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Radiance is a highly scalable, visual analytics platform that brings clarity and meaning to the massive amounts of electronically stored information inside today’s corporations. Perfect for data analysis, early case assessments and investigation, Radiance helps organizations rapidly protect, control and understand their vast information ecosystem.

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Fast, Scalable, Complete

Radiance delivers industry leading scale and performance across hundreds of millions of documents.

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Easy to Use and Master

Intuitive navigation, colorful visuals and clear decision points make Radiance a seamless blend of art and technology.

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Interactive Visual Analytics

Powerful visualizations reveal the key themes, trends and patterns inside your enterprise data.

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Transforming Big Data into the Big Picture

Radiance is:

A Single Solution for All of Your Data

Radiance connects all of your critical data repositories, both inside and outside of the corporate firewall. Quickly assess data and content from legacy data sources, internal file systems, Office 365, Google Docs, Dropbox, Box, Nuix, StoredIQ, Slack and many more.

Deep Insights

The Radiance enrichment process catalogs metadata and content providing your team with unparalleled insight into your information ecosystem. In addition to a complete visual inventory, Radiance provides dynamic statistics for any cross section of data.

Multi-Faceted Analysis – no PhD Required

Radiance eliminates guesswork and an over reliance on keywords by providing one-click browsing across a wide variety of metadata including custodians, date ranges, correspondence, social network, communication patterns, file types, languages and location.

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Powerful, Interactive Visualizations

Radiance transforms millions of data points into quickly recognized and understood fact patterns. Fast and flexible, these visual analytics help users find relevant information across date ranges and geographies and inside social networks. They also reveal communication patterns within projects and teams.

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Purpose Built for Compliance Projects, Risk Assessment and E-discovery

Backed by a robust architecture, Radiance is optimized to index, search and visualize massive data sets quickly and easily.

Early Case Assessment
Internal & Mobile Investigation
Early Data Assessment
Compliance, Risk and Legal Analysis Projects
Targeted Data Identification (Critical IP)

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