Narrator: [0:01] Yahoo and Latham & Watkins second request case study. In February 2010, Yahoo announced the sale of its HotJobs division to Monster. As a result, the Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, issued a Hart-Scott-Rodino second request.

[0:17] Like many e-discovery projects, this matter involved large data volumes and extremely tight deadlines, but this was not a problem. Yahoo's firm on the matter, Latham & Watkins, used Ringtail legal review software.

[0:30] Ringtail hosted the data for pre-merger 4(c) review. Then the legal team quickly reduced the data volume through processing, de-duplication, and keyword searches. From there, review attorneys used Ringtail's visual analytics to speed the review.

[0:47] Ringtail then executed rolling productions to the FTC. The results? Data produced on time, with significant cost savings to the client. For more information on how Ringtail can help you scale and respond quickly to large second requests or any legal matter, please visit

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