FTI Technology offers e-discovery services backed by a best of breed technology stack to enable corporations, law firms and government agencies to more effectively conduct legal review and investigations.

Clients trust FTI Technology to combine the right people with the right technology to help their legal team scale and more efficiently navigate complex legal data issues. As matters continue to grow in data volume and complexity, leveraging advanced analytics provided by platforms like Brainspace, have become a critical component of any legal team’s toolset.

The Brainspace dashboard
The Brainspace dashboard

Quick Insights:

Reducing And Focusing Data Sets

With just a few clicks in Brainspace, data sets are focused on documents of importance.

Identifying Key Concepts with Clustering

Using advanced analytics, Brainspace surfaces key terms based on frequency to help focus review attention and case strategy.

Tracking Communication Flow

Using communication analysis, communication patterns and frequency can be identified for further analysis.

Continuous Multimodal Learning

Leverage and reuse Brainspace workflows with Continuous Multimodal Learning.