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Case Study

FTI Technology Facilitates Divestiture Rights with More Than 1,000 Supplier Relationships for Global Software Company

In March 2021, a global security software corporation, announced the divestiture of one of its business units to a private equity company. The corporation engaged FTI Technology’s Contract Solutions practice to ensure that divestiture rights with more than 1,000 vendors and suppliers were in place by the transaction close date. The team had eight weeks to complete the project.

White Paper

As LIBOR Sunsets, Contract Intelligence Takes Center Stage

What happens when “the most important number in finance” is eliminated? With the impending retirement of the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), financial institutions around the world are now faced with that question.


Interview: Gráinne Bryan on FTI Technology in Ireland

In this interview, Chris Dale of The eDisclosure information Project spoke with FTI Consulting’s Grainne Bryan to discuss her role in Dublin and the addition of FTI’s Technology segment to FTI’s growing Irish establishment, part of a wider organisation which brings together technology skills in Madrid, France, Germany and South Africa.


Five Strategic and Practical Information Governance Considerations During a Merger or Divestment

M&A activity stayed strong in 2019 from large acquisitions and strategic divestitures to smaller bolt-on acquisitions. M&A activity in the large pharmaceuticals, aviation and media industries, all highly litigious sectors from an information governance perspective, dominated the news cycle most recently. During this webcast, our experts outline an M&A playbook on data privacy, contract intelligence, legal holds and data preservation, intellectual property (IP) information and resources to support the various information governance initiatives during a merger or divestment.


Understanding Your Contract Universe to Build Awareness, Reduce Risk & Recognize Value

The average Fortune 1000 company actively manages tens of thousands of contracts at any one time. These documents touch every aspect of the organization, and yet many corporations are unable to synthesize or analyze their contract universe in a holistic or meaningful manner. Join this online presentation to hear experts share methods and strategies for getting ahead of the risk inherent in untracked or unknown contract populations. You'll learn about critical aspects of Contract Lifecycle Management - including technology and especially AI and machine learning - and how it directly impacts your corporation's ability to optimize contract data using for M&A due diligence, regulatory response – including LIBOR adjustments, and general business operations.


Combining Contract Intelligence with Information Governance to Find Value in Your Data

How can you use Data Governance to add value to the organization? Information Governance and Contract Intelligence offer multiple ways to not only reduce risk, but gain efficiencies. IG programs have largely gone from catch-all, ‘boil the ocean’ pursuits to a series of concrete, practical actions an organization can take to reduce data volumes, become more efficient and protect data ‘crown jewels’. Contracts, when organized and mined effectively, can reduce risk and actually create value for the organization. Attend this session to learn how to apply IG techniques and utilize your contract universe to gain efficiencies and reduce risk.

Case Study

FTI Technology Reduces Reviewable Contract Population by 90% to Beat Data Deadline in Corporate Restructuring

In an ongoing restructuring engagement for a global client of FTI Consulting’s Corporate Finance segment, FTI Technology’s Corporate Legal Operations practice was tapped to assist with scoping of tens of thousands of contracts during the restructuring.


FTI Contract Intelligence

Cost-effectively find, understand and act upon enterprise contracts: The average Fortune 1000 company actively manages tens of thousands of contracts at any one time. These dense, complex and often-changing documents touch every aspect of a business, impacting clients, employees and shareholders. Due to the critical importance of contracts, a growing number of organizations are modernizing their approach to these vital documents with FTI Technology’s Contract Intelligence service.