What does ‘big data’ mean to you? For some legal teams, 100,000 documents is a big data challenge. For others, the panic sets in at 5,000. No matter what the numbers, legal teams of all sizes and sophistication levels can be faster and more efficient at taming ‘big data’ when they use new ways to break that data into small and easy to review chunks. In this webinar, you’ll see how Ringtail’s simple to learn and use visual analytics can improve your strategy on 100k, 50k and even 5k (and fewer!) document cases. From automatically separating documents into thematic groups to finding hot facts and key custodian conversations fast to supporting the quick analysis of like document families, Ringtail’s analytics make tasks that used to take a week, take an hour. If you’ve been thinking analytics – and Ringtail – is only for large, complicated matters, think again!


JR Jenkins, Caitlin Murphy, George Socha, Tom Gelbmann

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