[0:01] Predictive coding and Acuity Managed Review saves client one million in e discovery costs, a case study.

[0:09] A defense company under government investigation faced a number of unique challenges. The company had nearly two terabytes of data relevant to the case. It had to be collected, reviewed, and produced to the government within 150 days.

[0:22] The data resided throughout the US, as well as in four European countries. For the review to be in line with defense industry regulations, only US citizens could review the data.

[0:33] To summarize, the company needed A, a global collections team acting in compliance with data privacy laws, B, highly scalable review software, C, review attorneys with US citizenship and multilingual skills, as well as D, people, process, and technology that would enable getting through all of the data in 150 days.

[0:57] FTI Technology was called in to assist. FTI's team quickly and defensibly collected the data in accordance with local data privacy laws. The FTI Acuity Managed Review team provided multilingual review attorneys with US citizenship.

[1:12] Early case assessment, concept clustering, predictive coding, expert workflows, and statistical validation. All were used by the Acuity team to speed review and reduce costs. In the end, the matter was completed on time and on budget.

[1:29] By using Acuity and predictive coding, the company saved $1 million on the investigation. For more information on how Acuity and predictive coding can help you reduce e discovery costs, please visit

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