FTI Consulting and Index Engines have partnered for a 30-day program that provides an introductory 10TB data assessment to support legal, risk and compliance initiatives. This assessment is designed to be a starting point and educate organizations on how technology, people and processes can be applied to help companies understand what they have, manage and remediate it more effectively and protect themselves from risk and liability.

Following this initial engagement, a more comprehensive data assessment offering can be presented that supports data governance initiatives including privacy, security, regulatory (including the GDPR), and records management.

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30-Day Readiness Assessment Program

This program is designed to deliver rapid results. These results will allow organizations to obtain an understanding of the data environment and available classification and disposition capabilities that will be tailored to their business needs.

The program utilizes a number of resources to maximize results, including:

  • Technology: Efficient, high speed search, reporting and disposition software from Index Engines to classify user files and email in support of governance policies.
  • People: Advisory consulting services by professionals at FTI Consulting, review and analyze data classification results and deliver recommendations based on your business needs.
  • Process: Through this collaboration, insight will be provided to make decisions regarding corporate data to help manage risk, liability and costs.

The assessment will be tailored to your needs and can include the following:

  • Security/Privacy Assessment (including GDPR readiness): Report on sensitive documents, who has accessed them, location and other metadata and make recommendations on how to secure this content.
  • PII Audit: Identify documents and email containing potential personally identifiable information, who owns it, and its access. Secure this content to support compliance (i.e. GDPR)
  • ROT Analysis: Identify and classify redundant, obsolete and trivial data, and determine a disposition strategy, including purging data with no value, that will eliminate potential risk.
  • Retention Recommendations: Find data of value that should be managed for regulatory purposes and migrated to an archive.

Once the data is classified and reports are generated, FTI will propose a set of recommendations and a roadmap to define and execute the remediation strategy based on the use cases above.

FTI Index Engines post assessment