Case Study

FTI Technology Supports Regulatory Agency With Document Review for Freedom of Information Requests

FTI Technology was approached by a health care regulatory agency in Europe to facilitate the consolidation and review of disparate data records needed to respond to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests relating to assessments of medical professionals’ fitness to practice.

Our Role

Once FTI Technology was engaged, the team proposed consolidation of the data records, so they could be processed and organised into a single source of truth. This repository would enable the review of all claims and other relevant documentation relating to medical practitioners in question in FOI requests and other inquiries.

The solution made it possible for the client to accurately determine medical professionals’ fitness to practice. This was achieved through the following approach:

  • Data Consolidation: FTI Technology consolidated the disparate data records into a single database. Records were extracted, transformed and loaded into the database, supported by FTI Technology’s data migration processes and expertise.
  • Data Cleansing: FTI Technology performed data cleansing to ensure accuracy, completeness and consistency across the repository. This included identifying and removing duplicates, correcting errors and filling in missing data.
  • Data Standardisation: Data formats and categories were standardised across taxonomy, formats and terminology to maintain consistency across all records.
  • Review: The team conducted document review through several assessment techniques and provided recommendations based on the review outcomes.
  • Analysis: A detailed analysis of the data helped to identify patterns, trends and outliers that may impact FOI workflows and accuracy. This analysis helped the regulatory body easily identify medical professionals who posed a risk to patients.