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Compliance Tech Priorities in 2023

Respondents to a survey conducted by Compliance Week and FTI Consulting largely indicated third parties to be the most heightened area of risk to their businesses this year, with reporting and dashboarding and enhancing analytics capabilities among top priorities.

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A New Era of Risk Part 3: Risk and Impact of Emerging Data Sources Underestimated in Most Organizations

This blog series discusses research and trends across the spectrum of Digital Insights & Risk Management. Part 1 in the series, by Sophie Ross, defined the concept of digital risk and shared a state of the industry across the big picture of this problem space, and Part 2 focused on data privacy issues. This post discusses the disparity between belief and reality regarding emerging data sources in today’s corporate environments. It features insights from business leaders including information governance professionals and legal department leaders.

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Building a Data-Driven Compliance Program

Data is becoming central to the Department of Justice’s view of compliance programs. As recent enforcement actions show, compliance programs are expected to be inclusive of all data relevant to employee communications about work. Further, corporations are encouraged to hold employees accountable to compliance metrics and benchmarks — thus necessitating tools and data that can generate and report on those metrics.