Investigations can range widely—from whistle blower allegations, government inquiries and subpoenas, to corporate due diligence, potential Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ("FCPA") violations, and financial fraud.

Often, the only consistent themes across investigations are short time frames, the high stakes at risk, and a need to defend the quality of the work. Add in any number of common variables, such as data privacy laws or complex financial data, and corporations face significant challenges executing investigations in a defensible manner.

Our Approach

FTI Consulting has a proven track record of helping organizations quickly conduct large and complex investigations, including in response to government inquiries from agencies including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Department of Justice (DOJ). We combine investigative expertise with analytics technology and a specially designed discovery and review workflow to find important documents early in the process. Our multidisciplinary approach can include:

Data preservation & collection

With speed, efficiency and discretion, our team can provide a strategic, systematic, and economic approach to preserving and collecting a myriad of data sources including network, mobile device and cloud-based social media data. Our team has deep expertise in conducting witness interviews, defining potentially relevant data sources and working with IT to defensibly preserve those sources. In addition, our forensic experts can recover deleted data, gain access to password-protected files, and identify key documents and system artifacts to piece together a chain of events for presentation in court.

Find facts fast research

Our Find Facts Fast Research Service combines advanced analytics, expert researchers and proven workflow to find important information quickly. We collaborate with counsel to understand the matter, surface and escalate the relevant materials quickly, and iterate on this process to ensure an effective and transparent process. From lawyers to CPAs and investigators with deep vertical industry expertise, our experienced team applies tenacious research and problem-solving skills with an aptitude for thinking outside of the box. Our analytics software summarizes large sets of documents at a high level then lets researchers zoom in and understand individual documents in context.

Forensic accounting

We help our clients gain intelligence needed to address and mitigate risk, protect assets, achieve compliance and make informed decisions. This includes transaction testing, reconstructing accounting records and identifying internal control weaknesses. Our teams comprise a deep bench of multi-disciplinary, credentialed and experienced industry experts to help our clients address and resolve critical, complex matters quickly and discreetly. We provide specialized services designed to address specific challenges related to corporate and regulatory matters, transactions, litigation, and compliance. Our consultants include Certified Public Accountants, Chartered Financial Analysts, Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Valuation Analysts, Credentialed Actuaries, and Accredited Senior Appraisers.

In addition, FTI Consulting’s investigations experts can conduct public records searches, assist counsel with interviews, analyze data to establish a pattern of activity, and produce reports to key stakeholders and counsel.