Exploding growth of corporate data, whether stored on servers, in the cloud or on employee devices, presents new challenges and opportunities for your organization. FTI Technology can help.

Our Expertise

Information Governance, Privacy & Security from FTI Technology can develop and implement information governance solutions that reduce corporate risk, cut storage costs, secure data, improve the e-discovery process and enable faster and deeper insight into data. Common information governance challenges include:

Litigation hold preservation
Updating litigation hold, preservation and e-discovery tools and processes for greater efficiency
Storing sensitive data
Storing sensitive data, including client information and proprietary intellectual property
Securing proprietary data.png
Ensuring proprietary data remains secure when employees leave, companies divest, or other similar circumstances
Disposing of redundant data
Disposing of old or redundant data to reduce storage costs and reduce risk
Developing IG policies
Developing and implementing information governance policies that do not disrupt the business
Cloud data migration
Migrating data to cloud applications and remediating information within legacy applications
Corporate big data mining
Mining corporate data to find and act upon key information quickly

Flexible Engagement Options

FTI Technology’s Information Governance, Privacy & Security are tailored to meet specific client needs. Whether you need a trusted advisor to assist with evaluating a new technology, a quick data migration project or a complete transformational service, FTI Technology can right size the approach for you.

Information governance auditing

Case Study

FTI Technology Crafts Solution to Remedy Health Care System’s Data Ills

The Information Governance team at Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina (BCBSNC) sought to provide greater visibility into corporate data stored on its various networks, as well as on the numerous SharePoint websites within its environment. The health care network’s data concerns began in 2014. The Information Management team, led by Information Governance Office Manager Matt McClelland, wanted to perform a proactive internal investigation to thwart future exposure. The company realized that with a software tool to index its data, it would be fully prepared to place potentially relevant files in a legal hold or conduct e-discovery.

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