Litigation Consulting

FTI offers litigation consultation programs which are designed to reduce risk while improving the flow and management of critical projects. Our team of internationally recognized professionals have diverse backgrounds that include experience in law firms, major corporations and top technology and consulting firms. We can help you carry out defensible and robust litigation practices that focus not only on optimizing technology, but also on building policies and procedures that support your process.

Data Processing

FTI Technology offers software and native file processing services to process, de-duplicate, cull and prepare electronically stored information for review. Relevant data sets can be analyzed, reviewed, redacted and produced in Ringtail, giving you a single system of record. From early case assessment to complex, multi-national litigation, we can recommend and deliver a processing solution that best meets the need of your legal or IT team.

As part of processing, we offer expert consulting advice on the different options available during the culling and metadata extraction processes, and their likely impact on downstream workflows and potential impact on negotiation and production strategies.

With offices in 60 cities and 13 countries to support client collection and e-discovery needs anywhere in the world, our Tier III data centers, guaranteeing 99.982% uptime, in North America, Europe and Australia provide secure and scalable hosting of data to meet global legal, regulatory or investigative matters.

Trial Support

The scales of justice

FTI advisors are active players in war rooms and in courtrooms, and have been involved in thousands of cases supporting litigators across a vast array of matters. We become a seamless part of the trial team, giving counsel the confidence to spend more time focusing on presenting the best case.


Our team offers litigation technology consulting as well as pre-, post- and in-trial jury consulting services and expert testimony. We assist clients with a wide range of trial services, from focus group research and initial case preparation to courtroom observations and juror interviews.


FTI has extensive resources to serve several large litigations simultaneously. Our team includes more than a hundred communications and jury research professionals including researchers, litigation consultants, art directors, graphic artists, illustrators and animators.


We have a team of expert technology consultants with deep experience in network infrastructure and system engineering, trial site logistics and courtroom presentation technology. Our highly skilled technology professionals work on-site to ensure flawless presentations using the latest software, including our proprietary TrialMax® trial preparation and presentation software.