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The Disarray of U.S. Data Privacy and Protection Laws: History Repeats

The broad variation in state privacy and data regulations is leading to more challenges for privacy and data protection professionals; obligations are growing and it is going to become more costly for businesses that are engaged in interstate or global commerce to maintain compliance.

White Paper

Delivering on the Promise of “Cradle-to-Grave” Data Management in Large Financial Institutions

Financial institutions are grappling with significant, ongoing challenges in their management of valuable communications data. These challenges are driven by accelerated technology change, a wholesale shift to cloud platforms and many long-lasting changes in working practices and behaviors post-COVID. Financial institutions have experienced a seismic shift from an era where all communications data was stored in centralized servers within the walls of its enterprise data centers. Now, email, chat, voice and video along with other dynamic forms of collaborative content, is stored across a myriad of third-party communications channels and cloud-based platforms outside the perimeter of the enterprise.