With speed, efficiency and discretion, FTI Technology can provide a strategic, systematic, and economic approach to collecting and investigating a myriad of data sources including network, mobile device and cloud-based social media data.

Our digital forensics and collection professionals offer a wide range of services, including in the following areas:

Global Electronic Discovery Services

Our team can help companies comply with discovery obligations while protecting privileged information. Throughout the entire litigation lifecycle—from data collection and culling to review and production for possible presentation in court—FTI employs proven methodologies that provide a strategic and logistical advantage while minimizing the impact on daily business operations.

Intellectual Property Theft

Our digital forensics experts can help your company secure all potentially relevant data sources, recover deleted data, gain access to password-protected files, and identify key documents and system artifacts to piece together a chain of events for presentation in court. Our proven procedures maintain the forensic integrity of the source data at all times, and the findings of the analysis are presented by internationally recognized experts in the field.

Social Media and Cloud-Based Data

From Google Apps such as Gmail and Google Docs, IM and chat applications, to popular social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, expert collection services from FTI Technology can quickly collect and preserve your cloud data in a defensible manner. Using proprietary software, tools, and proven methodologies, FTI Technology enables legal and IT teams to easily search, preserve, collect and review cloud-based data alongside other enterprise information.

Forensic Investigations

Litigations and investigations often hinge upon the question of "who knew what, and when did they know it?" FTI Technology’s forensic professionals can help decipher intricate relationships between individuals and entities through electronic data trails. Our computer forensics team is highly adept at identifying and untangling webs of interdependencies that link people, corporate entities, monetary amounts, business partners and outsiders to the critical events under analysis.

Whether for a short and quick investigation, to an end-to-end e-discovery service, the FTI Technology Digital Forensics team delivers:

Rapid Results

With speed and discretion, FTI Technology partners with counsel and clients to develop a strategic, systematic and economic approach to the collection of potential data sources. In investigative scenarios, the forensic team can quickly assess the actions of the individual(s) and report on case intelligence. This includes the common threats of data removal, wiping, or deletion, as well as identification of unusual activity, such as unexplained gaps in computer usage, Internet browsing history, use of USB /thumb drives, and file access activities. Organizations can quickly understand and act upon the matter to secure a temporary restraining order, or prepare to implement other actions as appropriate.


As a global company, FTI forensic professionals can quickly deploy from our offices across the world to collect relevant data or uncover key facts behind the investigation. Clients benefit from FTI’s extensive experience managing global matters, including adherence to foreign data privacy laws, in-country cultural awareness, discrete processes that do not interrupt the regular course of business and multi-lingual capabilities.


FTI forensic professionals utilize defensible tools and methodologies to ensure the collection and investigation is conducted in a forensically sound manner. In addition, FTI can develop courtroom materials that clearly explain the forensic evidence and methodology, including affidavits, file activity diagrams, exhibits, as well as expert testimony.

Trusted Global Leaders in Forensics and Investigations

The FTI forensic services are tailored to the specific client needs of each matter. Whether a small internal investigation, or a large global matter that may result in litigation, FTI offers a depth of experience in delivering tangible results for clients. In addition to publishing regular whitepapers, industry articles and books, FTI professionals are actively involved with thought leader groups such as The Sedona Conference, EDRM and the e-Disclosure Information Project.

With more than 4,600 employees located in most major business centers in the world, we work closely with clients every day to anticipate, illuminate, and overcome complex business challenges in areas such as investigations, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory issues, reputation management and restructuring.