FTI Technology’s expert e-discovery services, when combined with the Relativity E-discovery Software platform, can provide corporations, law firms and government agencies with a cost-effective and defensible solution for meeting their particular legal, regulatory and investigative needs.

Relativity is a single web‐based platform that serves as a review, analysis and production workhorse. It provides flexible and automated workflow capabilities, text analytics and computer‐assisted review, visual data analysis tools, and integrated productions. The software is easy to use and scales to meet the demands of the largest matters, with cases as large as 90 million records hosted in Relativity.

Combining the familiar Relativity interface with FTI’s consultants helps legal teams uncover matter insights quickly and simultaneously reduce the total cost of e-discovery. Responsive search capabilities, flexible document organization and workflows, coupled with the scale and performance of Relativity, provide confidence in handling the global requirements of the largest and most complex projects.

We differentiate our Relativity consulting and services through:

Data Reduction

Less data in the e-discovery process can result in dramatically lower costs. We help organizations proactively remediate redundant, old and trivial information, collect only what’s necessary, cull data through early case assessments, and utilize analytics for smarter reviews. Through every step of the process, data reduction is documented and defensible.

Process Workflow

Our global team can help clients more effectively manage data from inception through the production. No matter the type or size of the matter, we can leverage proven, out-of-the-box workflows or design custom processes to quickly and cost-effectively deliver results. We work within program parameters to develop standardized processes and templates, implement best practices, and document final workflows that integrate seamlessly with the client’s business model.

Relativity E-discovery Software Expertise

A number of variables make an organization unique – including vertical industry, litigation profile, company culture, geographic footprint, and technology infrastructure. We understand these requirements and leverage our deep Relativity expertise to deliver custom solutions to meet client needs.

Expert Relativity Team

The Relativity E-discovery Software team within FTI Technology is led by a team of e-discovery experts and certified Relativity professionals including:

    Daryl Teshima

    Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting

    Daryl Teshima is a senior managing director in FTI Consulting’s Technology practice and is based in Los Angeles. Mr. Teshima is a noted industry expert in electronic discovery, including analysis and conversion of structured and unstructured data, and review and production of electronic documents, databases and web sites. Prior to joining FTI, Mr. Teshima oversaw KPMG’s Forensic Technology operations, which included implementing and supporting the Relativity E-discovery Software in over 15 geographies. He also helped establish SOC 2 compliant methodologies, deployed mobile Relativity solutions to support global matters, and helped augment the Relativity environment with capabilities ranging from chain-of-custody tracking to production quality control (QC) tools.

    Wendy King

    Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting

    Wendy King is a senior managing director in FTI Consulting’s Technology practice and is based in Atlanta. A certified Relativity expert, she advises corporations and law firms conducting investigations, managing complex multi-jurisdictional litigations, and complying with regulatory inquiries. Prior to joining FTI, Ms. King was with Kroll Ontrack and led the company’s global offering of Relativity, including the development of two ‘Relativity Innovation Award’ solutions, and an industry-recognized Relativity certification training program. In addition, Ms. King has worked for kCura and several AmLaw 100 firms.