Legal teams

No matter the size of the organization or litigation profile, legal teams are often under pressure to answer:

  • How can we reduce the cost and complexity of e-discovery?
  • How can we find essential data quickly, in order to meet regulatory deadlines or better develop case strategy?

FTI Technology helps legal teams better control, understand and act upon data. We combine legal and regulatory expertise with technical acumen for practical information governance solutions that reduce corporate risk, cut storage costs, secure data, improve the e-discovery process and enable faster and deeper insight into data. For e-discovery, our experts span the entire process for cost-effective e-discovery solutions with defensible results, from e-discovery as a managed service to managed review and cross-border litigation and investigations.

Risk and compliance teams

As business grows increasingly global, risk and compliance teams are tasked to help answer:

  • How can we stay in compliance with rapidly evolving regulations?
  • What can our data tell us about risks to the business?

FTI Technology helps risk and compliance teams better identify risks and ensure compliance with global regulations. We leverage our deep industry expertise, global footprint and data analytics and assessment software to provide services ranging from data privacy investigations to sensitive data protection (client information, employee records, intellectual property) to contract review and analysis, that help compliance teams better identify potential risks to the business.

Business leaders

Business leaders are often challenged to answer:

  • How can we minimize risk without disrupting the business?
  • What insights can we gain from our data to create business value?

FTI Technology helps business leaders manage business challenges while enabling revenue growth. We utilize defensible and proven processes for a wide variety of critical projects – from FCPA investigations and mergers and acquisitions to protecting enterprise data – to minimize risk without disrupting the business. Business leaders also benefit from faster and deeper insight into enterprise data through our research services and data analytics and assessment software.

Information security teams

As data breaches dominate the business news, information security teams are focused on answering:

  • How can we enable appropriate access to data for our employees and partners, yet protect against threats?
  • What are the best ways to anticipate and respond to a data breach?

FTI Technology helps information security teams protect data from internal and external threats. We apply our legal and regulatory expertise to help companies protect against data breaches, assess internal and external threats, and leverage change management best practices to ensure that data security practices are followed.

IT teams

IT teams juggle a wide variety of organizational needs, including answering:

  • How can we safely migrate data to the cloud?
  • How can we remediate old or redundant data to ease storage costs and reduce risk?

FTI Technology helps IT teams maximize technology investments for better cost-savings and productivity. From forensic investigations to mobile device data collection to migrating data to the cloud and remediating old data archives, we provide legal and regulatory expertise to ensure that IT teams reduce storage costs and enterprise risk in a safe and defensible manner.