted review.

451 Research, David Horrigan, 451 6/25/2012

Bringing Ringtail and Attenex Together for E-discovery

451 Research reports Ringtail’s user interface enhancements and the integration of Document Mapper make Ringtail robust and easy to use, with analytics for 21st century e-discovery.

InsideCounsel 6/11/2012

Computer Forensics Reveals Data Thieves’ Tracks

When evidence is gathered in a highly defensible manner and compiled by digital forensics experts, companies can mitigate the potential damage of data theft.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 5/18/2012

IT Reduction: A Much-Needed Service

The Editor interviews FTI Technology computer forensics and e-discovery experts about defensible data deletion, or IT reduction.

InsideCounsel 5/7/2012

Navigating Risk Inside the Cloud

The key to a successful cloud implementation is not to control information in the cloud, but to concentrate on risk mitigation and defensibility by developing, managing and auditing proactive policies.

ALA Currents 4/26/2012

Leveraging Managed Review for Better Case Strategy and Efficiency

Done right, when review capability is combined with technology products and services, a managed document review approach reduces the cost and frustration of e-discovery.

InsideCounsel 4/20/2012

Operationalizing E-discovery: Two Different Approaches

By creating structure around the e-discovery process and proactively negotiating with vendors, in-house counsel can move away from unpredictable per-unit pricing models in exchange for more transparent fee structures.

FTI Journal - Veeral Gosalia & Craig Earnshaw, FTI Technology 4/2/2012

The Data Conundrum

Multinational companies face U.S. legal and regulatory bodies demanding employee documents from jurisdictions with strong data protection laws. Develop protocols now to comply with court data demands without breaching privacy laws.

FTI Journal - James Scarazzo & Jason Ray, FTI Technology 3/1/2012

The Threat from Inside: The Risks of IP Theft

Companies face serious risks from employee intellectual property theft. To protect themselves, they need strong onboarding and exiting policies, plus computer forensics expertise.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 2/24/2012

Survey Offers Practical Advice From In-House Counsel

The Editor interviews Mike Kinnaman, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting about a survey involving 31 inside counsel seeking advice for their peers on streamlining and reducing the cost of e-discovery.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 12/1/2011

A Two-Pronged Approach To Handling E-discovery

The Editor interviews Sophie Ross, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting about the benefits of choosing a total cost model for controlling e-discovery costs and eliminating inefficiencies.

FTI Files - Joseph H. Looby, FTI Technology 10/1/2011

Detecting Fraud in Real Time

Multinationals today face proliferating compliance issues that essentially come down to one requirement: putting technology in place to detect wrongdoing at any time and in any location.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 10/1/2011

Computer Forensics, Key For Thorough And Defensible Investigations

The Editor interviews Veeral Gosalia, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting about use cases for forensics, or when companies need to uncover more context than what electronic files offer.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 8/1/2011

Controlling Data In A Social Media World

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel interviews Jason Ray, Director, FTI Consulting about the policies that corporations can put in place to protect themselves as social media and its discoverable data is on the rise.

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel 6/1/2011

Collaboration: A Requirement For Successful E-discovery

Poor collaboration between client, counsel and integrated document review provider will lead to a myriad of problems that raise costs and potentially expose the client and counsel to risk. It comes down to communication and trust.

Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. - James R. Scarazzo, FTI Technology 4/14/2011

Data Forensics with Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft’s LogParser utility, designed to monitor message flow for production and troubleshooting in an Exchange environment, may also be applied for conducting investigations of unacceptable communications.

Executive Counsel Magazine - Craig Earnshaw, FTI Technology 3/1/2011

When European Data Privacy Meets U.S. Discovery

With restrictions on cross-border data mobility, mobile e-discovery allows lawyers to conduct electronic document searches and reviews where the data resides. Technology is brought to the data rather than the other way around.

KNM World - Larry Briggi, FTI Technology 2/11/2011

SharePoint: Not Just Another E-discovery Repository

The unique architecture of SharePoint, combined with its growing use within the enterprise, requires a special approach by legal and IT teams to ensure thoroughness and defensibility.

National Law Journal - Joseph H. Looby, FTI Technology 12/20/2010

Discovering Europe: How to Navigate Europe’s Privacy Protections

With a growing array of stringent data-privacy regulations, taking data out of foreign countries can be very complex, challenging and costly. Instead, companies are doing the reverse: taking the review and processing to the data.

Information Management - Larry Briggi, FTI Technology 10/12/2010

SharePoint and E-discovery Challenges

The dynamic nature of SharePoint, combined with common delays within the e-discovery process, increases the risk of spoliation. Considerations should be made by legal and IT teams in advance of inevitable SharePoint collections.

eDiscovery Journal - Greg Buckles, eDJ 7/26/2010

Ringtail Analytics: Moving Upstream in More than One Way

eDiscovery Journal reports on FTI Technology’s Ringtail Analytics expanding the usage of concept clustering beyond the review interface.

CMS Wire 5/11/2010

Custodian Based E-discovery for SharePoint

CMS Wire reports on FTI Technology’s SharePoint Harvester software, a solution that offers e-discovery capabilities for the vast amount of data stored within SharePoint environments based on custodian information.

eDiscovery Journal - Greg Buckles, eDJ 3/23/2010

Autocoding Part 3: New Acuity Offering

EDJ reports on predictive coding in Acuity, FTI Technology’s managed document review offering. A combination of known decisions and automated suggestions provides dynamic training, increased review speed and consistency.

The E-Disclosure Information Project - Chris Dale 2/20/2010

There is More to FTI Technology than Attenex and Ringtail

Chris Dale reports Attenex and Ringtail may be familiar names in the e-discovery market, but they are part of a framework of infrastructure, processes, workflows and people which together make up FTI Technology.

Computerworld, Grag Lawn, FTI Technology 10/5/2009

Avoid an E-discovery Disaster

Be prepared to preserve data when your company is heading to court by following best practices to avoid devastating consequences.

LJN Legal Tech Newsletter - Erik Post & Jim Vint 5/1/2009

E-discovery of Structured Data

When e-Mail alone is not enough to solve the problem, look to the enterprise systems – the centralization of core business functions - to reveal the means by which events unfolded.

Fortune - Stephanie N. Mehta 3/31/2009

Online Fraud Coming to Social Networks

As more corporate users embrace social networks, investigators are gearing up for the day Twitter and Facebook become tools for financial wrongdoing.

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